Outcome of Quick Fix Surface Healing Solutions

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"How Spiritual, Healing & Therapy Modalities Contribute to False, Fake & Inauthentic Selves. How Persistent Healing Failure can lead to Deeper Investigations & Understandings of Subtle Healing Realities & Issue Causes. Did 'Subtle Wars & Conflicts' Lead to more 'Sophisticated' Healing Solutions?"

Let me make it very clear . . .

I am attempting to present a number of points not just with respect to the use of TFT and EFT but to just about every so called spiritual, therapy and healing ‘solution’ out there . . .

These points are as follows . . .

  • You are targeting the ‘obvious’ surface symptoms; negative emotional, mental ‘effects’, responses, attitudes. Basically anything that is negative, disturbing or debilitating.
  • There is no attempt made to even explore never mind of trying to identify what might be ‘contributing’ to the presented ‘unwanted’ effects or symptoms.
  • There is no identification or resolution of fundamental cause contributions, there is a (at best) a disappearance of unwanted effects.
  • There is no REAL understanding of how any improvement in REAL terms is actually achieved.
  • Over compensation has people living in ‘positive’ but false ‘feeling and response’ states which quite often they ‘naturally’ take as being themselves: as ‘Who they Really‘ are.

Are YOU reading this doing any of the above? Are YOU willing to consider that what I describe above is actually what you do DO?

Do you know the difference between resolving an issue properly and completely compared to disappearing current ‘symptoms’ of the issue? Have you even thought about this?

Let me give you an external physical in your face example.

The Magical Disappearing Immediate Symptoms Healing Trick . . .

Are you concerned about the build up of chemical poisons and toxins in the environment? Particularly those in our air, food and drinking water and how these might be physically effecting yourself and your health? What strategies might you use to reduce the impact of these on yourself? I suspect that two of the most popular would be;

  • To use a detoxification approach to cleanse the toxins from your body.
  • To limit the amount of toxins coming into your body by filtering your water.

Are these dealing with the problem of increasing amounts of toxic chemicals and poisons in our entire environment? Are these solutions taking an approach that will lead to you/us being subjected to less toxins in the future?


Let’s have a think about these solutions . . .

Water Filter: If you use a water filter then where exactly does your ‘used’ water filter go? Well it ends up in your trash, which ends up BURIED in a landfill somewhere. Which seems a bit strange as you now have a concentrated package of toxins that you have very carefully removed from your water now going back onto the land where it’s going to recycle over the next 10 or 50 or ‘whatever’ years and be responsible for even greater concentrations of toxins getting into your water supply in the future.
Detoxification: So, you’ve cleansed these toxins out of your body . . . AND . . . magically they are now back in the environment, either in your trash or more likely in your water supply . . .

The ‘Kicking the Spiritual Can Down The Healing Road’ Syndrome

You could call both of the above ‘Kicking the can down the road’ solutions.

Although the two examples above are both ‘obvious’ VISIBLE examples. I’d imagine that the majority of you would not have thought about the ‘fact’ that neither of these solutions actually engage with the origins of the ‘toxin’ problems in the slightest while giving you the feeling that you’ve ‘resolved’ your ‘toxin’ problem because your immediate environment or body is now much healthier at least for a short while.

Not taking action to limit the build up of all toxins in the environment (which I’d agree would be rather difficult) means that even more toxins will build up in the future meaning that your water filter will have to become more and more sophisticated and your body cleansing detox more and more extreme or more frequent just to keep up because the past solutions not only didn’t in the slightest deal with the REAL causes but actually contributed to make them worse in the future.

Dare I point out that those of you even slightly aware of the ‘feeling’ of healing and therapy energies would be aware than these solutions have been becoming stronger over the last few decades. They’d have to wouldn’t they? If your solutions are not dealing with the origins of issues it becomes harder and harder for the older ‘less effective’ solutions to keep up. If your solutions were working correctly you’d be using them less and less and they’d not need to become stronger because there’d be less and less to work on.

But . . BUT . . BUT . . there is no way that my amazingly ‘sophisticated’ healing or therapy would be working is ways like this . . . because ‘source’ or the Spiritual Hierarchy wouldn’t allow it?


I think you’re getting a bit confused again because it’s actually the Spiritual Hierarchy whom are actually promoting and using such spiritual and healing solutions.

An Example of Quick Fix Surface Healing Solutions . . .

Within the soul fragments article series on this page HERE I explain how very tiny and decidedly negative i.e. ‘toxic’ bits of our energy body are removed from ourselves by spiritual, healing and therapy subtle cleansing technologies. The end result is that these ‘toxins’ gradually build up in the immediate ‘astral’ environment eventually causing an amazing amount of astral pollution. If you complain about this build up of ‘toxic’ negativity around yourself to your guides or use any type of space clearing technique then these toxic energetic clouds are bin bagged by the useless spirit help and then disposed of in the equivalent of an astral ‘land fill’ somewhere.

How likely is it that you’d even wake up to the ‘reality’ of your badly fragmented energy body? How likely is it that you’d then became aware of the need to recover these lost energy body bits? How likely is it that you’d figure out how to separate out the ‘real’ bit’s of yourself from the well hidden subtle energetic crap responsible for the toxic negativity embedded within these?

To find out how unlikely any of this is . . . then read the next page . . .