What are the Advantages of Accessing Past Lives Directly rather than using the Akashic Records?

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"Akashic Records; what they are, their origins, accessing and reading them. Understanding 'Life between lives' and future life records. Akashic record history & corruption particularly to support Spiritual Missions, keep hidden Spiritual Hierarchy efforts to erode our subtle abilities, deliberately gift traumatizing earth lives to cause suffering and isolation for some as well as other spiritual atrocities. Plus the extensive listed advantages of learning to access past lives directly."

The Akashic records are let’s say a technical record of your earth based past lives.

What about bypassing these and gaining direct awareness to your own past earth and other lives directly?

It’s not only possible for you to consciously access your past and past lives directly and independently without reference to the Akashic records it’s actually what I’d recommend that everyone does.

Engaging with & Viewing Past Lives & Past Incarnations Directly

Accessing independently does require that you put in the time and effort to engage with your own inherent abilities that allow you to do this AND spend time learning and gaining experience of how to do this properly.

Why would you do this?

Well, you might do this for any number of reasons.

What are the advantages of Accessing Past Lives & Other Incarnations DIRECTLY?

For example depending on your subtle perceptual abilities and inner sensitivities you have the potential to access yourself in your past directly and learn much more doing this than accessing the Akashic records.

You DO have the potential to gain larger, deeper and more comprehensive understandings of yourself, your issues and your entire past history by accessing your own past directly yourself.

Also, accessing past lives directly independently of the Akashic records is also convenient and much more preferable for the following reasons.

Akashic Records are Localized and Limited to being of you Personally

Your Akashic records are focused on you, in a localized and immediate sense, so it’s not possible for example to switch to any other persons time line and gain larger understanding from the perspective of their time line. All the Akashic records information of yourself is focused on you and you only have permission to access your own records.

You are actually limited in gaining larger perspectives both in terms of yourself and of those you are interacting with and particularly those you are regularly interacting with life time after lifetime because the information is kept localized.

Because you personally cannot access others Akashic records they you’re left trying to gain understandings of what are often complex events while viewing these through the equivalent of Mr Magoo’s eye glasses. It all ends up being as useful as looking through the wrong end of a telescope and seeing just what you can of the immediate landscape while having no means to look or explore over the horizon.

For example in dealing with some entity attachments then by accessing past lives directly I could quickly engage with the main event was well as side events and in fact ALL similar events we ever experienced together. I could also access the being directly to feel what it was feeling, check out if it was lying to me or not all in say less than 10 minutes. Relying on surface presentations of single events is virtually a waste of time as it will rarely give you the complete and HONOURING picture that will enable you to resolve issues with integrity such that all parties are dealt with properly taking into account of all factors.

The other problem with official Akashic record readers is that they work (either directly or indirectly) for the Spiritual Hierarchy (whether they are aware of this or not). As such they are both trained to offer particular interpretations and are passed information and insights during readings that are aligned to and pertinent with regards the often limiting and fearful agendas of the Spiritual Hierarchy itself.

In other words the interpretation of your records and the understandings you are given are filtered through limited perspectives, understandings as well as others political agendas.

Akashic Records don’t Present Inner or Spirit Presentations or Encounters Directly

Unedited Akashic records may very well give you a decent presentation of your physical life, the events you lived through as well as insight into your immediate attitudes, behaviour, feelings and thinking BUT the Akashic records ONLY actually record the ‘physical life presentation’ that is your experience within this earth space.

In this respect they give no hint whatsoever for example of spiritual, subtle energetic being or subtle energetic influences impacting yourself.

They’d not reveal the entity attachments that sabotaged your relationships or the actions taken by spirit guides from a group that you have affiliations to that were stopping you from writing the book you’d started OR no clues of the subtle energetic actions taken against you by say demons or the subtle energetic technologies the Spiritual Hierarchy used to sabotage you from exploring or trying to explore some different or deeper facets of reality.

In other words you get a ‘safe’ and sanitized physical view that may very well show you some difficult past circumstances that is still impacting you now BUT in many cases may be completely devoid of clues as to what may be really responsible as the ACTUAL REAL causes.

Akashic Records are Limited to Earth Past Lives & Incarnations Only

Another advantage of you yourself accessing past lives directly is that you are not limited to just exploring your earth based lives. You can go back much further than this and if you are persistent you might even get back to the very interesting event of you starting to exist within this multiverse as I did.

Also, as you are a projected part of a larger subtle energetic form that is having an independent parallel life outside of this earth space simultaneously to yourself living your lives here then the Akashic records don’t record what is happening to this form of yourself.

So, to find out how this form is living in parallel to yourself you need to engage with it directly particularly at various points down its time line to get a full picture of the environments its been part of and its changing experiences (which will ALSO be impacting you).

Akashic Records may actually not be accurate

The most important reason for accessing your past directly from my point of view is for you to have accurate details to help you more deeply understand how your past might be contributing to problems, difficult circumstances, traumas, out of context, persistent, debilitating or shut down emotions and so on that are part of your current present.

The Akashic records are actually somewhat guaranteed to NOT be accurate and to actually NOT be useful for those accessing for the above reasons.

I’m writing a new series on self exploration with advice and details of how I turned toward and re-engaged with my own subtle senses and perceptions and learnt to use these to pick up amazingly fine details of my own inner states, feelings and emotions as well as eventually past earth and other lives and even of gaining details of others to resolve past life conflicts properly. This series will appear here sometime within the next 6 months.

In the mean time for extensive details of just how subtle energetic people are over a long period of time gradually but very easily managed and controlled though being physically incarnate then read the next page . . .