Reduced Awareness, Vitality & a Depleted Spirit

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The use of energetic protection as barriers and containments to address entity attachments is a fast food style quick and easy if not immensely impressive fix with the added bonus that the practitioner doesn’t have to go to through all the messy inconvenience of actually being aware of ‘issues’ never mind competent enough to deal with them properly although there is the added bonus that they’ll be able to do the same in the next lifetime as the CAUSE of the entity issue repeats itself ‘probably’ YET AGAIN.

The Loss of Awareness, Sensitivities and Subtle Perceptions

Such practices are responsible for yet another set of WORSE future problems while also making it less and less likely that you will become aware that you even have such problems . . . which I’ll try and make you aware of now . . .

Every entity kept contained or imprisoned behind a barrier represents part of someone’s energy field being LOST. Which in healing terms means that someone has a soul fragment to recover or a lost soul part to reclaim . . . except that some useless ba*tar& has imprisoned it behind a ‘light’ barrier which makes doing this VERY difficult . . .

These Healing practices cause energy field depletion & impoverishment

As most entity attachment issues go both ways then this usually means that more and more energetic material ends up being separated and depleted because their ‘entity’ energetic parts are now trapped behind an energetic containment barrier.

These practices contribute to causing energy body depletion, a depleted spirit, a loss of vitality, strength, robustness . . . never mind an ever shrinking awareness . . .

EVERY time so called protection is employed as a fantasy solution to a negative entity problem then you, we, ALL of us will have more and more problems becoming aware of these never mind being capable enough to recover these parts of ourselves (again READ the; 1000′s of Hidden Entity Attachments Example for a VERY graphic example of this).

You should also understand that as the future numbers of entities accumulate through repeats of the same unresolved issue recurring then in many instances you end up having to use stronger and stronger protection to keep the whole accumulating mess more strongly contained lifetime after lifetime. All of which conspires to make it less and less likely that you (yourself) will EVER have the means to undo this forever expanding obscenity.

A depleted Spirit; Losing energetic body parts life after life

The ‘solution of choice’ entity containment solution results in energetic parts of ourselves being incarcerated behind energetic barriers, with the numbers of these accumulating lifetime after lifetime . . . .

. . . how many energetic roaming spirit parts might you (as a practitioner or therapist or treated client) have lost due to these so called ‘advanced’ healing practices?

Any ideas?

So, far the number of just these specific types of energy body parts that myself and my clients have ‘recovered’ have averaged 400-500. But the range of this in terms of individuals is from less than 50 for the least to more than 1,500 for the most . . . .

As these energetic parts are from one of our ‘over bodies’ that ‘range’ or travel and as these to a certain extent are also linked to ‘awareness’ abilities then that’s even more bad news . . .

Isn’t IT?

. . . especially when these ‘solutions of choice’ are used lifetime after lifetime to still NOT resolve the same healing issues.

So, it is LIKELY that both parties are losing ‘aware’ parts of ourselves that are kept trapped behind containment barriers AND the use of such barriers ALSO act as filters that reduces our awareness, sensitivity and perceptions directly . . . it’s little wonder that we’ve had NO AWARENESS OF THESE PROBLEMS . . .


Imprisonment as the Caring, Compassionate, LOVING ‘LIGHT’ solution?

Any therapist that somehow imagines that ‘goodwill’ or ‘cooperation’ or ‘unity’ between people will be achieved by building barricades and fortifications needs to seriously re-evaluate their position. If you actually think that building walls around people OR bits of people is a way of promoting LONG TERM harmony then I suggest that you’re in the wrong profession and are being wrongly guided by beings whom we’d have to hope don’t know any better either.

I consider that a healer, therapist or practitioner whom has to use long term or permanent ‘protection’ to be a contradiction in terms as this indicates an inability to understand never mind resolve their own issues around these areas. As such the only abilities that they have are about putting you behind a ‘safe’ containment barrier and or of maybe putting others in a containment prison. A dire and stupid if not impressive fix.

Long term and permanent protection is the antithesis of what any true healing or spiritual path should be about achieving.

If you know any healers using protection for themselves or others then tell them to come and read this page . . .