War Gods & Holy & Sacred Weapons of Annihilation

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"How Spiritual, Healing & Therapy Modalities Contribute to False, Fake & Inauthentic Selves. How Persistent Healing Failure can lead to Deeper Investigations & Understandings of Subtle Healing Realities & Issue Causes. Did 'Subtle Wars & Conflicts' Lead to more 'Sophisticated' Healing Solutions?"

Are subtle energetic implants, devices, subtle organisms and viruses (black death) and subtle devices or debilitating spells used as divine weapons in sacred ‘Holy’ wars?

Are you aware that Gods and Goddesses of war are described within many cultures (including Egyptian and Mayan which are ‘new age’ favourites) as described HERE and I’m sure some are even associated with spiritual paths including Hinduism, Buddhism and others?

Higher Beings, War Gods & Sacred Subtle Weapons of Annihilation

So, are ‘God’s and Goddesses’ higher beings? Are they ‘Divine’? What about Archangel Michael, he seems to be overly handy with a sword and is recommended to lightworker types as someone to call in to defend and protect? Is Archangel Michael a ‘higher’ or ‘divine’ being or not?

Many of you coming to this website might have some ‘larger’ appreciation that the ‘visible’ physical is just a small portion of the ‘real’ reality.

In which case do you actually ‘imagine’ that larger ‘physical’ conflicts are just ‘physical’ or that those in the none physical are just going to sit back and do nothing during ‘big’ conflicts?

Is that what you think?

Are Sacred & Divine Weapons of Annihilation Banned in Holy Wars?

Or maybe you think that God or the Divine Hierarchy or Reiki Master ‘XYZ’ will just slap anyone’s ‘subtle’ hand that tries to help those they care about or whom hold to the same ‘spiritual’ values?

Would They? Is this Likely?

Would Source or ‘Divine’ or Higher beings of the Spiritual Hierarchy or Divine Directors ban anything more aggressive than waving a hanky in a conflict?

What do you think?

Would the truly spiritual only use ‘love and light’ style peace vigils to settle differences or conflicts with the ‘considered’ less spiritual, ‘dark’ invaders or even massed demonic hordes quite keen on bringing on Armageddon?

You’re NOT that Spiritually ‘Naive’?


Are there only physical wars and large scale conflicts?

Are there no higher conflicts? Or are higher conflicts banned or perhaps they just ban the spiritual news media from reporting on higher conflicts just in case you all became a bit confused by the contradictions of this?

Are higher conflicts described? Are conflicts described between so called ‘higher’ beings and others?

Are ‘higher’ or divine conflicts ‘somehow’ carried out in peaceful ways?

What about that ‘light’ genocide event I spotted, that I wrote a few pages on starting HERE? That certainly seemed a bit conflicty to me? If I remember correctly that event even described a so called Divine Director of the light going a little bit further than waving hankies or having a peace vigil ‘love and light’ sit in?

Just to extend this even more . . .

They do say that: “All is ‘Fair’ in Love and War”

Would any of you have any idea of what ‘third parties’ might do in subtle energetic ‘shit’ terms when two enemies of a ‘third’ party are at war against each other? For example I’m really sure that some might think it a good idea to use subtle means to keep the warning ‘enemy’ factions against each other or to do things to more deeply weaken them or to cause internal divisions within both sides when it’s over so it’s more likely they will pose less of a threat to ‘others’ afterwards?

I mean, apparently wars are a ‘bit’ disruptive and make life a ‘little’ chaotic . . . it probably wouldn’t be all that difficult to sneak in some debilitating subtle influences to mess with those involved while a war is going on or even just after it’s finished?

Without anyone ever suspecting that this might be being done?

What do you think?

Have a think about this . . .

For those of you that do have some experiences of what TFT and EFT technologies can actually achieve in therapeutic terms for very traumatized people then how easy is it for you to even CONTEMPLATE what these technologies might be capable of doing if adapted?

What ‘Light’ Weapons were Designed for Protection & War Use?

Particularly when quite a few of YOU reading this bizarrely actually DO imagine that doing something ‘spiritual’ confers you with some sort of ‘protection’. In which case . . . exactly what ‘nice’ things do you imagine will be done to imagined ‘nasty’ others to ‘protect’ you?

Exactly What?

What might be the effect of TFT type or any other subtle healing technologies be on people if it was specifically adapted to do the opposite of what they ‘appear’ to do now? In other words if it was adapted so that rather than put people into ‘mental or emotional balance or a nice or a good space’ they were designed to do the opposite?

OR . . . Is it worse than THIS?

Is it not more likely that I’m just being stupidly naive here?

In that perhaps it would be even better to try and have you consider that it’s much more likely that subtle ‘spiritual’ technologies already designed to do dreadful and debilitating ‘negative’ things to people and particularly people in large scale conflicts have actually then been adapted to help people rather than do the opposite?

Have Subtle Sorcerers & Higher Beings Redesigned Subtle Weapons of Annihilation for Peaceful Uses?

Which of the above would you imagine would be the most likely scenario?

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