Undoing Psychic & Energetic Shielding & Protection

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The article on the previous page describes how we identified and dealt with the 1000’s of entity attachments to a healer practitioner all well hidden and completely out of sight behind energetic barriers . . . does anyone want to hazard a guess as to how many ‘light’ energetic barriers he had around himself putting and keeping him (and lots of other healers) in the DARK?

Any Ideas?

How many energetic barriers may you have around yourself?

Well, how about 3 and a half thousand . . . 3,500 . . . this was the number that he put up himself to protect him from those deranged ‘colleagues’?

. . . and then there were all those used against him to keep him away and make him ‘none’ confronting . . . another favourite ‘light’ strategy I imagine; the illusion of peace . . . any ideas how many ‘loving’ light barriers these ‘healers’ used?

By the way . . . did I mention that I’m a research scientist and that I used to be a statistical expert? Did I mention that ‘we’ (meaning my ‘staff’ in other dimensions) do like to record EVERYTHING we encounter? Else, . . . well . . . you might easily forget in the repeated shocks as you uncover and find out WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON . . .

. . . it turns out that these healers tried to endow themselves with some ‘light’ peace with the use of about a 1000 shielding barriers . . .

4,500 Energetic Barriers responsible for just 1 hidden issue

So, here we have a total of 4,500 barriers, all guarded by Spiritual Hierarchy lackeys no less whom won’t give you the time of day never mind the keys to sensible solutions . . .

4,500? Is that a lot? Does anyone know? Would anyone like to know? . . .

How many psychic shields might you have around yourself?

Here is the run down on myself and my clients. Barriers as in energetic containments put in the space around the energy body are used for different purposes including what we are covering for the most part in this article series which is energetic protection and shielding. They are also used for a variety of other things too . . . some are as follows . . .

The NO confrontation, No Conflict, Let’s all fake cooperation barriers . . .

Well, I never . . . it’s seems like with my clients and myself the average number of energetic barriers facilitating this stance that have so far been dealt with is about 5,000 each . . . . but then these have to be cleared gradually BECAUSE you are only asking for and accumulating these to prevent conflict and confrontations because THEY DID HAPPEN in the past . . . . AND . . . here is what you’ve all been missing . . . . there is always ALWAYS VERY WELL HIDDEN energetic crap initiating, supporting, inciting and ‘maintaining’ conflicts and confrontations . . . one of the advantages of going against the flow and REALLY orientating to the REALLY negative while looking for underlying causes is THAT YOU CAN END UP FINDING THEM . . . getting rid of such energetic crap STOPS conflicts and confrontations . . . while negating the need for barriers as a fantasy solution . . . . fancy that! . . .

To reduce or block you from being ‘negatively’ impacted or engaged

To reduce your awareness of anything that might ‘negatively’ impact yourself. In this case energetic barriers are put around your energy field that act as filters to help stop you becoming aware of or being impacted or worried by ‘negative’ things. Which strangely enough goes some way to explain why most healers are NOT very aware of life issues or difficulties either . . . these types of energetic filter are unsurprisingly quite common and are the result of taking and asking / affirming to be orientated away from the ‘negative’ and ‘toward’ the positive . . . you’d think that healers, therapists and practitioners with respect to what they want to do as in to EFFECTIVELY help people that they’d actually be asking to orientate toward, see, understand AND have effective tools to engage with and resolve negative issues properly . . . wouldn’t you?

The average number of barriers ‘helping’ my clients to ignore never mind lowering their awareness of or even their ability to think about negative issues that have so far been removed from around their energy body average at over 10,000 and this is with a set of people whom just cannot have as many as others else THEY’D NEVER MANAGE WORKING WITH ME . . . because by golly I get my clients to fully engage with all sorts of ‘not nice’ issues . . . HEAD ON . . . but then as we also have the means to EFFECTIVELY deal with these then overall they don’t mind . . . particularly as you step into more and more of yourself ALL THE TIME . . .

Average that we expect to clear eventually is 25,000 per client . . . that’s how bad things are keeping people disengaged from difficult issues.

And what about those used to shield you from ‘nasty’ entities?

Well, average number of these barrier types amongst my clients has been 20,000 each . . . and most will have more to be identified and cleared as they enter issue areas they’ve so far not engaged with yet . . . it’ll probably end up around the 25,000 mark.

Does anyone want their barriers undoing and removed?

I hesitate to ask really, on the one hand I’m obviously mad . . . haha . . . while on the other you should know that ALL of these barriers are reducing your senses and perceptions and awarenesses quite a lot, never mind stopping you from enjoying being confronted . . . never mind preventing some of you from having friends.

You see a fair number of you probably won’t even get to read this page because these types of barriers (never mind other energetic crap) will (for the most part) prevent you from getting here in the first place, never mind having some of you feeling like running away when you do never mind that bizarrely most of you will read what I write here as ‘negative’ . . . REALLY . . . that astounds me.

Someone expanding your understandings and raising your awareness of all sorts of things . . . that’s ‘negative’????