How Ascended Masters Assigned Someone a Spiritual Mission to ‘SUFFER’

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I had one client whom always felt and actually WAS in lots of suffering. We dug and cleared all sorts of angles around this and still there was a high level of suffering going on.

It took a while but eventually we did find another angle that was responsible for AUTOMATICALLY ‘maintaining’ the suffering in her life and I am sure you will appreciate why it took a while to figure this out because it’s particularly diabolical . . . .

An Important Spiritual Mission to Present Suffering

We eventually found out that she had a spiritual mission a SOUL PURPOSE to actually present herself here as someone suffering ‘stoically’ (or ‘heroically’ if you like). She was supposed to ‘JOLLY’ along others also experiencing suffering as means to try and ‘encourage’ these people to FEEL HAPPIER ABOUT BEING IN THEIR OWN SUFFERING SHIT.

I was quite frankly appalled by this as was my client whom VERY definitely did not want to be in ANY MORE suffering and did not want to be held to this mission.

Ascended Masters are Against Releasing this person From Insane Spiritual Mission

When we found this out I called in all the beings / leaders whom had set her up with this particular mission. We called in everyone involved whom she had contracts or connections with as part of this mission. Now normally there might be one being as the ‘leader’ or a small group but not in this case. A whole entourage of about 30 beings appeared with many more in the background and MANY of these beings were ASCENDED MASTERS in fact I’ve never had so many ascended masters turn up when dealing with ANY mission.

Of ALL of the beings I have dealt with in terms of releasing clients from missions these people were the worst. They categorically did not want to release her. They resisted all the way down the line in effect to maintain a mission that would hold her to living a life of suffering. They did not respect her Free Will or have any respect it seems for SANITY.

Breaking the Contact Binding you to a Spiritual Mission to live a life of SUFFERING

We did break this mission contract . . . . but you have to ask yourself?

Why are the beings in charge here, whom are supposedly facilitating us to evolve, grow, change ‘resolve issues’ move us into peace, happiness, enlightenment or ‘whatever’ . . . .

Why are these people giving some here spiritual missions to help people to ‘manage’ or to ‘feel OK’ in their suffering?

Any ideas? . . . .

The Limits of Healing & Therapy Effectiveness . . .


. . . and . . . GUESS WHAT!

. . . they really, REALLY DON’T . . .

Seriously people, anyone thinking that the ascended masters and the spiritual hierarchy are LOVING needs to have their head examined.

You don’t even need to read these pages, all you need to do is HAVE A GOOD LOOK AROUND AT THE WORLD.

Are we all ‘evolving’ and glowing models of HEALTH compared to how it was say 2 decades ago?

Nope, every measure you care to take of ANY aspect of our lives is worse now compared to a couple of decades ago. The degree of SUFFERING here has been steadily increasing all around our little pretend planet.

Anyone considering themselves even slightly ‘aware’ should by now be aware that sending out LOVE & LIGHT isn’t actually visibly working on the ground. IS IT?

One of the problems of people having spiritual missions is that unless you specifically and FORMALLY foreclose on a mission such that you manage to completely disconnect from it then you’ll find yourself pulled back to the same in the next life and the next . . . this was the case with this client.

One of the other even more worrying problems is that when dealing with useless ascended masters and the spiritual hierarchy spiritual and healing con artists when attempting to have them LOVINGLY release people from ‘SHIT’ spiritual missions is that ‘unbelievably’ they will fight tooth and nail and argue with you to keep those with these types of spiritual mission in their mission ‘shit’ without end.