What is your Soul Purpose or Soul Mission?

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A Spiritual or Soul Mission is more complicated at this time and within this earth space as this could refer to different things.

Lets just say that ‘normally’ a spiritual mission would be about doing something with a ‘spiritual’ agenda or goal that is fulfilling, inspiring or meaningful and that reflects your self and probably the ‘brand’ of spirituality that you are involved in.

There is much said about finding your ‘Soul Purpose’ at this time

There is a lot said about people finding their soul purpose and or fulfilling their spiritual mission at this time. These concepts are being more strongly presented and ‘pushed’ now because they relate to the current and let’s say urgent agenda of what this earth space was designed for and what we are here to achieve.

The ‘spiritual purpose or mission’ presentation is part of the agenda to align as many people as possible in ways to facilitate the ‘spiritual’ process that everyone here (as an ‘earth’ resident) is part of that is leading up to the 2012 shift.

There are many whom have arranged to take an active role in facilitating the spiritual process transition and they are being encouraged to ‘wake up’ or become aware enough to step into a soul mission or supporting role that will have been (for most people) ALREADY predefined before this lifetime.

Spiritual Missions & Soul Purposes help people align to the ‘Spiritual’ plan

These soul mission & spiritual purpose presentation variations are about encouraging, inspiring and ABOVE all REMINDING those that do actually have some defined role or mission to engage with them. Those with such spiritual missions will be energetically prodded, nudged, supported, aligned and more so helped to start never mind fulfil whatever their role or mission is as a means to help and support what we are trying to achieve here . . .

In this sense I have to be entirely honest and say that in terms of how this is presented it’s more like a marketing tool along the lines of ‘WE NEED YOU’ with the aim of getting as many people with these types of agreements to step into these and so help fulfil their part in support of this ‘spiritual’ process, which is fair enough. So, the use of ‘Soul Purpose’ although definitely not quite right in this context is a better way of marketing this compared to describing it as a straight forward (but IMPORTANT) ‘mission’.

Most people with a ‘mission’ to fulfil will probable be connected or affiliated to at least a few different spiritual paths, healing systems, therapies and so on particularly in terms of their past life involvements. At this time your past affiliations to particular paths, healing systems and spiritual groups are important because part of the presentation is to try and have all paths at least giving the impression that they are all working together. In this respect many of you already connected to some path or way will have a soul mission agenda to promote that way as well as of fulfilling the general overall agenda at the same time.

So, what are being described as spiritual purposes and missions at this time are ‘not’ (for the most part) built into your soul nor are they often something specifically chosen by yourself they are just an inspiring way of encouraging people to wake up to and to step into whatever active role or mission they agreed to with regards what is being presented here . . . .

Spiritual or Soul Missions can be quite different . . .

These mission roles can take many forms;

  • Raising awareness by giving talks, writing a book
  • Doing or Presenting something inspiring that will encourage people to live in better ways and help and get on better with others
  • Presenting a new therapy or approach or making more popular one already established or offering one of these in a location without this type of ‘therapy’

So, the ‘spiritual hierarchy’ as the overseer for everything that goes on within this ‘earth’ space may have arranged for you to be actively involved in this process through a soul mission. In theory you should have little problems presenting whatever is asked of you because you will only be asked to do something that fits in with your experience and expertise even if this might push your boundaries a little.

In practice it’s not that simple, as you’ll start to appreciate reading the pages in this section covering the varied and extensive sabotages people are subjected to. As attempts to achieve or complete a soul purpose or spiritual mission that is affiliated to a particular path or way often carry over and continue over many lifetimes then if you are experiencing any blocks or sabotages then these are OFTEN experienced repeatedly in each of the lives that you are involved in carrying out this mission as such I’d advise you to read all the sabotaged mission pages to become aware of what is possible and their causes.