What is Energetic & Psychic Protection

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Protection either psychic or healing is the means whereby a subtle energetic layer is constructed that acts as a barrier.

Often these barriers are placed in such a way that the person this is used for (or against) would appear to be in the centre of what would look like a soap bubble in ‘energetic terms’.

What are energetic barriers and psychic protection used for?

Energetic barriers particularly as complete containment units are used to block entity attacks as well as to filter or reduce negative energy effects and influences.

These types of energetic containment barriers are used in the following ways;

  • They are often placed around someone to shield them from ‘negative’ effects;
    • Block out OR reduce the effects of negative energies either accumulating around or being directed at someone
    • To keep negative entities at a distance or prevent them from gaining access to your energy field
  • They are also used as a healing solution by particular practitioners whom put these types of barrier around entities themselves to entrap them within an energy containment cell. This keeps them isolated and prevents them from attacking or disturbing others.

Shielding and Protection from entities and directed negativity

So, these energy barriers are used;

  • To keep entities at a distance and contained
  • To shield or protect someone from negative entity attacks
  • To reduce the influences of what are seen as ‘negative’ things.

Such barriers are a normal part of healer and ‘subtle energy’ aware practitioners tool kit not only to facilitate clients but also for themselves as the ‘method’ of choice to restore and maintain a balanced state by reducing or blocking external ‘negative’ disturbances and entities as much as possible.

The right use of psychic & energetic protection

I have nothing against using protection as a short term measure to gain some space to assess things. BUT you have to ask yourself why something or someone is attacking you or sending you negative energies in the first place.  In my experience of dealing with these types of things I find that protection is an easy substitute to disappear the obvious ‘surface’ symptoms and effects without resolving what is causing these types of attacks or negative invasions in the first place.

The use of permanent protection is responsible for hiding serious issues while ALSO making it less and less likely that you will be aware that you have issues whether hidden or otherwise. Regular use of protection also  contributes to a depleted energy field and hence those whom use protection can require to energetically recharge or top up their energy field. All of these areas and more are explained in detail on later pages . . .