Advice for Healers & Healer Practitioners wanting to Improve as a Healer

As my own interest in subtle energy and healing work has been dedicatedly focused on facilitating myself to resolve my own issues then I’ve been willing to move beyond my current beliefs, understandings, limits and boundaries to explore new possibilities to help myself resolve do this.

What is your interest?

Why are you a healer / practitioner?

As I had a broad range of quite debilitating and limiting issues (read of them HERE) then this meant I was always pushing the boundaries to find solutions for these . . .

Unfortunately most healers, therapists and practitioners are;

  • Doing what they do to help others . . . . and not so much themselves
  • Accept at face value the ‘story’ of their therapy and how or why it works rather than explore or checking of this directly
  • VERY tolerant (or accepting) of and or aligned to the positive to such an extent that what ARE actually limiting and debilitating issues that they themselves have they DON’T even consider to be issues in the first place

Why you should be focusing on resolving your own issues first?

ALL personal and life limitations are in my terms ISSUES that can be addressed and resolved in MOST cases. Here is an unbelievable FACT, my long term clients resolve many 100’s if not 1000’s of issues. 90% of what they resolve healers, practitioner and therapists would swear on the divine are NOT issues or are just life or karma or???

From my experience of meeting and working with many healers the general understanding of what is actually a life or personal limit or debilitation that can be addressed is VERY poor.

Remember what you already believe will reinforce itself

Put simply, your deep understandings, beliefs, models, philosophies, attitudes and so on all contribute to maintaining themselves and hence your existence and hence reinforce themselves. With energy work, you are tapping into these more creative levels that manifest this and other realities. So, although there are defined systems within which you can have training such as Shen, Reiki, Magnified Healing, Tamaki, Vortex Healing to name but a few. If you stick to and accept what you were told in a particular system and accept it as the truth (make it a belief) then this will limit your effectiveness as a healer. To a certain extent when you train with someone, then you are tapping into and accepting on some level the belief systems and approaches held by the trainer. You are joining and following their river of knowledge and understanding, this then will allow you to do things that perhaps contradict your own belief systems and views of reality, this then allows you to accept these new ideas (because you now know that they work) and make them yours.

Energy work, healing approaches, therapies and Spiritual Paths

All of these should be facilitating changes, which would include encouragement to explore and to move into new possibilities, they should be facilitating people to let go of beliefs, ideas, understandings and making people comfortable about moving into the unknown. To be honest I DON’T OFTEN SEE THIS HAPPENING . . .

One of the contradictions within healing, therapies and spiritual paths that REALLY struck me that I’d often come across was someone working with others whom was successfully resolving issue X while the practitioner themselves would have issue X BUT not be able to resolve it for themselves . . . . and when asked . . . . none have a decent explanation for why? Did you know that if you are working with particular ‘contracting’ healing energies or technologies and USING these lifetime after lifetime to BLANKET your symptoms and effects then regular continuous use has these types of solutions losing their effectiveness because they are unable to cope with the slight bleed through of symptoms and effects from 100’s or 1000’s of past healing efforts . . . .

Advice for Healers & Healer Practitioners wanting to Improve

The only thing that YOU need to be sure of is WHAT DO YOU WANT? What is it that you want from what you are doing?

If you want an energy system or approach to take you somewhere then you have to see if the people who are already using it are achieving this? This is the only criteria? Do they truly represent what they present? Do they live (not just say) what their healing system offers?

YOU limit your current choices!!!

You should also keep in mind that your current understandings, beliefs, knowings, truths and so on will always be keeping your choices, shall we say constrained.

So, always be prepared to LET GO of your current understandings, truths, knowings and beliefs and so allow a greater movement into change. OH! and if they are not changing then this is a sign that what you are doing in not very spiritual.

Contrary to popular belief the fact that your best friend may recommend a healer or energy practitioner to train with is no indication of whether what they do is what you want or need? Others having ‘GOOD’ results with one person does not mean that they will with you, or that what they are doing is right for you?

Read our page; ‘Becoming a more effective healer’ for more specific advice . . .