How Spiritual & Healing Groups Spiritual Missions Can Sabotage Healers, Practitioners & Clients in the Current Life

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The most common area that intergroup, paths, therapies, healing systems and so on sabotage of their rivals are all focused on their healing, therapy or helping work? As a result there are lots of sabotages acting on healers, therapists and practitioners as well as their clients.

These are quite diabolical areas . . . . I would be pretty sure that most of you working as therapists, healers and such like would never even think of this as a possibility.

How Different Spiritual & Healing Groups use Subtle Means to Sabotage the Healings of Similar Groups

Who would believe that people doing ‘good’ and working to help, heal or support would deliberately have things done to sabotage what they are doing?

IT’S . . . . . OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!

It’s all very obvious really . . . . if you’re sabotaging neighbouring paths because you’re trying to stop them becoming popular or want to discredit them then acting to make this groups therapeutic or healing tools ineffective or problematic or NOT EVEN WORK would be a great way of doing this . . . . . never mind to directly cause difficulties to the therapist themselves and or their client.

Even worse the ‘sabotage the healing sessions of another group’ efforts could have been your job in a previous lifetime. In some cases these are actually given to people as part of their ‘groups’ spiritual mission.

Recently a few of my clients have started to work as practitioners which has been quite interesting because bizarrely I’d not even thought of these areas being ‘generally’ sabotaged myself, yes I’ve regularly (2-3 times a week) for years had to clear sabotages to me working with my clients BUT I just assumed this was just part of the huge and continuous resistance and sabotaging because of what I’m doing specifically. But it turns out not to be.

Were YOU given a Spiritual Mission to SABOTAGE the Healing Carried out by OTHER Spiritual Groups in a PAST LIFE?

Because anything like this is done with respect to past life connections then it makes no difference if you are NOW officially part of a group or not for these types of sabotages to be acting on yourself, what you do or your client . . . .

So below are some examples of different angles of sabotages that have been noted with regards my practitioners. These appear to be quite common. So, PLEASE NOTE most of my training practitioners HAD about two thirds of what I describe below acting on them.

In fact we have been forced to designate the first few months as a trainee practitioner as a

“Lets find all that will sneakily try and sabotage you and your client time”

This makes the first few months a bit stressful while making the time after this rather more relaxing . . . .

The following are ’some’ of the sabotage areas we have dealt with and have expanding resources to clear . . . .

Past Life Spiritual Missions Cause Client Healing Sessions Sabotages

We have found that healing efforts on behalf of a client have been deliberately blocked, reversed, negated or otherwise sabotaged.

In some instances the resonances or frequencies of healing energy ‘polarities’ have been changed or reversed which at an extreme means that it would appear to do the opposite AND make things worse, and yes I know that sometimes in ’supposed’ REAL healing things at times DO get worse before they get better . . . . so how do you tell the difference?

Make working with a client tiring or even exhausting, draining your energy or vitality or for it to even be painful to carry out a healing (this was the repeated experience of one of my practitioners).

Some sabotages acted to slow down the effects of a healing session and make the changes take longer than they should. We have even had sabotages that acted on the client to cause general deteriorations that would not become visible for many months? In this case, the specific things being worked on would be fine but the general health / energetics would be eroded. These sabotages were seriously difficult to identify.

Sabotage Communications between Practitioner and Client

Energetic influences acting to sabotage or otherwise mess up communications, create misunderstandings or confusions be responsible for lost e-mails and so on. These result in confusion over session times or appointment days or misunderstandings with regards instructions or time frame of expectations for results or in some cases the loss of a client because e-mails were made to disappear / not arrive.

Others would have the client over reacting and becoming belligerent and attacking of the practitioner.

We have found energetic influences acting to create and maintain preoccupations, securities, doubts, ‘What IF’s’ of the practitioner OR the client.

These seem quite common and include making the practitioner preoccupied, insecure or worried along such lines as;

  • “Am I good enough?”
  • “Am I doing the right thing?”
  • “Will the client be OK?”
  • “What happens if anything goes wrong?”
  • “What if they complain about me?”
  • . . . . . and so on . . . .

If things DON’T go as expected then the therapist is made to feel REALLY down about or responsible for or guilty for any difficulties or returning problems or misunderstandings the client experiences.

This can lead to you wanting to withdraw or to disengage or at an extreme wanting to give up working with a particular client or of even discontinuing being a practitioner completely.

We have consistently found sabotages directed at the practitioner to make them dismissive or none accepting that sessions are not going as expected or are not actually sorting out clients problems. Thus sabotaging the relationship with the client and creating openings for further sabotages by having clients complaining, conflicting or even of taking actions against the therapist . . . never mind of conveniently (for the sabotages) to ensure that you don’t EVER look for SABOTAGES.

Healer Having Difficulties attracting clients, getting paying clients, being paid

These ones are good . . . .

These block you from attracting clients, they stop people from working with you and or make sure you have trouble getting clients. They cause problems with adverts by having adverts attract people whom are against healing or certain therapies and whom attack you, tell you that you’re stealing peoples money, that healing does not work or that you’re a charlatan and so on.

Another variation makes you charge too little or has you attracting people whom have no money or people whom wont pay you or that complain of your prices or asking for a discount or people that claim they have no money (when it turns out they have lots) or that make people to refuse to pay you or unable to pay you.

Some clients are made to pick up bad vibes or ‘difficult’ intuitions about their ‘practitioner’ or made to NOT like them . . . . anything to put clients off and so have them never coming back for another session . . . .

You can also be made overly caring or happy to sacrifice yourself which can have you slowly sink into poverty or be forced to give up and get a ‘proper’ job.

Sabotaging a therapists healing abilities, capabilities and awarenesses

There are two angles here to degrade or block capabilities, inner communication, connections with guides and so on including channelling abilities.

A really creative sabotage done to some healers is to amplify or exaggerate perceptions, awarenesses or sensitivities such that they end up overwhelmed through picking up too much from people (often coupled with having things done to attract clients negative energies to themselves too and being MADE to feel tired, exhausted and or worn out).

These types can end up with the practitioner withdrawing and often spending less and less time being a therapist.

Some clients of mine have been put into a hell over being MADE REALLY sensitive for example.

Cause therapists take in & accumulate negativity & negative energies

Some therapists, healers and ‘helpers’ have subtle energy technology that are used to vacuum in and cleanse, transmute or release clients negativity or emotional shit. This is obviously a fantastic ’solution’ when no one has had any idea of how to PROPERLY deal with what is responsible for negativity and emotional shit accumulating in people in the first place? For more on this read THIS page.

This is also it seems a favourite piece of technology to mess with because so far in my own clients and MYSELF these devices had ALL been very nicely sabotaged in various ways. The outcome of having this done for many is that you attract and take in energetic crap and ACCUMULATE it . . . . . BUT . . . . . you DON’T get rid of the accumulation. This can result in a gradual physical body weight increase which EVEN if you virtually stop eating seems to not make much difference. One client in particular felt an instant weight loss when she cleared this build up of accumulated garbage.

Often, OFTEN these types of technology have been set (or sabotaged) to be active ALL THE TIME and can be sucking in crap even from people you are just passing in the street for example.

Intuition, Inner communications and such like being sabotaged or hijacked

Sometimes your intuition or ‘perceptual or feeling’ senses, intuition or channellings or your ‘communications’ with your guidance don’t match with reality such that you get wrong information and act on these. We often ignore or adopt dismissive coping strategies to these rather than face the realities that something might be sabotaging ourselves.

The accumulating LOSS of healers, therapists and practitioners

In various phases I have regularly received e-mails from people whom have either been told or they themselves have had a strong feeling that they could be or are ’supposed’ to be a healer or a therapist or be otherwise ‘helping’ people. They also know that this is important . . . . but it’s not happening, they don’t seem able to get in touch with their healing capabilities . . . . or in most cases they are unable to make moves to start doing this . . . .

It is VERY sad but true that the outcome of concerted or particularly traumatic sabotaging experiences would OFTEN lead people to gradually disengage from being a therapist or healer. They would ALSO be doing energetic things to themselves in an attempt to make sure that they stopped themselves from experiencing the same shit ever again.

There is an example HERE of the EXTREME difficulties that one of my clients had to even starting as a healer practitioner. As Samuel himself said the shit trying to stop him was so bad and concerted that he’d only last a couple of weeks as a healer before giving up if he’d not cleared this. I have to emphasise that little of these areas for my clients is because they are working with what I am presenting . . . . it’s all that is STILL operating because they were part of a past groups healing missions or in Samuel’s case of also being the leader of missions too as well as a sub leader of some groups . . . . hence the spread of such concerted efforts made to sabotage and discredit him.

Even in just my small band of clients I have examples of various levels of disengagement all the way through to being totally blocked from practising any therapy or healing type work. It’s been amazing how many ‘healing’ barriers and alignments that as past healers, therapists or practitioners they had accumulated to ‘help’ themselves to NOT ever become involved in such practices ever again . . . . and how long in at least 1 case it took to clear all of these . . . .

Are the IMPLICATIONS of what I describe here sinking in?

. . . how many people have had to completely abandon being a healer or therapist because of such concerted actions?

How many people do you think used to be GOOD or GREAT or FANTASTIC therapists in the distant past whom now wont even go near anything of the same? It wont take a genius to figure out that ONCE AGAIN the BEST would be subjected to the most sabotages and be the most likely NOW to be having nothing to do with such work . . . .

Are there any healers, therapists or practitioners experiencing any of the above or even any ‘potential’ healers whom would like access to resources at some point and so make you working with clients easier never mind more effective never mind the huge numbers of you that could begin to clear what is making sure you don’t even start?

Anyone interested?