Are Subtle Weapons used in Holy & Sacred Wars?

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"How Spiritual, Healing & Therapy Modalities Contribute to False, Fake & Inauthentic Selves. How Persistent Healing Failure can lead to Deeper Investigations & Understandings of Subtle Healing Realities & Issue Causes. Did 'Subtle Wars & Conflicts' Lead to more 'Sophisticated' Healing Solutions?"

A long while ago I read an article about using TFT to alleviate major trauma in people whom had been subjected to horrific situations such as war. The article .pdf is HERE.

Discussing Larger ‘Spiritual Crusades & Holy Wars’ a little . . .

In recent wars depleted plutonium tipped shells are used in the battles. That’s a good way of causing difficult and long term and cascading problems for the locals isn’t. Same as using particular bullets that shatter on impact which don’t show up on x-ray?

These keep people debilitated for a long time and less able to partake of future actions or of even having a quality life or in some cases of even having children?

So, lets see then, as you’re using subtle energy solutions without having a clue about how this is being achieved then what else might be going on in subtle energy terms that you also don’t have a clue about either?

Any ideas?

Any ideas about what opposing ‘dis-incarnate’ people from different sides in a war might be doing? MMMmm!!

What Energetic Subtle Weapons might be used to defend the ‘really’ Spiritual?

I mean some on you are a bit sure that one of the jobs of your spiritual guides is to protect you? In which case what would they do in a war when ‘protecting’ you would probably mean they’d have to take action against large numbers of people to try and keep ‘little old you’ as safe as possible?

What might they develop in subtle energetic terms to defend and protect the ‘devout or spiritual’ in a ‘holy’ war or those carrying out divine mission or ‘light’ crusade? What might they develop? Particularly when the best form of defence isn’t to DEFEND but to ATTACK?

How would your spirit guides or holy group leaders do this?

If they did make some subtle energetic shit to seriously FU others do you imagine it would be made in bright colours, be adorned with flashing neon lights and be blaring out loud music via a loudspeaker attachment?


Or is it more likely that they’d make a big ‘PR’ effort to at least maintain the illusion of occupying the ‘moral and spiritual’ high ground and go to extremes to make sure no one could detect what they’d made and were doing?

What do you think?

What Subtle Energetic Technologies, Super Spells & More are developed to ensure success in Spiritual & Holy Battles?

Do you have your thinking caps on?

Whom developed the TFT subtle energetic technology and how much of this type of well hidden, highly difficult to detect subtle energy technologies might ALSO be being used to DO THE OPPOSITE?

Any ideas?

Here is my experience;



I’ve found is being ‘facilitated’ in it’s creation, is being ‘enhanced’ and maintained and or extended or amplified by a range of subtle energetic technologies doing similar but opposite and definitely negative things compared to what TFT or EFT normally does?

Different variations of this ‘alternate’ technology ALSO manipulates peoples energies fields to REMIND them of their traumas to help keep them in their debilitated state, life for example having them watch a television program or meet people that will prompt a reminder that risks putting them back into aspects of their past traumatic experience . . .

Just the sort of things that would perhaps have a population devastated by war kept in a prolonged, stressed and disabled state?

Would the use of spells or other subtle energetic weapons be banned during wars do you think? For reasons as to why this is unlikely read the next page . . .