Indigo & Crystal Children Spiritual Mission & Soul Purpose Blocks

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As this section is about mission things then I’ll mention a few things I’ve become aware of with regards the ‘Indigo’ children.

I’m trying to keep it simple here but I need to give you some contextual background before I can get back to the Indigo kids. I’ll will expand the areas I briefly present below some other time.

Background to the ‘logic’ of Incarnating the Indigo & Crystal Children

ALL of us having this earth experience (until recently) were each here as part of an ALL or NOTHING agreement. What I mean by this is that when we each ‘applied’ for a place to be part of the ‘earth’ project then we could ONLY come here if we each agreed to incarnate lifetime after lifetime for the FULL term that relates to an entire ‘spiritual’ cycle. In other words NO holidays and also and most importantly no casual tourists. You’re either IN or you’re OUT.

The ‘earth’ space ‘looks’ as if we are on a ‘real’ world, we aren’t, it’s a holographic simulation. We have the entire ‘past’ of ourselves encoded within our energy body and the technology running the holosuite is decoding this information and interactively choreographing our lives AND interactions to present us with ALL THAT WE HAVE EVER LIVED (elsewhere) . . . . AS IF IT’S A REAL LIFE here . . . it isn’t.

At this time NOW it’s a little intense because some if not many are living out ALL key life elements of their entire past history in ONE HUMAN LIFE NOW . . . as I’m aware of my entire past history then I can confirm that this (for myself) AND all of my clients (so far) is TRUE.

This earth space presents us with OURSELVES as strongly as possible. This space is as a ‘fact’ the best place this side of 7 multiverses (at the present count) to be presented with EVERYTHING of YOURSELF.

We defined the specifications of and created not only this entire multiverse but we designed and built but this holographic earth space too, we are the ‘gods’ in a sense and we did this because WE are in DEEP SHIT and we ARE FALLING APART and we ‘think’, or we ‘hope’ that we can turn around our sink into shitsville within this space . . .

. . . have you got all of that?

As a ‘simulation’ then you have to think ‘computer’ processing . . . so some of you are aware that ‘time’ is a little weird here . . . and that’s because there is a fast forward button which at the present time is set to about x12 (compared to ‘normal’ time), which is why for some of the more sensitive people here, we seem to be living a lot more than we think (or feel) it’s possible to comfortably fit in . . .

There is ‘really’ nothing ‘spiritual’ about any of this, it’s an engineering project of the highest calibre, designed with one aim in mind. Unfortunately, for this project to work, we have to be convinced that it’s a real life and hence the amazing detail that’s gone into the pretend ‘physical’ backdrop. Pretend it is, there is NOTHING whatsoever real here. All of these quarks and such like that scientist types are drooling over they are just part of the simulations substrate material out of which it generates our simulated planet and the local system as well as ourselves. The most hilarious thing from my point of view is that the ABSOLUTELY ONLY REAL thing in this space is our energy bodies . . . . how hilarious is that (you have to remember I was a ‘sciency’ scientist).


  • This is a simulation that is STRONGLY presenting ourselves to OURSELVES . . .
  • It is at the present time set on a x12 fast forward . . .
  • As part of the FULL ‘spiritual’ cycle here we each live ‘roughly’ about 300 lives . . .
  • These lives present us with the difficulties, traumas and so on that we’ve EVER LIVED – REPEATEDLY.

Can anyone figure out how this will effect us? Any Ideas?

Well, it means that compared to the space outside of here we are living the equivalent of 300 lives that each represent our entire existence and history outside of this space in compressed time with a PARTICULAR emphasis on making us aware of our SHIT. If you’ve read some of the other ‘scary’ pages here then it might just be starting to sink in that we ain’t resolving anything, ALL our tools and means to address issues cause more and more problems over time. So, the end result for those in this space is that we are accumulating problems and hence energetic shit a DAMN SIGHT FASTER than anyone else that’s NOT an ‘earth’ resident . . .

Total Population Considerations

Did I mention that our total population is about 1 trillion? No, . . . and as the simulation is considered to need about 1% of the entire population living within this space to make ‘the plan’ work then this is why there is little mention and certainly virtually nothing done in terms of population control because some are convinced that we need 10 billion in this space because that’s 1% of our entire external population.

What Are The Crystal & Indigo Children Spiritual Mission & Soul Purposes?

And now that you’ve had a little educational background then let’s get back to the indigo, crystal children. Unfortunately, lots of how this space is set up and implemented isn’t done very sensibly . . . so ‘the plan’ requires people to align to the positive, loving . . . ALL the so called ‘spiritual’ things BUT, it’s not gone unnoticed that we’re getting buried in our own shit in a sense here and are NOT DOING TOO WELL and so they broke their ‘You’re IN or you’re OUT’, ‘NO TOURISTS’ rule and slipped in some of the external population that have not been continually recycled through this horrific earth meat grinder experience . . . hence the Crystal & Indigo children . . . .

There are two Sabotage Problems effecting these People;

The first is that they have NO Spiritual Group Affiliations

It seems like they came with NO mission that was attached to any current Spiritual or Healing Group, Path or Way. So, these people are the first set of mission people EVER to NOT have direct or agreed missions with ANY particular spiritual, therapy or healing groups (or others). This means that they are all assigned or affiliated to the ‘over’ group which is the Spiritual Hierarchy (and you know from these pages how ‘good’ they are!!!!). Apparently there was some agreement that the Spiritual Hierarchy made that they would always divide the missions up between ‘approved’ groups. I’m not surprised either that;

  • The Spiritual Hierarchy conveniently choose to ignore an important agreement that meant a great deal to many groups. They do this all the time with myself, they only stick to agreements that are convenient to themselves or that give them the edge, if they think they can get away with it then they’ll walk away easily.
  • That these Children have been having a very difficult time.

About half the groups with this agreement are expressing their outrage by deliberately taking actions against those with this ‘mission’ because they see this as giving 1 ‘group’ not only an unfair advantage but that it’s been done deliberately to undermine all other groups, they see it as the potential end of themselves and as a result they are responding to this threat. So, this is a case of Between Spiritual Path Sabotages being taken to an extreme. Basically the Indigo children are being sabotaged because they ONLY have missions affiliated to the spiritual hierarchies agenda and none with the full spread of groups here. They are also being attacked because they are a constant reminder of the violation of what many consider an important and meaningful treaty. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere Spiritual Hierarchy bureaucrats seem to have mislaid their only copy of ‘how to make friends and influence people’ or to put it another way they are incredibly useless at dealing with people, even their own. They couldn’t negotiate a horse to water without it either dying of thirst or of drowning.

Subtle Energy Mental Booster Technologies

The other problem is that someone decided (against what they’d all agreed upon) to REALLY give these ‘clean’ people a good chance here by fitting them with a mental booster so they could (in some ‘officials’ fantasies) take in what was going on here faster, make better decisions and help get everything aligned REALLY well REALLY fast for the 2012ish window . . . I say unfortunately as the booster presented these kids here as not only hyperactive BUT being on a X10 booster within an already x12 space ALSO had these kids strongly picking up the energetic crap that had built up here really REALLY fast (a vacuum gets filled really quickly don’t you know) . . . so, with the first lot having problems they put in another lot but had each fitted with what can be described as military grade energetic protection barriers to try and stop them from picking up the energetic shit they we’re accumulating . . . the barrier is represented in the latest batch by the eye pupil line in some showing a ‘barrier’ all the way round the pupil.

In all, the above is ABSOLUTELY typical as in; Badly Thought Out, Badly Implemented and Badly Sabotaged . . . but then that sort of sums up the conception, design and the implementation of the entire plan in the first place . . .