How to Become a More Effective Healer & Healing Channel

Everyone is stuck in a catch 22 loop that has our past beliefs and associations dictating our present understandings and limits and hence choices. Translated this means that most people will pick and train in some healing system or therapy that (of course) represents themselves, feels right and they will remain within these comfortable boundaries.

To become a more effective healer means to dare to stretch past comfortable limits, understandings and even beliefs. This is not easy for most people as this actually means that you have to move beyond your own limits and boundaries which means that you have to be working with a healing or therapy approach that actually facilitates MOVEMENT BEYOND ITSELF . . . . unfortunately most approaches are about collecting people and convincing them that their brand of ‘healing’ are better than the next ‘brand’ of healing.

What prevents you from becoming a more Effective Healer?

My approach has always been about making a continuous movement that is always pushing beyond limits, boundaries, belief systems, attitudes and so on to explore and make whole all within ALL THAT I AM. This movement is also reflected in that the energies, beings and subtle technologies that I work work with are also continuously changing. Each time I move or connect to stronger more powerful expansive energies and the means to deliver these to myself and my clients then this happens because I have the intention to let go of all the energies, guides and past affiliations AND support that would now hold me back.

This has my experience and understandings moving as fast as I am able to leave what ‘was’ behind. You could say that my effectiveness to help myself and others lies in a constant ability to let go of any and all current beliefs, ideas, paradigms and ‘facts’ . . . .

How to Improve & Become more Effective as a Healing Channel

Some people have one initiation after another never thinking of disconnecting from old, less effective or less expansive or even quick fix energies. This means of collecting energies is not very sensible as there is no intention to drop any and so often the lowest common denominator prevails. This is encouraged by the belief that all paths and ways are equal and so none should be discarded.

In my experience many systems are designed to collect people rather than facilitate people to collect themselves. Reiki is one of these, people find it virtually impossible to let go of this system, any approach that is ‘expansive’ will support a movement beyond itself . . .

What can I do to make myself a better healer?

The only way that you can REALLY make radical improvements with regards your abilities as a healer is to work determinedly on yourself to move YOURSELF beyond your current limits and boundaries, to ask for your issues of limitation to be revealed, amplified and resolved, to work to resolve your own traumas, to openly ask for unnamed guides who can help you to move beyond yourself.

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