Comprehensive Reasons as to WHY an Entity Attachment is Attached to Yourself?

The information presented here is from our own extensive experience dealing with our own and clients attachments.

As I’ve already mentioned HERE how I dealt with 3000+ entity attachments over a 6 month period. This was because I WANTED all of my my attachments to be presented so that I could release myself from them all. It’s unlikely that you reading this will have less than this number of attachments . . . . although it’s probably unlikely that you want to deal with them face to face . . .

How do you approach understanding an entity attachment?

There are two main types of potentially difficult entity attachments

  • The first are negative entities who choose to interact and disturb people because that’s what they like doing (less common).
  • While the second are from your own interactions and relationships within both this OR other existences and environments (more common).

We will look at both of these types now

Entity Attachments from Past Circumstances as well as Past Life Associations

In these cases there is no energetic tie, the beings that are present and interfering with someone are doing so for personal reasons specific to themselves. So, you can have entities interfering with you that you have no past or relationship history with. I’ll describe some of these types now . . .

Some Negative Entity Attachments are Just Plain Old Bullies

For example some people are bullies and enjoy making life difficult for others in a general sense. These people / spirits tend to pick on particular others whom they sense have some weakness or insecurities. So, some entity attacks or spirit type interferences can be of beings of this type . . . if they see you as an easy target.

How to Talk To an Entity Attachment Having Past Life jealousy Toward Yourself

There are instances where a being will interfere with you because it is jealous of the your abilities, capabilities, qualities or values or because of your position or standing. Quite often, it wanted to have the same or to be recognised (but likely wasn’t). Often these types will work hard to sabotage others that had what they didn’t have themselves. It’s often easier for them to attack from the spirit world BECAUSE they’d not dare attack someone in real life. In other words they are taking advantage of being in their spirit form and hence they won’t be seen by others.

If someone with this attitude is messing with you then you could consider calling in their mother from the life they knew you from. You could also ‘feel’ out to find someone they were scared of and then invite this person to help you give them perspective on what they are doing to you now. A policemen might work for example or a teacher (anyone they’d feel embarrassed knowing what they are now doing). Try threatening them with a visit from their mum first. Try not to laugh.

Generally Lost & Troubled Dis-incarnate People Hanging Around Problems

These are beings that for whatever reason have either not moved on after the death of the human body or they return (part of their energy body returns) later ( which is more likely).

Interference from these types are often because of something within you that they need. For example you could visit a friends house where in the past someone died from grief caused by a broken heart. This form was so preoccupied with its own suffering that it continues existing in the same environment as a ghost form. You (coping from recent loss) are an ideal anchor for this form as it may think you can help it. Or you (having recently broken off a relationship with someone else) may find yourself the target of this Beings rage, anger and or injustice. This basic human level attachment usually occurs because;

  • You have either the same or opposite issues as the attaching Being/
  • You have an open or damaged energy field. Caused by trauma, emotional shock, drug or alcohol abuse, depression, excessive negativity and so on. This makes you a weaker or easier target for ‘negative’ beings wanting to mess with people.

These are probably reasonably common BUT usually this type of interference is more often a nuisance rather than seriously debilitating although some can be very difficult.

Entity Attachments that are Due to Third Party Arrangements & Agreements

There are instances where a being will interfere with you because it has been contracted to interfere or attack you by a third party that is wanting you to experience problems.

These are fairly common for some people and they are the most difficult to deal with because you have to be experienced enough to identify this scenario and then rather than try and deal with the attacking being get in touch with the being it has the contract with to break this which then sorts out the attacking problem. An example of a being with such an agreement to act as a ‘front’ is given on another of my web sites here.

Entity Attachments Due to Past Life Personal Connections

Commonly however an attachment occurs because you have had some connection with this being in your human past. It may have been a friend, acquaintance, colleague, enemy, family member and so on. In this case they may have strong feelings towards you that is stopping them from letting go. These could be anger, love, hate, injustice, jealousy and so on.

Every time we fail to express ourselves properly and hold onto resentment, sadness, anger, revenge, injustice, jealousy, love, loyalty, care and so on then we keep these energy connections to this other open. These (for most people) are the main origin of entity attachments.

Entity Attachments that are due to Unfinished business or Because they are bound by agreements

It could be that there is some either stated or unstated agreement or unfinished business that maintains the attachment.

  • “I will always look after you”
  • “We will work together until this is finished”
  • “You asked me for help – I wont abandon you”
  • “I will get you back you bastard”

There are obviously many variations here. In our experience many spirit guides are often people who you originally knew from some existence who agreed or promised or swore to look out for you.

Here is a page on breaking pacts, vows and agreement things which lists other pages depending on the circumstances:

Entity Attachments that Arise Because ‘Someone’ Treated ‘Someone’ Badly in the Past . . .

  • You may treat someone very badly causing them to swear revenge. When these oaths are made with strong intent they will continue until broken causing this attachment to appear from one lifetime to the next.
  • You may have been married in a past existence and this other may regard you as it’s sole (or exclusive) partner within that existence. It may be very possessive, such that it will even perhaps on a less than conscious level be trying to prevent you from having relationships with others within other environments on other energy levels including here (we have dealt with lots of these).
  • You may find yourself in an environment where you are under the control of others, as a slave for example. Where perhaps your life is based on fear of making a mistake, of doing something wrong, of being caught when doing unapproved of things. Perhaps another slave is put in charge and made responsible for watching you. If this slave is also in fear of doing the wrong thing of being caught then it perhaps makes strong promises to keep an eye on you with such fear that even after death it is still continuing to do this even when you move on to other existences too.

It makes no difference on which level Entity Attachments originate

Now, we don’t just have existences as a human We exist as many different forms in many different environments. Each of these places offers those parts and forms of yourself many different opportunities for living, expressing and exploring. Again you may make enemies, swear agreements, make love attachments, hate attachments and so on. All the relationships (with other beings) that we have within these places are a potential source of entity attachment. The higher the level the attachment is the more difficult it can be to deal with. On the other hand, these are in a general context very rarely a problem as the majority of humans are not multi-dimensionally open and often don’t activate these types of attachment. However as this capability is more prevalent at the present time then awareness of these attachments are becoming more common.

All the above describes my very early kindergarten entity attachment training. For an example of my much later expertise then read this page HERE.