Akashic Records Offer Illusions, Deceit & Lies

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"Akashic Records; what they are, their origins, accessing and reading them. Understanding 'Life between lives' and future life records. Akashic record history & corruption particularly to support Spiritual Missions, keep hidden Spiritual Hierarchy efforts to erode our subtle abilities, deliberately gift traumatizing earth lives to cause suffering and isolation for some as well as other spiritual atrocities. Plus the extensive listed advantages of learning to access past lives directly."

The Akashic records are another easy way of maintaining illusions and lies by deceitfully duping people into accepting alternate versions of their own earth based past life history.

The Incarnated Physically Embodied Controlled Life Con Game

If you want to manage and control people on a large scale REALLY well then this is what you do;

As a subtle energetic being you learn to engage with the physical strata of reality, you find an ‘appealing’ physical planet and then you and your mates convince other subtle energetic people to incarnate onto your nice, new, shiny and interesting physical world by having their subtle energetic body interfaced to a physical body that they’ll then use as an exploring vehicle.

As a start you make sure that the interfacing does as good a job as possible of orientating each persons senses and perceptions (of all types) as well as possible to the physical environment. Then over time you use whatever hidden means you can (subtle energetic implants, spells, mobile technologies and energies and more) to convince them they are just physical beings and that subtle realities and spirit things are really superstitious nonsense.

Orientate their Senses to Fully Engage with Physical Reality

For any that are more spirit aware, subtly sensitive or worse also investigating or researching ‘nosey’ types then you can use whatever hidden means you can think up to erode or even better control their subtle sensory abilities (read the next page for serious details on these areas). In this way you make it as difficult as possible for people to explore and research both their past and origins (example HERE) or subtle realities so they won’t ever find that their beliefs, attitudes, understandings, behaviours and so on are being well managed and controlled by non physical means.

With peoples beliefs, attitudes, assumptions and particularly their senses becoming more and more orientated and attuned to the physical while having them become less and less sure of anything none physical then it becomes easier and easier to fit anyone with subtle energetic implants (or similar) to manage their beliefs, feelings, attitudes and even behaviours.

It’s unlikely that they’ll ever think about the possibility of themselves being managed and controlled in all sorts of ways either via their subtle energetic body or the subtle energetic realm. Even those that can still access subtle energetic realms will probably not believe that anyone would do this anyway. On the other hand you can find some horrifying examples of just a small selection of behaviour modifying implants HERE.

Block off Direct Access to their Past Lives & Subtle Energetic Origins

To prevent any potential ‘smart arses’ from noticing anything over the longer term then just erase or block off their past physical life memories (more details HERE) and use implants or other means to make it very difficult for them to access their past lives or times before this directly.

You could help this ‘don’t think about the past’ line by advising persistent or aware types that trying to stay in the now or in the present moment is a ‘spiritually’ advanced thing to do (as opposed to it being a great way to have people lose all context of their past history and origins).

Then to REALLY keep things extra safe what you do is have your own substituted version of easily accessible past life recordings that you can edit and change at the drop of a hat. Then you arrange to make sure that as many therapies and psychic readers types access these rather than the real thing.

To help with this even more you could use implants to make certain people very competent past life record readers whom could access on other peoples behalf. You can tell them this is their spiritual mission or soul purpose and or that their ability to do this is a soul gift or some such as these methods of persuasion tend to work quite well.

Having such people able to access on others behalf will help greatly in discouraging many from trying to explore their own past directly particularly if they are doing this to try and understand difficult issues.

Also, don’t forget to describe these past life records in some awesome spiritual way. For example as the;

  • Secret Hall of Records or
  • The Library of Souls or
  • Soul Recordings or
  • What about ‘A gift from Source’ . . .

Because many Earth incarnates seem to be easily impressed with anything described in supposed spiritual or mystical terms.

The Great Spiritual Illusions, Lies and Deceit

Oh yea, and maybe mention that these records are offered as a loving concession or divine gift to help subtle ability eroded earth residents to easily and directly access their past lives because it’s such inspiring propaganda and they never seem to figure out that this is always done to present something suppressive or horrifying as a ‘good thing’. Another detailed ‘horrifying’ example of this tactic being used can be found HERE.

Then all you need to do is use your controlled channelled media light sources (as described HERE and HERE) to encourage people to access these past life records to gain understandings rather than support them to use their own abilities to try and access their past directly. In fact just don’t even mention the possibilities of accessing directly because you want as many people as possible to slip into the belief that they cannot do this themselves anyway or even better that past lives or previous incarnations are nonsense and so anyone trying to do this or actually claiming to do this will be seen as delusional or making things up.

Then as a final ‘Icing on the Population Management cake’ you jam as many people as possible into a positive alignment (as described HERE). If you could manage this it would be a stroke of genius because if anyone tries to tell them what is really going on then they’ll bizarrely immediately label such revelations as negative and make huge efforts to not ever think about these even as a possibility.

Fantastic EH!!

As an super absolute final ‘fail safe’ if any aware, investigating types seem to be at risk of becoming aware of what you are doing or of how you’re doing this or even worse would try and tell others then you can use your exulted position to gift such folks incarnations from hell.

If you’re REALLY clever then you assign them a life that has them revealing something hidden (or trying to) which then causes them severe trauma. For example they are treated unjustly, imprisoned, tortured or even burnt at the stake.

Any trauma debilitates people, causes them to withdraw and shut down and to generally keep to themselves. Severe traumas of any type usually keep people in debilitating feelings; anxiety, fear and even panic attacks as well as depression in their future lives. If the trauma event is specifically due to them finding out something hidden or secret and or revealing this then any time in the future they even think about doing anything similar they’ll be hit by anxiety, fears, panic attacks or have them even feeling or becoming ‘paralysed in life’ thus making it virtually impossible for them to do anything except withdraw.

For an understanding of how much effort the Spiritual Hierarchy have put into managing and degrading our subtle sensory abilities particularly without us finding out then read the next page . . .