Information of Spiritual Contradictions is Suppressed?

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"The Sabotages & Blocks that arise when FULLY Orientating Toward & Seriously Investigating the Deeper, Subtle & Past Origins of Difficult, Negative & Traumatic Life & Personal Issues . . . "

Below is what I actually wrote on this web site 5-6 years ago about the confrontation with the Spiritual Hierarchy (described on an earlier page in this series).

That had the spiritual hierarchy taking direct action against a small group of ‘healers’ all because they were a little persistent and dedicated in REALLY looking for the REAL origins of their debilitating negative personal issues never mind trying to investigate the subtle causes of anything they found . . .

Negative Attacks by Spiritual Hierarchy ‘Light’ Beings & Groups Exposed

“This time however it was the so called spiritual hierarchy which was also a great surprise as I had not worked with any of them or invited them to work with me for about 2 years. It would seem that although I / we had never been attached to them it seems that they were attached to us and would not let us go. Experiencing the presence of Archangel Michael and Gabriel beaming out bad vibes of disapproval and anger when they had once been close and trusted friends was a time of complete astonishment. We made our intentions quite clear (actually our intentions were never EVER unclear), that we were beings endowed with free choice and that it was our choice to bring ourselves (and our souls) to a deeper level of awareness and to move ourselves beyond all limits not just the limits defined by a so called divine hierarchy and that it was our right to choose who would help us to do this and so it will be. Unfortunately it was not, as no matter how many representations we made they would not budge. They refused to respect our intentions and very actively tried to prevent us from moving on. It took us another 2 weeks during which we had to literally fight for our freedom. They had no respect and they had no integrity.”

Contradictions to ‘Accepted’ Spiritual Information is Suppressed

As you can see from the above I actually wrote some decidedly POINTED information here quite some time ago and you will be absolutely amazed to hear that the amount of coherent, open, ‘GOSH’, ‘that’s interesting’ responses to this information was . . . . . ZERO, NONE, ZIPPO, NADA . . . . while on the other hand some of the responses I did get included . . . .

  • One guy somewhat took exception at me saying that “we go where no others dare” . . . . . on the other hand after scouring the internet I’m still unable to find any others whom seem to be doing ANY real daring whatsoever? So, maybe there is no one else out there whom dares go beyond anything but severely limited inbred boundaries? Anyone want to try?
  • A woman whom I remember was sort of annoyed at some of the ‘contradictions’ that I was highlighting in lightwork and trying to avoid thinking about them by focusing on contradictions in some of MY writing (probably a lightworker eh!!). I’ll make a point here now. As someone ACTIVELY, DEEPLY & OPENLY exploring way, WAY beyond the ‘accepted’ boundaries then my understandings are regularly changing by the week and so I’d be quite amazed if there are NOT some contradictions in my text and I am also VERY sure that some of you will feel much more comforted to be focusing on any minor holes here as a way of avoiding the HUGE WHOLES that are presented. I would appreciate that you point out any assumed ‘contradictions’ that you notice on ANY of my pages here by writing a comment on one of the blog posts so I can respond to these as soon as possible. I will take it as sign of poor character and low integrity if any assumed contradictions in my writings here are used to diminish the SPIRIT of what I am presenting without me having the opportunity to respond to them.
  • Then there was another woman whom seemed to be convinced that I was brainwashing my clients. Which is sadly quite hilarious don’t you think as in fact I’m actually doing the complete opposite. (or cannot you actually think WELL ENOUGH to figure that out?). Read this page HERE to understand this better . . .

Light ‘Awareness’ Fails when Confronted by Lightwork Contradictions?

I’m still sort of hoping to be proved wrong in the daring department because the end result of ALL this studious avoidance that you’ve all demonstrated of my past serious presentations are these brand new super scary articles that you’re reading now. Which I have gone to great pains to absolutely jam pack with one after another in your face hideously un-ignorable detailed examples.

Which to be quite honest you continue to ignore at your peril else one imagines that the next set will have to be even more revealing until some of you begin to show signs that you are less unconscious than my nieces pet hamster Mr Boodah whose already read three pages here although being entirely honest though I suspect he’s just trying to impress miss pinky the new hamster next door – that’s hamsters for you though eh!!.

Are Hamsters MORE Conscious than Lightworkers?

When I look back on ALL of these incidents the one underlying factor in each was that it was always VERY hard to REALLY think about what was going on. It’s like your head is in mud and your thinking is pushed away from engaging with what you are finding.

Which to a certain extent you can ‘rationalise’ as understandable because as you’re probably finding yourself it’s easy to not want to think about such hideously awful things and that is why on a defining page that gave an in your face presentation of how the spiritual hierarchy attacked and hounded a group because they were serious about investigating the real causes of their issues there was not ONE whom gave an indication that they could think about this or seriously engage with this presentation in any way over a 6 year period . . .

Why is NO ONE allowed to SERIOUSLY think about these areas?

It turns out that the severe difficulties people have in engaging the old head in these areas is a little more sinister than you’d imagine . . . that’s a surprise eh!!! . . . which you’ll find more about on the following pages . . .