Negative Light Outcome of the Spiritual Hierarchy’s TRUE Agenda

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The beings/people that are targeted for this type of treatment are those whom have better awareness, multidimensional and perceptive abilities than most of us as well as of holding to the strongest values and highest integrity.

It’s all very obvious really, at least OBVIOUS if you’re allowed to think; these types of people would not BE SEEN DEAD involving themselves in ANYTHING in a basic sense that is not entirely correct never mind anything as horrific as what I describe on this and my other pages here then they cannot be allowed to know or be significantly involved in what is going on. They would ALSO of course because of their capabilities and capacities be the ones most likely to spot the inconsistencies and subterfuge as well as speak up about these whether they were involved or not.

So, how could you in this huge and important ‘save us all’ project NOT involve these people without making them suspicious?

Well . . . you cannot . . . but the solution is dead easy . . .

False, Negative Spiritual Missions Given to GOOD People

You just give them PRETEND missions that you repeatedly emphasize are ABSOLUTELY VITAL / HUGELY IMPORTANT and then you sit back having arranged to make sure they spend all their time bashing their head off what would for them turn out to be a hugely blocked and sabotaged mission wall until they either shut themselves down or otherwise break themselves trying to do this.

Either way that’s great because they are no longer at risk of exposing WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON and so YOU reading this can stay in your little light fantasy world just a while longer . . . . good eh!!!

In other words those whom actually overall held the best abilities and attributes that would have offered us the best chance of identifying what was REALLY going on in a larger sense as well as of figuring out what to do about said MESS are ALSO the ones that will have been targeted and MADE traumatised, disabled and as shut down as possible.

How the Spiritual Hierarchy’s TRUE Agenda Promotes a Legacy of Suffering . . .

The bottom line with this entire SORRY ‘light’ mess is that if you are honest, hold to good values, wont be blackmailed or corrupted, stand for yourself / freewill, wont let others be harmed, are against taking actions against others, never mind are REALLY focused on the GOOD FOR ALL as opposed to the GOOD OF SOME USELESS WASTE OF TIME SPIRITUAL HIERARCHY & PALS then you have an EXCELLENT chance of being ground into the dust, probably after hitting your head off a brick wall for what often turns out to be rather a long time and then if you’re really REALLY unlucky you FIND OUT that it’s ALL being done to you DELIBERATELY and by those you TRUSTED and BELIEVED IN no less . . . then if you somehow manage to cope with THAT then you get hit by something EVEN WORSE . . . you find yourself having to put up with LEGIONS of useless brainwashed new age, lightworker, healing and spiritual types attacking you and giving you shit because they’ve been convinced that you’re an evil dark forces leper type that might try and steal their ‘OH SO PRECIOUS’ light energies or their ‘AMAZING’ awareness from themselves . . .

How Industrial Grade ‘LIGHT’ Bull Shit is spoon fed to the Spiritually ‘Gullible’ & ‘Naive’

Look at how easy it’s been to convince people that they are ‘somehow’ awake AND ‘aware’ while having them act like sheep in a coma; to NEVER question, to NEVER think . . .

WHY has it seemingly NEVER EVER struck anyone that we have ALL been MADE to not only work BLINDLY, but to ‘Blindly TRUST’ too. We have NEVER been encouraged to REALLY explore OR to REALLY question . . . EVERYTHING all the way down the line is light and fluffy nothingness and nonsense . . .

You’re encouraged at ALL COSTS to stay POSITIVE . . . and to do this by NOT engaging with OR having anything to do with ANYTHING ‘negative’ . . . did you FALL for that one?


What an excellent way of making sure you stay jammed up in a little corner with NO ability what so ever of gaining ANY reasonable perspective on ANYTHING . . . never mind ensuring that there is little risk of you noticing ANYTHING? . . . gosh . . . it must be getting REALLY tight jammed up in that little corner . . . what with their being . . .

So many of YOU!!!!

What is the Spiritual Hierarchy’s TRUE Agenda? What do ‘Energies of the Light’ really represent?

The entire ‘light’ AGENDA, is to make sure that people with any ‘extended’ awareness, perceptions or sensitivities as well as those with a more caring, concerned, ‘want to help’ nature are all REALLY well managed.

  • LIGHT ENERGIES are used to dampen down your awareness.
  • LIGHT ENERGIES are used to keep you away from what your LIGHT MASTERS don’t want you to become aware of; such as what I describe on these pages.
  • LIGHT ENERGIES are used to prevent you from thinking outside of certain boundaries.
  • LIGHT ENERGIES are used to encourage you to huddle in your little positive corner.
  • . . . so that the so called ‘spiritual & healing’ Status Quo is NEVER disturbed and NEVER questioned . . .

Just so you don’t ever find out that things EVERYWHERE are REALLY BAD, they are REALLY bad on ALL levels AND NOT JUST HERE. There is NO WHERE YOU CAN GO where we are NOT experiencing the SAME. Those ‘in charge’ have been making decisions THAT THEY CONSIDER ARE THE BEST, that they consider MUST be done, to at the VERY LEAST prevent panic (SAME AS HERE) as well as to keep people ALIGNED to the ONE and ONLY plan that doesn’t look like it’s ever going to work anyway . . . the real TRUTH is THIS; we are ALL being ‘managed’ including those in charge so that we NEVER find out that we are ALL being made to be against each other. We are ALL being managed to make decisions to ensure that we stay lost, we are all being made to orientate COMPLETELY away from HOW THIS IS BEING DONE hence (amongst other things) the stupid ‘positive’ line. We are being made to take actions that specifically target those with the VERY attributes whom would have the best chance of BECOMING AWARE OF WHAT IS BEING DONE TO US . . . we are NOT FALLING, we are being PUSHED.

Just How Spiritually Naive & Gullible Have LIGHT ENERGIES made ‘YOU’?

Many of my clients have worked with me for years. One of the oft recurring comments some make about myself is the extreme level of integrity, values and honesty I show. A few have even stated that they are hard pushed to think of ANY others that they have EVER met whom hold to such high and unshakeable values. I don’t lie, I don’t manipulate, I don’t play games with or mess people around (nor do I stand for being treated in any of these ways).

When I speak to them they know that they have someone whom will do WHATEVER it takes to help bring them back to themselves, that I will not hide things from them nor will I manoeuvre around or avoid difficulties; I WILL explain things in ways to reassure them and help them to recover everything of themselves. I do not AND I NEVER WILL make compromises in these areas and I never have.

As an example; At one point during the development of this work I SHUT IT DOWN COMPLETELY and withdrew from working with all clients because there was evidence that some beings that were part of my little enterprise had been compromised.

Do you understand this?

Can you appreciate the extreme level of integrity and responsibility I had to hold to, to be willing to GIVE UP on something that you must appreciate I consider EXTREMELY important so as not to compromise my clients or the integrity of this work or MYSELF in ANYWAY.

To be prepared to walk away and start over?

Can you conceive of DOING this?

How many of YOU reading THIS (or ANY of these pages) could walk away from what YOU are doing in similar circumstances?

If you found that what you stood for or believed in was COMPLETELY compromised and actually represented the OPPOSITE of what you are MADE TO BELIEVE would YOU have the strength of character to walk away?