How to Undo Spiritual, Therapy & Healing Solutions

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"How Spiritual, Healing & Therapy Modalities Contribute to False, Fake & Inauthentic Selves. How Persistent Healing Failure can lead to Deeper Investigations & Understandings of Subtle Healing Realities & Issue Causes. Did 'Subtle Wars & Conflicts' Lead to more 'Sophisticated' Healing Solutions?"

About the same time that I became aware of the subtle EFT technologies around my addicted client I was helping another client whom not only had TFT and EFT type subtle devices causing just slight oscillating effects (as I described earlier) but with the added complication of having other subtle technologies which try to keep her very strongly ‘locked’ into balance in each moment and hence are actually sabotaging our efforts to identify the subtle energetic causes of her imbalances.

Example: How to Undo Therapy, Healing & Spiritual ‘Balancing & Adjusting’ Solutions

After talking to her about this ‘balancing’ technology, how it worked and the limitations of it and then explaining what is involved in getting rid of it all she gave me permission to remove ALL subtle energetic technology that I/we could identify at that time that was specifically acting to ‘help’ her in healing terms.

There turned out to be 5 sets of VERY sophisticated subtle energetic units some outside of her energy field and many others within it (you could call these types subtle energetic implants) all put in during earlier times to address different traumas and situations (none from this life by the way).

So, in taking all of her past permanently present healing ‘solution’ efforts away then the fully warned client enters the original feelings, traumas and reaction shit that all of this subtle technology was working hard to negate, counteract, blanket and buffer. These were in many instances also keeping her disengaged and or orientated away from negative things. In other words efforts were made to reduce her awareness of or of her being bothered about anything still not balanced or ‘negative’. Typical USELESS but often considered ADVANCED therapy, healing and spiritual solutions.

How to uncover what ALL Therapy, Healing & Spiritual Solutions Missed!!!

With these subtle healing solutions gone there is much less interfering with us detecting all the subtle devices and other subtle crap that are actually contributing to or responsible for all the negative effects she is now in.

So, 4 days after the removal of all the assumed ‘nice’ tech she is feeling really shit with all sorts of negative reactions and feelings; helplessness, not good about herself, everything is a waste of time, always feeling tired. It’s quite a long list . . .

So, with my client now in a truly authentic negative ‘state’, she is in this horrible state because MANY of these shit ANTI-TFT/EFT/Healing/Therapy/Spiritual subtle energetic things are active and so we have to do the miss mop thing and add them to the expanding cosmos sized warehouse already almost full of the same types of ‘negative’ subtle energetic shit.

So, I did one clearing (5 minutes (absently)) to get rid of;

  • Everything acting against her to cause any of this shit. There were a few thousand TFT/EFT or similar energy technology type things doing ‘naught’ stuff, there were a few hundred energy collections (spells if you like) and about a trillion single energies (energy intentions from others for the most part) each contributing next to nothing but as a collection would be having a big effect. This is a normal clearing (I clear ALL lives simultaneously which means 100’s+ in one go).
  • AND anything else that in the mean time has activated to counteract any of this . . . . virtually nothing in this particular clearing but it varies with clients and past strategies.

So, she becomes MUCH more settled now.

How to Reverse Spiritual, Therapy and Healing Approach Subtle Solutions

BUT I have warned her that it’s likely that more will activate to fill the empty vacuum (as this is ‘normal’) and so she should expect more of the same effects to arise. They do and a few days later we get rid of what is responsible for these too.

From my lonely healing experience we keep doing the same for ALL issues UNTIL THERE IS NOTHING LEFT. Some issues clear with one ‘pass’, some eventually clear after a few passes and some persist no matter what currently ‘identified’ subtle energetic shit is dealt with.

Have you been one of those so magically ‘entranced’ by how amazingly effective your current collection of magical healing, therapy and spiritual solutions ‘seem to be’?

Do you find what I’m writing here crazy? Unbelievable?


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