Clearing Protection Barriers & Entity Attachments

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I used to personally take my clients through these types of entity and clearing barrier issues as some of the examples presented on illustrate.

Eventually however when I felt I’d covered all angles and so could just about guarantee that having my clients doing this on their own would NOT cause them undue problems then I wrote a procedure for them to use independently.

Do you have Spirit Attachment Issues you want to Resolve?

In terms of dealing with entities it might have struck some of you that it’s unlikely that these HUGE hidden issues have visible entities waving hankies at you to help point them out nor will you find it easy to think about never mind acknowledge a ‘hidden’ reaction. I was personally surprised that the healer of my example could do this. On the other hand this is the outcome of making efforts and wanting to orientate to the positive and to be kept away from the so called negative. The end result is that you don’t even notice the bigger clues never mind the subtle clues that REPRESENT something negative or unpleasant. Having orientated to see and engage with the negative then I can now recognise a subtle clue that some serious issue is well hidden . . . .

So, if you want some ‘entity’ attachments dealt with then you need to think about what any ‘entity’ issue will be about BECAUSE to get all hidden entities we need to know where to point our torch . . . else we won’t get them all.

If you want to have a session to have entity issues resolved properly then read the Session page at the top and proceed from there but first read the below . . . .

Our Attitude in Terms of Resolving Entity Attachments

We only deal with all concerned compassionately, we don’t ‘contain’ or imprison any involved in entity attacks, we don’t send any entities off to the equivalent of Siberia and we also allow our dis incarnate ‘staff’ tea breaks on a regular basis . . . sometimes even daily . . .

Also, as it states on my Session page I won’t be doing these types of sessions myself. I work with people full time to take them through a roller coaster of your life ride to resolve ALL issues which results in you gradually becoming ‘yourself’ . . . quite novel really. To put what is required to do this into context means that clearing 30,000+ entities is lets say about 0.01% of what NEEDS to be dealt with to get you anywhere near your original self. My expertise is focused on researching and developing the fastest, easiest most effective, least disruptive means to deal with absolutely EVERY facet of EVERYTHING that we have to address to FULLY restore ourselves to WHOM WE REALLY ARE.

In this respect me working with people full time working to resolve EVERYTHING facilitates this agenda while doing one off’s with people is a serious waste of my expertise when my colleagues (facilitators) are more than competent to do this type of work for you using resources we have already developed.

Future Resources that will be offered

As our research staff until recently made up 90% of our little ‘off the wall’ enterprise and probably never sleep then research to address entity issues has got to a point of being able to deal with most entities automatically (without people needing to work to a procedure). This is partially because my ‘working with people staff’ are stupendously well trained in compassionate negotiating strategies rather than jailing strategies . . . and they are getting rather good at this . . . as well as everything else that needs to be done to have absolutely no issue carry over in the future . . . which means that at some point . . .

I will be offering some options here for you to pay to have automatic background clearings running for say a month to address areas such as;

  1. Gradual removal of Protection & other energetic Containment and filtering Barriers
  2. Properly dealing with about 80% of Entities & Attachments whether hidden or explicit (Except the very worst because we cannot ‘yet’ do these automatically). Having this running for about a month will probably result in you having a minimum of 500 ‘hidden’ entity attachments properly released on average.
  3. Releasing you from Vows, Pacts, Promises & Contracts and Etheric Ties, Cords and Bindings that are being expressed in your current life phase.
  4. Negativity / Space Clearing plus Recovery and Reintegration of Dispersed Soul Fragments
  5. Spells & Curses; including ‘properly’ dealing with impossible to break (or even detect) ones.
  6. . . . and more . . .

All the above is included as part of what I offer on this page here.