Use of Psychic Protection Hides Serious Issues

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In these pages so far I’ve been making you aware of how the use of psychic and energetic protection as solutions not only do NOT resolve the actual cause of negative entity attachments or attacks . . . they are actually responsible for more attacks relating to the SAME ISSUE continuing to happen in the future.

The use of energetic barriers and psychic protection as a stupid ‘magical’ solution to address entity attachments cause more entity attacks in the future while increasing the chances that the same stupid solutions will still be used . . .

Use of energetic protection guarantees more future entity issue problems

Be aware that every entity contained in this way represents another person SOMEWHERE who has an issue with YOU (and or your client) that is going to find it ever more difficult to resolve these issues PROPERLY because of the accumulation of secure barriers now keeping the mess out of sight, out of mind and certainly out of awareness too. It is also highly likely that if this is what you are doing as a solution to ‘negative’ entity problems then it’s likely that others will be using the same solution to deal with energetic parts of yourself that they identify as a dreadful negative entity interfering with themselves (or their client).

Because you’ve NOT dealt with the issue properly, then YOU (or your clients) STILL hold whatever was responsible for causing these past incidents within your energy field which will attract the same in the next lifetime and the one after that because it’s still NOT resolved.

Perhaps this is ALSO why there is so much nonsense about ‘changing your energy’ which is about negating or blanketing what is STILL IN YOUR ENERGY FIELD which is yet ANOTHER way of you AVOIDING dealing with ANYTHING and which also guarantees that you accumulate issues while being less and less aware of them . . . .

You have doubled the number of negative and debilitating issues

It makes resolving the REAL issue that was responsible for the entity in the first place hugely more difficult. As, you now have an entity attachment, negative energy issue PLUS an energy barrier preventing you from becoming AWARE of this ‘issue’ never mind the problems you’ll have trying to take these barriers down.

Paradoxically the better quality, stronger and more ‘sophisticated’ the barrier the bigger your future problems.

You have now hidden the clues to a healing issue

It greatly reduces the number and intensity of ‘clues’ identifying that an issue exists and so makes it less likely that others with abilities to deal with issues properly will actually become aware that their IS actually an issue to ‘properly’ deal with.

You’ve guaranteed there will be more entity attacks in future lives

It leaves the original causes responsible for initiating and maintaining such attacks untouched and so guarantees that the client will continue to attract the same circumstances that resulted in said entity attachments and energetic attacks to have more happening in the future.

You’ve made it more difficult for others to recover themselves too

Each time barriers are used to keep ‘entites’ locked up then those people that these energetic parts belong to have not only lost something of their energy field BUT these parts being held within or behind a secure psychic protection barrier makes recovering these very difficult. Loss of such energetic ‘entity’ parts ALSO over time is responsible for reducing peoples abilities to explore and view other dimensions (loss of such parts DEPRESSES awareness) all of which conspires to make it less and less likely that anyone will ever actually become aware of how these ‘solutions’ actually work or the long term ramifications of their use.

Healing solutions that cause more and worse future problems

So, the advanced healing solution of ‘choice’ not only does NOT resolve any cause what so ever but actually makes it more and more difficult for any vaguely competent healer or therapist to resolve this in the future.

Not unless a healer or therapist is a REAL expert . . and can for example

  • Read the signs that denote a hidden and unresolved issue
  • Are able to dismantle all the energetic barriers
  • Can handle dealing with large numbers of what will probably be very pissed off, irate entities
  • Can work well under ‘battle’ conditions to identify the real causes
  • Have the means to resolve the REAL causes properly while being attacked by upset entities . . .