Rise of the Fake Positive, False, Inauthentic Self

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"How Spiritual, Healing & Therapy Modalities Contribute to False, Fake & Inauthentic Selves. How Persistent Healing Failure can lead to Deeper Investigations & Understandings of Subtle Healing Realities & Issue Causes. Did 'Subtle Wars & Conflicts' Lead to more 'Sophisticated' Healing Solutions?"

I gave some examples of how different approaches use subtle energetic means to align their ‘followers’ to the right, true and properly ‘holy’ beliefs, attitudes and ways of living in a previous article series.

For example, if you are relying on a Buddhist originated spiritual or healing solution then you might find yourself experiencing ‘debilitating’ attraction and relationship effects as described HERE or if you have enlightenment path connections then you might find yourself ‘fixed’ into some amazingly debilitating ‘assumed positive and balanced’ living states and attitudes as described in this example HERE.

Are you Unknowingly Presenting a Positive, Fake, False, Inauthentic Self?

So, then, a question to YOU reading this here . . . the ‘unfortunate’ whose ‘true authentic self’ hasn’t quite been able to prevent you from straying into the ‘healing and spiritual’ shark infested soul-healer.com waters . . .

Whose ‘idea’ of a ‘true, authentic, really REAL self’ are ‘we’ pursuing today?

Which ONE?

Which ‘authentic, true self’ spiritual overcoat are we truly ‘seeking’ today?

‘False & Fake, Inauthentic Self’ TRY OUTS . . . Try before you buy . . .

Would that be the Christian idea of a real authentic self? Or would it be the Buddhists or the Enlightenment Guru’s idea or the Zero Point Healing originators idea or the subtle originator of Reiki variation ‘XYZ’?

Which is it?

Which spiritual, healing or therapy ‘ideology’ catalogue have you been most recently browsing or worse been placing orders to? Whose ‘true self’ overcoats did you unconsciously strap on and give a whirl in this life, the last life and the one before that?

Whose ‘idea’ of a ‘true, authentic self’ subtle energetic straight jacket overcoat are you currently wearing and how many?

Do you know?

The Rise of the Positive & Spiritual Inauthentic, False Self

Why is it that the language of therapies and healing practices describe ‘adjustments’, ‘realignments’, ‘rebalancing’.

As in you are being;

  • ‘Adjusted’
  • ‘Realigned’
  • ‘Rebalanced’

Adjusted, realigned and rebalanced to what?

To whose ‘idea’ of what you should be? You could say that it doesn’t matter, that you made the choice to do this.


I think not.

Firstly: You had a session or you invoked something BUT no one actually directly said they were going to ‘adjust’ you into something ‘specific’ and neither did they actually define this before hand.

Did they?

Secondly: Which past life ‘adjustments’, ‘realignments’ and ‘rebalancings’ are strongly and ‘unconsciously’ influencing your current choices? I bet you’ve no idea about these either?

Have YOU?

What is the Fake Self? What Contributes to the False Inauthentic Self?

How many times have you been adjusted, realigned, rebalanced or ‘whatever’ to someone’s ‘idea’ of how ‘people should be’ . . . which has included subtle ‘adjustments’ to define . . .

  • How people should think?
  • How people should behave?
  • How people should respond to different situations?
  • What goals and attitudes they should aspire to?
  • What attitudes and values are the ‘right’ ones?
  • What attitudes and values are the ‘wrong’ ones?
  • What people should believe or accept as true or ‘right’ or ‘of the light’?

So, just how well are you actually representing your actual ‘real, authentic’ self NOW?

Here is what is real and ‘authentically’ true . . .

Seriously – You’ve NO IDEA of what is really and truly authentically you. You’ve no idea at all.

You’ve no idea of how much healing and so called spiritual subtle energetic junk is responsible for your current beliefs, attitudes, personality traits, behaviours, values or your personal goals . . . never mind anything else . . .

How to restore and fully live your authentic, true, whole and integrated, complete self

Well, to put the annoyingly obvious into words.

You’ll only start to re-engage with who you are in any real authentic way when you begin to clear all the junk healing, therapy and spiritual path subtle shit trying to force you into someone else’s idea of what they ‘think’ you should be while also getting rid of all the negative subtle energetic crap that had us trying to put ourselves right in the first place that is still all there but is now nicely hidden and masked by loads of past junk spiritual and healing solutions.

It can take quite a while to recover yourself as we’ve all been building up this ‘taking you further and further away from yourself’ subtle energetic crap for 100’s of lifetimes.

Is the above direct enough for you?