Understanding Subtle Healing Energy Channeling Implants

Four to five months after starting to channel I had my first implant experience. One morning I was standing in my kitchen trying to have a cup of tea. I say trying because as I unthinkingly lifted the cup to my mouth it was getting part way and then being set down again.

After three attempts to get a mouth full I gave up and moved to the dining room activating my energies while going and asking my current support team what was happening?

Example of an Etheric Healer Channelling Implant that Increases the Healing Energy Flow

They very quickly moved my left hand up and slightly to the front (much like it would be to support a tray). The energies then built up and locked to such an extent that it I found my hand impossible to move. My head was also slightly lent to the left and locked too. I was like this for about 40 minutes and it took me a while to see that they were installing a channeling implant into my right hand with the supporting device fitted into my head space, both devices were solid but existed on another energy level. So, although both were anchored to me in this reality neither were part of this reality.

The hand implant was roughly hand shaped (convenient eh!) with all the fingers but no thumb, it was gold colored except for the fingers which were each a different color. I was expecting this to be immediately functional but I was told that they had to connect the two implants at a later time and then it would be activated.

Two weeks later (I was getting a little sick of waiting) this was done. I had just parked the car ready to walk to the university where I worked but as I was a little early I decide to sit and phase out. With this pause my teams came in and started fitting the connecting cable – I say cable as this is what it looked like. So the energies coming in through the device in my head space were directed down to the hand unit via the cable and out from there. For this they had me bent double – so I spent about 30 minutes with my head beneath the steering wheel. I was aware of a guy walking his dog who came past the car 3-4 times obviously trying to figure out what was going on!!

Different Types of Subtle Healer Implants that Facilitate Healing of Others

Although I had had other implants installed for various reasons before this one this was the first with a specific channeling function.

It was what I called a mechanical / electronic implant – from my point of view this is low level technology.

Every month or so after this my implants would be replaced as I was able to shift into working at progressively higher capacities of healing energy channeling.

With time, I noticed a progressive change in technology from the above type through crystalline and ceramic types until they were more of an organic form.

Gaining A Comprehensive Education & Understanding of Subtle Channeling Technologies

This progression for me represented the approaches used by different beings within et and star being cultures as I accessed higher energy levels, which to be quite honest is still very low levels in my terms now.

So, let’s make this very explicit.

Over the period of a few years I through my drive to seriously understand subtle energies, healing energies and the different means to channel these was ‘gifted’ by my spirit support team with being fitted out on average once a month with a new and progressively more ‘advanced’ means of channeling subtle energies for healing purposes. In total I was fitted with a couple of dozen very diverse subtle energetic implants that gave me a progressive understanding of low capacity channeling technologies right though to more sophisticated finer and higher healing energies and more effective means to deliver these energies in greater capacities.

As there is a limit to how much you can channel within your own subtle energy body then as I describe on the next page I was eventually fitted with means to channel subtle energies external to my own subtle energetic body.