Problems Addressing Blocked Spiritual Missions

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It would be best that you have read ALL of the previous pages in this entire section before reading this one.

Have you checked out what others write about in terms of what is responsible for people not being able to manifest their spiritual missions?

If you have then you can perhaps understand why they ALL (as far as I can find) put the emphasis on it being something that the client is not doing or that they must let go of fear or of some negative thinking or whatever . . . .

. . . on the other hand . . .

Fear, anxiety, panic, despair & life paralysis often denote a Blocked Mission

When people enter the life phase or ‘energy’ of the presentation of a mission then they will at least in the background present and live out what they were subjected to and all that they shut down trying to do the same in the past. They will begin to resonate and live out the feelings of what they already lived through trying to make their mission work. The more a missions importance is emphasised especially to someone of strong values then the greater the fear, anxiety, panic, despair and life paralysis this causes when time and time again their mission is blocked or sabotaged often in ways that caused lots of trauma or suffering.

So, telling people that they are not manifesting their soul mission because they are holding to fear for example is to be quite blunt insulting in this context. For example what if you live through having your arm chopped off a dozen times in previous lives as a result of living through a (yet another) sabotaged mission hell? How would that make you feel now? This is what one of my clients experienced when they tried to complete what he had been told was a VERY important mission.

So, after 90 lives of having an arm severely damaged and even cut off a dozen or so times then as you may yourself imagine for someone to NOT experience fear, anxiety, panic attacks or even terror when when they enter the phase or energies of this mission AGAIN would be quite bizarre.

Lack of ‘light’ Awareness of Mission Sabotage Effects & Causes

In doing a web search to find pages advising people about manifesting their spiritual missions and soul purposes it’s quite striking that not ONE even HINTS that ‘something’ may be deliberately standing in your way. There is NO emphasis AT ALL on exploring if there IS anything blocking a spiritual mission.

Hello, come on people, we are talking ‘SPIRITUAL’ mission here this is not about trying to overthrow a government or of robbing a bank is it? So, why should people have more than minor problems, fears or insecurities around these areas rather than in some cases STRONG fears, insecurities AND panics never mind effects (as described on the previous page) that are indicative of severe mission traumas?

‘Light’ Forces are Responsible for 99% of ALL Mission Sabotages

If anyone is having ANY problems whatsoever living their spiritual mission or soul purpose then you will almost certainly be being subjected to one or the other or more LIKELY multiple instances of the sabotage scenarios I describe on the previous pages here. Despite what you are often told about the likes of demons and dark forces NOT one blocked mission yet of my clients was due to ANY demon or dark forces on the contrary in EVERY CASE it’s ALL beings from so called ‘light’ groups and so called Divine Light Masters.

Which assuming that you’re even ALLOWED to think about what I’ve presented in this section then maybe it will strike you that this is why there is little emphasis (if ANY) on deeply looking to actually explore if there IS anything blocking a spiritual mission? You think your LIGHT MASTERS want you to find out what is REALLY going on? How bad things REALLY ARE? You think your LIGHT MASTERS want you to find out what THEY ARE DOING ON YOUR BEHALF?

Why are you NOT encouraged to CHECK for causes?

Yes, . . . RIGHT . . . let’s see then . . . someone has a serious problem here BUT what we want you to ACTUALLY do is COMPLETELY IGNORE this and focus in the opposite direction . . . AND what we SERIOUSLY don’t want is to have any even vaguely AWARE TYPE looking to see if anything IS ACTUALLY RESPONSIBLE for blocking anyone with missions . . . WOW, yes, we seem to have been doing this FANTASTICALLY well . . . no one’s even thought to even check for ANYTHING . . . EXCEPT that one ba**ard soul-healer guy who’s not only FOUND what’s going on . . . but has started writing about it all too . . .

If a business had some area blocked it wouldn’t remain in business very long if the reasons were ignored and instead they all kept looking the other way while being told to be POSITIVE ABOUT IT?

Would THEY?

Perhaps this is because IF you looked hard enough in the RIGHT direction you would find what so called ‘light’ never mind so called ‘divine’ others don’t want you to see and be as appalled as I at what you find. Hence the preponderance of advice out there is about trying to get rid of fear or ‘whatever’ rather than finding out;


. . . such people are frightened?

The ‘Light’ & ‘Divine’ ARE Responsible for Sabotages & Suffering

So far . . . . . EVERY SINGLE CAUSE accounting for ANY of the blocks my clients experienced trying to manifest their missions are the result of actions taken by what most of you will consider wonderful healing, therapeutic spiritual or ‘divine’ groups, their followers AND their leaders, including ascended masters and others of the Elohim and the worst, the absolute VERY WORST as done by the so called HIGHEST of these is just hideously diabolical.

To have actions not only sanctioned but planned by those you consider the highest of the high whom deliberately DELIBERATELY and with full conscious intent caused and are responsible for the worst suffering ANY of my clients have ever experienced and they lived through this shit LIFETIME AFTER LIFETIME.

Each of you that have been presenting ANYTHING that supports and encourages people to BLINDLY push against ANY resistance of a blocked spiritual mission or soul purpose EACH OF YOU is responsible for maintaining and supporting a depth of suffering you CANNOT EVEN BEGIN TO I-M-A-G-I-N-E . . . . . . .

ANYONE NOT experiencing FEAR or even TERROR for example while in a phase representing a seriously sabotaged mission is probably in a coma.

Why on EARTH do you think there is so much emphasis that has you blindly BLINDLY orientated to the so called positive and to NOT EVER look at never mind to engage with the so called NEGATIVE?

Why on EARTH do you think you’re encouraged to NOT question ANYTHING?

Why on EARTH when you DO question you are often fed a range of ‘excuses’ that are dismissive or you cannot verify . . . . .

  • It’s Karma . . . .
  • This is what this person needs . . . .
  • That you’re not spiritually developed enough to ‘understand’ . . . .
  • It’s not for you to know . . . .
  • And so it goes on . . . . .

You’re told who to trust, you’re told whom to discern against (to not take notice of?) and hence you are KEPT glued to what you blindly accept are beings whom are always acting impeccably?

Guess what . . . .


. . . NOT AT ALL