Subtle Energetic Cords & Ties Explained?

If you EVER had ANY type of interaction with ANY other at ANY TIME within your entire past history then there is a ‘fair’ chance that an energetic attachment to this other develops.

Bottom line; energetic ties are as normal as breathing so you’ll have loads and these are ALL potential entity attachments.

Energetic Attachments are Common and Negative ones less so

If an attachment develops because of bad circumstances OR if a good attachment (being in love) turns and becomes difficult then for either of these types you will almost certainly have a direct energetic cord or bond directly connecting you to someone where there is some ‘difficulties’ between yourselves. The more belligerent the person is with regards the difficulty then the more ‘negative’ the effects will be experienced. The degree of negative attachment depends on the origin circumstances or relationship where the attachment developed, whether human based or not.

We ALL have Energetic Ties and Cords as Attachments to Others

Most of us (if not ALL of us) have huge numbers of attachments that originate from interactions and relationships in past lives and past existences or experiences within other levels.

You could say that acquiring attachments or energetic ties to others seems to be a normal part of being an energetic being.

What exactly is it that we ‘see’ as an ‘entity’

In most cases what we take as an ‘entity’ is not the full energy body and another. Most of the time it’s a small part of one of our ‘over bodies’ that ‘ranges’ or ‘travels’. It is this part that we become aware of that in a sense allows is to recognise that we have an attachment to someone.

Most Spirit Attachments are ‘most of the time’ Unexpressed

By unexpressed I mean that although we have an energetic tie to ‘someone’ that ‘someone’ is not actively present. So, although you may have energetic ties between yourself and say 5000 others you may have none of these presented as a present and ‘visible’ entity attachment. Depending on the ‘severity’ of difficulties that you have with particular people that you have ties with then you will have a varying degree of background energetic suppression / debilitations basically an energetic ‘burden’ that to be honest you will probably not notice until you break all ties and deal with all attachments.

Entity Attachments are rarely obviously present

There are two circumstances where attachments can become present in the foreground and therefore problematical:

  • When circumstances in this life phase match circumstances (sometimes only symbolically) within another existence were the energy connections (ties / attachments) to another Being originated. This can cause these energy connections to intensify and the Being then starts to have direct interaction with you here. So, for example, changing to a different job, starting a new and different type of relationship, having an accident, an argument and so on.
  • When you make the decision either consciously or through having an agenda for this lifetime to address and resolve some or all of your attachments, this would probably be part of what you’d need to do if you had an agenda to try and address all issues for example. Under these circumstances and with guides with the expertise to organise this then the attachments would be organised for processing hopefully in an orderly and scheduled way for until all are resolved. This was the case with my own experience. Past attachments appeared out of the choice I made to explore and resolve all my issues.

What about YOU as an entity attachment to others?

What goes round comes round too. In the same way that you can be interfered with by another Being here originating from virtually any other existence. Parts of you can (and will) be interfering with others in the same way. That is you may be someone else’s difficult entity attachment. This (although you may not believe or accept this) is a normal part of the interactions between Beings.

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