"Earth as a Simulation Series 2: Are we simulated copies of people? How, slowing down technological development in your simulation will get around the potential recursive building sims in a sim glitch problems. However, an accurately simulated population will STILL present specific experiences, despite that the technologies these experiences depend on DON'T YET exist (immersive VR experiences for example). This series presents evidence of anomalous 'missing technology' experiences & evidence of obscuration of these & evidence that the simulation we are in was built in the last few decades."

I’ll remind you yet again that on previous pages I showed that a large number of commonly used New Age sayings all very nicely describe the characteristics and attributes of a simulated copied reality simulating copied people that is a ‘project’.

This means that the new age people are actually describing the characteristics & attributes of a simulation project.

How could this be possible?

Under what circumstances would it be possible for a sub population of our world to be unconsciously describing and relating to the attributes of a simulated reality as a simulation project while THINKING and being convinced that what they are all engaging with relates to spiritual realities and subtle realms?

Have a THINK about the following . . .

‘IF’ we are in a simulation then in a technical sense it’s virtual immersive ness and the quality of moment by moment detail and accuracy is not only superb, it is way beyond anything we are currently capable of achieving ourselves.

‘IF’ we are in a simulation then the people that put such a simulation project together simply must be way more advanced in technology terms compared to ourselves.

‘IF’ we are in a simulation then the people that put such a simulation project together simply must have had very, VERY advanced virtual reality technologies which will be orders of magnitude way more advanced compared to what we ourselves have now.

The bottom line is that ‘IF’ we are in a simulation then to put something of this quality together the people that built it must themselves have had commonly available high quality fully immersive virtual environments.

They must have had these technologies in common use as a basic minimum for them have been able to engineer and build what we are in here ‘IF’ we are in a simulation.

So, ‘IF’ they did commonly have virtual reality technologies then what would their society have been like with these technologies?

What Quality of Virtual Reality Technologies would the Builders of a Full World Simulation Have Had?

Well, rather than these people having the internet and the web they would have had a virtual net.

So, rather than them just having a computer with graphics card and monitor to access the internet they’d have a seriously powerful computer with a virtual reality card and a virtual interfacing suit to access a virtual net.

The population that built this simulation would have had a virtual net and they would been engaging with each other in virtual environments with which they’d likely each be presented as an avatar to others. With such technologies commonly available, it would be very likely that they’d be using their virtual net to access various virtual environments, virtual chat rooms and virtual forums and so on.

They are ALSO likely to be accessing these virtual spaces as often as each of ourselves here use the internet now.

To the population that designed and built our simulation it would have been normal to have virtual meetings, virtual conferences as well as interactive virtual help and support. It is likely that many people would belong to virtual discussion groups and virtual special interest groups.

While interfaced to the virtual net they would also engage with and interact with both real and computer generated ‘help, support, advisor and educator’ people as part of what their virtual net would have offered . . .

Spend a few minutes trying to become aware of how having access to such an advanced virtual net setup would impact YOU ‘IF’ we had this quality of virtual access commonly available here . . .

I want you reading this to try and imagine what it would be like for someone that would be regularly using very advanced virtual reality rendering hardware and software and whom would be regularly accessing virtual spaces and virtual realities within which they’d be having regular virtual experiences interacting with others while within many different virtual environments?

I want you to spend some time now imagining what this would be like . . .

Now, as the new age people appear to unconsciously know ‘rather a lot’ about the characteristics of a simulated reality then just for fun I want you to imagine that they are actually the ‘earth simulation projects’ supporters population.

What Quality & Scale of Virtual Reality Experiences would the Builders of a Full World Simulation Have Had?

I want you reading this to try and imagine what the virtual experiences would be common for an ‘earth as a simulation’ supporter that is involved with and avidly following a project that would not only be utilising the most advanced virtual reality rendering hardware and software imaginable BUT which would also be offering the absolute best in virtual net access and virtual experiences for the members of their earth simulation projects official affiliated supporters club?

Take some time now to consider what their virtual experiences would be like before you read the next page . . .

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