Unveiling & Revealing the Deepest Subtle Realities of Healing Solutions

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"How Spiritual, Healing & Therapy Modalities Contribute to False, Fake & Inauthentic Selves. How Persistent Healing Failure can lead to Deeper Investigations & Understandings of Subtle Healing Realities & Issue Causes. Did 'Subtle Wars & Conflicts' Lead to more 'Sophisticated' Healing Solutions?"

Having everyone ‘entranced’ by how amazingly effective their current collection of magical healing, therapy and spiritual solutions ‘seem to be’ while comfortably dismissing failures and relapses as ‘Karma’ or as current life ‘Lessons’ or ‘whatever’ doesn’t encourage any deeper thinking about what we/you are ‘actually’ doing never mind of actually trying to directly investigate how what we/you use ACTUALLY works.

The Spiritually Entranced, Unconscious, Unaware & Unable to Think

Having got my foot through the subtle energetic ‘shit’ door then a whole ‘deadly and dangerous’ hidden world opens up. There is so much subtle crap of so many different types contributing to any negative issue that it’s a little harder dealing with this properly compared to using unconscious ‘counteracting, negating, balancing’ approaches to magic them away.

My own and my clients persistent ‘negative’ issues and healing failures have resulted in regular phases where we/they (usually once again) go under the subtle investigation ‘microscope’ until we eventually find what always turns out to be yet more subtle energetic shit that has just been hidden in better ways compared to what we have already found.

That’s the ‘real’ subtle healing reality of negative issue causes . . .

Hey, I don’t believe this!!!

If this is what is REALLY going on I’D KNOW!!!!


How would YOU Know?

Are you aware that EVERY group of EVERY type uses subtle energetic ‘shit’ to manage its members?

Do you know that EVERY group of EVERY type actually REALLY does include ALL so called therapy, healing and spiritual groups?

Do you know that ‘IF’ such groups were gifted with ALLOWING their members to openly look for subtle energetic shit as part of their ‘healing’ efforts then these members themselves would be at risk of finding what their own amazing therapy, healing or spiritual group had done to themselves?

Do you know that everyone is encouraged to follow and swallow the ‘propaganda’ line that what is ‘really’ needed is adjustments, rebalancing, realignments and so on?

Healing Adjustments, Rebalancing, Realignment Solutions Explained

Do YOU know that they cannot let you KNOW that your solutions are actually (for the most part) achieved by the permanent use of subtle energetic ‘things’ because then anyone with more then two functioning neurons to rub together might decide that it would be a jolly good idea to look for ‘other’ subtle energetic things messing with themselves or their client directly?

Hey, I don’t believe this, if this is what is REALLY going on I’D KNOW.


In which case you’ll have put as much effort as myself into ACTIVELY trying to look for the past origins of your issues AND you’d have gained the same amazing experience of what happens when you do this, as I describe HERE.

Have you already done this?

Because what I describe there, that’s the ‘easy’ starting line.

The ‘Reality’ of Unveiling & Revealing the Deepest Subtle Realities

If you manage to survive that and you are as persistent as myself then you might just get round to exploring for subtle energetic causes of issues DIRECTLY. Which might lead you to experience all the excitement never mind deeper understandings that I describe in this entire series HERE.

Is this what you’ve done?


I very much doubt that you’d even be able to read all of these or even to be honest manage to ‘persist’ beyond a few pages. I say this because as every page there is going to be a further ‘nail’ in the coffin of your own faulty beliefs and healing understandings then it’s not going to be something the ‘faint’ hearted and the ‘made to be adjusted ‘inauthentic’ are going to be able to easily do . . .


After all you’d be going against all the ‘subtle’ efforts that all past ‘groups’ have made to ‘gift’ you with many of your current beliefs and understandings about ‘healing’ realities . . . while trying to make sure you never find out that this is what they HAVE done . . .

So, best of luck getting yourself out of those spiritually gifted ‘ring pass knots’, which will be about as easy as trying to levitate by pulling up sharply on your shoe laces . . .

Why is it that we experience healing failures, reversals or relapses?