What are the Causes of Energetic Ties & How these can result in Entity Attachments

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Energetic attachments to others occur quite simply because we are social and we forge associations and friendships with others.

As we do this then we end ‘naturally’ forming energetic links and ties as cords or as very fine subtle connecting wires that link between ourselves and different others. These cords effectively provide a direct and permanent subtle link between ourselves and others equivalent to an elastic cord.

Entity and Spirit Ties & Attachments are a normal part of existence

Overall, such energetic ties are a normal part of the experience of subtle beings that arise due to repeated interactions with others. We ALL have these energetic ties to others and they are always having effects on each of us in the background.

As some of you know because you are sensitive / multidimensionally aware we all have beings in ‘spirit’ visiting us more or less frequently. These can be family members, friends, work associates as well as guides and spirit helpers. Would it surprise you to know that they can find you in many cases more easily BECAUSE you have these very fine energetic subtle threads linking you to each other. In a sense we are all networked together with these fine energetic cords . . . this is why even people whom ‘think’ they have no sensitivity or awareness can sense or feel the presence of someone they know or knew that died and whom are now present in their subtle form.

Etheric cords, Ties and Attachments are also made to Spirit Guides too

Spirit guides and ‘beings’ from ‘paths’ and ‘ways’ that you are associated with AND whom work with you in some capacity will ALSO develop these energetic ties connecting you together too. So, whether you are currently living as an energetic being OR using a physical vehicle to enjoy a physical reality experience you will be building up energetic ties and attachments.

We ALL have Etheric Ties & Cords Binding and Linking ourselves to others

The bottom line is that unless you are born in a cave and live on your own there and you absolutely avoid others ALL THE TIME and you don’t think about anyone . . . AND you do this lifetime after lifetime then you WILL have energetic ties to others. We ALL have lots of ties and attachments to ‘people’ and these ‘attachments’ are to all sorts people whom we have different types of relationship to of different ‘intensities’.

As a member of the ‘earth’ experience club then you will be enjoying repeated incarnations (this will be happening whether you believe in past lives or NOT) . . . so it will be obvious that by and large the number of such energetic ties and attachments will ‘accumulate’ with each new life. So, we are energetically linked and networked to many others.

What determines the Strength of these Subtle Ties we have connecting ourselves to others?

There are a number of factors that determine how strongly and or how many energetic ties we have to others. These relate to;

  • How strongly and how OFTEN you feel toward someone
  • How often you think about them.
  • How STRONGLY you think about them or direct your attention or being toward them
  • HOW much feeling or engagement we put into your association with some other and of course
  • . . . how long we have this association . . .

So, the more we have feelings toward someone, the more we think about them, the stronger the past relationship and greater the history you have with someone then the more energetic ties of a greater strength there will be. We ALL have lots of energetic ties to others.

It is unlikely that any one reading this will be energetically linked to less than 5,000 others in many cases you will probably have a lot more. Another term that you could use for these ties which would apply equally would be ATTACHMENT. Attachments, therefore whether we like them or NOT are normal, and you will have had many of these attachments for 100’s of lifetimes anyway . . . so what’s the point worrying about them?

Negative Energetic Bonds, Cords and Subtle Connecting Ties

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that those that we are energetically tied to can (in our terms) range from VERY good through middling to VERY bad. It should also be obvious that a relationship that starts out as VERY GOOD for example can become VERY BAD over time. Unfortunately just because a relationship or close association becomes BAD does not lessen or reduce the energetic cords and ties that built up between yourselves. A business relationship that starts out as GOOD can become bad overnight if you find out that your partner has been stealing the paper clips never mind embezzling the money . . .

Each person’s entity attachments originate from another person (whether this person is currently in a body or not is irrelevant).

Perspectives on Negative Entity Attachments

In any life where you and ANYONE you have energetic ties between harbours a grudge, did not resolve a disagreement, held onto bad feelings or reactions, experienced let downs, disappointments, betrayal or injustice and so on and so on because of YOURSELF then it is highly likely that this ‘normal’ energetic tie will be expressed and become labelled as a negative ENTITY ATTACHMENT at some point never mind being responsible for negative energy influences you pick up because of this situation.

It’s made a little more complicated in that in a future life (which may well be this one (if not ALL of them)) then when that person lives out the same circumstances that represent your original issues then EVEN if you are NOT involved or have NO connection in the current life your unresolved issues will in most cases cause part of their ‘energy’ to come to you holding all the bad feelings and anger or ‘whatever’ and will actually probably be seen as an ENTITY ATTACHMENT to yourself (or a healer) maybe yet again if this has been left unresolved for many lifetimes. Also, if you are;

  • NOT ‘relaxed’ about this ‘entity’
  • Have EVER had strong bad feelings or reactions or thoughts against the person this ‘entity’ represents

Then I can guarantee that part of your own ‘energy’ will almost certainly be turning up and presenting YOU as a negative entity attachment to this other person NO MATTER WHERE THEY ARE too.

This is WHY it is VERY important that entities are dealt with both AS PEOPLE AND that the circumstances responsible for a negative entity attachment is dealt with FULLY so that BOTH parties are HAPPY with the outcome ELSE this issue will remain unresolved AND the same attachment will very likely appear again when the originating person lives through the same original circumstances AGAIN as will this person likely have YOU as a negative entity turning up bothering them when you are experiencing a life phase that represents the original.

An ‘Exercise’ to Help you Target Spirit & Entity ‘Attachment’ AREAS

There is an exercise on this page here that would be worth doing as it targets these areas more directly compared to anything else presented here. It targets a range of the circumstances which would result in persistent ‘entity’ attachments’.

Working with Exercise 4 on that page targets: Binding Roles, Positions, Offices, Duties, Obligations, Functions, Ceremonies as well or Rituals while also targeting: binding contracts, oaths, pacts and or subtle enforcers (which equates to entity attachments / subtle being interferences).

It basically targets you being kept in any role, position (job) and or ‘office’, any circumstances where you are contracted to carry out certain duties, obligations, functions, ceremonies, rituals and or actions perhaps forcible facilitated / nudged to keep doing this by binding subtle pacts, vows, promises, oaths, curses and agreements and perhaps even ‘enforced’ by subtle beings (entity attachments) as ignorant spirit guides, minders, helpers, ascended bullshitters, spiritual path leaders and any spirit being as an enforcer of contracts you made in the past.

Other types of Negative Entity Attachment Considerations

What I describe here will be responsible for most common entity ‘attachments’. However, there are some entities (same as there are people) whom just like to harass, bully or fool people and will pick a likely target to ‘play’ with. In which case you wont have energetic ties to them NOT unless you in a sense are taken in by them and start to relate to them, like becoming worried, frightened, over awed and so on . . .

For a more comprehensive list of dis-incarnate types that are more in the ‘negative’ entity group then read this page HERE.

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