"Earth as a Simulation Series I: How the New Age movements spiritual sayings are 'correct' for a COPIED population where everyone is 'accurately' living SOMEONE ELSE's LIFE. How 'Confirmation Bias & Cognitive Dissonance' are the deducible 'Fixed Behavior's' a copied population will present BUT, wont figure out because 'software' defined people can easily be managed."

So, if ANY so called ‘spiritual’ or new age sayings failed the big bang, natural laws, evolving through natural selection test then what are the immediate ‘common’ alternate reality possibilities that you could think about as part of a rational evaluation of these ‘claimed’ to be ‘spiritual’ sayings?

HINT: you’ve had three very popular films making one alternate possibility very popular AND you’ve an official rational argument of another very obvious alternate reality possibility.

So, just a little THINKING will make it obvious that the first thing that is likely to come to mind for most people will be a ‘Matrix’ reality (which has real living people interfaced to and being represented by virtual ‘avatars’ within an artificial virtual reality environment) the next most considered alternate reality would be some sort of high quality ‘computer’ simulation project, similar to but way bigger than Sim City for example. A computer program focused simulation project would have entirely simulated ‘virtual’ people living within an entirely artificial, virtual reality environment (in other words each person in a simulation would be ENTIRELY computer generated).

Basically the most common reality types and their most common DIFFERENT ATTRIBUTES of these realities would be:

  1. A ‘real’ reality within which everything arises and unfolds according to natural laws.
  2. A ‘matrix’ reality within which real people are interfaced to an entirely software dependent external VR environment (i.e. there would be the possibility to EASILY influence the external reality presentation).
  3. A ‘simulation’, which describes and would accurately define a ‘copied’ duplicated system within which each copied person would be accurately living out someone else’s already pre-defined life. Each person would be entirely software defined and generated and their life and every single aspect of themselves are likely to be entirely pre-defined by the UPLOADED data of the person they are simulating. Each simulated copied person would be living out an already pre-determined life that would as accurately as possible reflect the life of the person they are a duplicate of.

Now, absolutely anyone and particularly anyone whom claimed to be ‘rational’ and objective could easily, EASILY evaluate the possibilities with respect to just these two commonly known about alternate ‘reality’ configurations AND in so doing they could determine if either of these reality types actually functioned in a way that ‘worryingly’ might actually actually turn out to validate the bizarre so called ‘spiritual’ sayings we are specifically questioning and querying here.

Interestingly, if you do a google search for ‘Matrix reality’ then you’ll have returned about 300 million pages while if you do a search for ‘simulation argument’ or ‘simulated reality’ they you’ll get around 10 million pages returned for each of these. In other words there are ‘rather a lot’ of pages speculating about these possibilities.

Despite this being the case I’ve never found any page discussing ‘alternate’ reality possibilities that actually points out the OBVIOUS differences as I have done in the above list. In other words all discussions of these possibilities absolutely all mysteriously lack absolutely all of the basic foundation information and even ‘definitions’ that absolutely anyone discussing such possibilities would need to provide just to have a basic ‘foundation’ stating guidelines. Even more mysterious is that this is the case AND NO ONE NOTICES. Without basic starting information you actually don’t have ANY basis for any ‘rational’ discussion, based on already commonly ‘KNOWN’ attributes of these realities. This, likely explains why all sites that I’ve personally perused pretty much all present FANTASTICAL PIE IN THE SKY ‘hypothetical’ possibilities completely ungrounded and a million miles away from obvious fundamental basics already know common knowledge about these reality types.

How to Evaluate the Functioning of Different Alternate Reality Possibilities to Appraise Spiritual Truths

With so many pages indicating the interest in such possibilities coupled with ourselves living in an age where it’s imagined we are driven by ‘rational and objective’ thinking and REASONED evaluations then you would imagine that ‘someone’, and at least one person ‘somewhere’ here absolutely must have subjected the characteristics of both of these two reality possibilities to critical evaluations with respect to these ‘superstitious’ new age so called spiritual sayings.

You would AT THE VERY LEAST imagine that just one of the 310 million web page writers would have already done this particularly when a fair proportion of the writers of these pages are apparently questioning the possibility that we are in some sort of Matrix or a simulation?

You would also imagine that a super rational, objective person who’d be an expert at making critical, reasoned evaluations such as an ‘academic’ or scientist would have already done this too because to NOT DO THIS would be seriously odd.

For them NOT TO HAVE ALREADY DONE THIS would be particularly the case when you’ve two well known artificial reality alternatives AND such an evaluation would just require a teensy-weensy bit of time and patience and THINKING to carry out and NOTHING ELSE.

Amazingly, no, NMR machine or any other expensive equipment would be needed. All you would need to do is to spend a bit of time using some OLD FASHIONED BRAIN POWER such that through reasoned evaluation you would be able to confirm that these saying are REALLY superstitious nonsense and or irrational bullshit . . . OR . . . NOT . . .

So, just for fun, let’s evaluate the characteristics and possibilities of a simulated reality so that we might then be able to see if any of these so called spiritual sayings would actually describe any of the specific characteristics of a simulated reality that we manage to become consciously aware of because we’ve spent some time doing what seems to be ‘impossible’ which is of just THINKING about these possibilities?

Do you reading this know what a ‘simulation’ actually is?

As you will need to know what a simulation is to properly and rationally evaluate our list of so called ‘spiritual’ sayings then, let me start by giving you some definitions of the word ‘Simulation’.

What Information would be Required to Evaluate New Age Sayings & so called Spiritual Truths with respect to Different Alternate Reality Possibilities?

You’ll need to have some definitions and also some basic understandings of how a simulation project would function and particularly one trying to simulate an entire world of self aware, free thinking people before you can even become aware of typical characteristics . . .

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