Are there records of Between Human Life times & Future Life Records

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"Akashic Records; what they are, their origins, accessing and reading them. Understanding 'Life between lives' and future life records. Akashic record history & corruption particularly to support Spiritual Missions, keep hidden Spiritual Hierarchy efforts to erode our subtle abilities, deliberately gift traumatizing earth lives to cause suffering and isolation for some as well as other spiritual atrocities. Plus the extensive listed advantages of learning to access past lives directly."

As mentioned on the first page here, this earth space isn’t a ‘real’ physical reality. It’s a 3D holographic simulation within which all our interactions are choreographed as we live out a script that represents either in part or in full our entire past from somewhere else.

How you are ‘living again what you always did’ and repeating past and future lives

You could say that we are continuously reliving different parts of a life what the person we are simulating already lived and experienced outside of this earth space.

Our lives here are therefore to a very, VERY large extent pre-defined.

In this sense our past earth lives and of course our future earth lives are all also pre-defined by this script.

What goes on, what happens Between Life times, between each Human Incarnation?

Our times between lives are spent both reviewing our previous life and then based in this ‘review’ we are advised on and spend time defining and preparing for the next life or incarnation. So, we review the last life in terms of what we ‘got’ or learnt from that life and what we didn’t.

So, each future life is planned out before it happens. In effect the main elements of your future life are defined, whom you will interact with and the events and circumstances that are necessary for you to achieve all the goals you are working toward within that life. Your own future life is matched up with others future lives of those whom have scripts that allow them to intersect with your own future life in useful ways.

These people all play out roles in your life in the same way that you are playing out a role with respect to their life too. Some peoples roles are minor while some are major. Some will be playing devils advocate and as such will have roles that require them to present you with ‘difficult’ parts of your life script while others have roles to help you change the outcome of what certain script events bring up particularly with respect to your decisions and choices as well as attitudes and understandings toward these events.

Sometimes you are trying to achieve goals over multiple lives with each life building on the movements you made in the last as you try and take yourself closer to the final outcome or goal in the future.

Are there Akashic records of Future Lives?

It is said that there are Akashic records of our future lives. This is not quite true. If you read the above then how can you have records of a future life where the outcome is NOT determined? There are no records of your future ‘life’, there is a record of a recorded simulation of the ‘best’ outcome with respect to what you want to achieve. So, this is not a record of what will happen this is a recording of what you and those advising you would like to happen.

These future recordings are accessible too but only by people with the authority to do this. These recordings are not accessible with regards the general population as a whole.

Akashic Records of the times Between Lives DO Exist

There are also similar records to the Akashic records that hold records of our times spent between earth lives times although this is generally not known and we are not allowed to openly access these directly anyway. I’d expect that anyone accessing simulation originated records of the between lives times will be accessing a heavily edited version because I’d suspect that the originals would be way too revealing of things others don’t want us to become aware of.

The time spent between lives is actually also still within the presentation of the simulation itself which is why such records of these times exist. The ‘originator’ of spiritual regression for exploring between lives has a site HERE.

For details of how and why some particularly aware and investigating types are manipulated and managed during the life between lives times to be conned into accepting deliberately traumatizing and debilitating lives then read the next page . . .