Spiritual Ring Pass knots . . .

Our deeper explorations have shown that many spiritual paths hold to strong (and quite limiting) beliefs and assumptions which automatically negate a true and open movement. Some examples;

“You are everything”

Some paths have as a belief or basic assumption that “You are everything”. So logically then everything must be available to you all the time and therefore you really should be able to access anything that exists or do anything that has been done before. If this was true we would all have been doing this for a long time and in fact be doing this NOW. Look around you – THIS IS NOT TRUE.

Everything is unfolding as it should be

Another comfort blanket is that everything is unfolding as it should be and we are all just exactly where we should be, doing exactly what we should be doing? So, how does this fit in with freewill then? What choices do you then have? Does this not imply that we merely puppets jumping to some puppet master? This belief is great for those terrified of making mistakes or others who are too timid to take hold of the wheel to drive themselves and stand in self responsibility.

You are love. We are all love. God is love.

You are love. We are all love. God is love. We would have to say again – look around you – THIS IS NOT TRUE. If it was and there was only love then creation would only present this – it would simply not be able to present anything else other than this. So, DOES IT? NO.


If this is true then ALL THAT YOU ARE would be here now. So, if you can be convinced that you are this then there cannot be anything other than what you are here now and hence there is no need to explore for anything else. Is this not just another belief that discourages exploration, enquiry, curiosity?

That a path IS IT, that it is the ONE

That a path IS IT, that it is the ONE. Well again that means that any incentive to look beyond what ever this path offers is lost, and with that so are you? I have been involved in many different spiritual paths in previous existences (and some in this one) so as I connect with a path, then surprise, surprise it resonates with me WOW. But this is not because it is right for me or because it is “THE ONE” or “THE TRUTH”, it is simply because it is familiar, tried and tested route for myself and as such it is nothing more that another more difficult ring pass knot that is keeping me tied to the past. We are all doing this and unfortunately the more we repeat the same involvement the more familiar and comfortable it feels leading you to be more strongly convinced that this MUST BE REALLY, REALLY IT. When did feeling comfortable (no matter how difficult it is to become part of) become associated with spiritual growth?

A Spiritual Path endows protection?

Another great one that is regularly used to hit myself over the head with is this; when you are on a true spiritual path and you’re following your guidance and intuition then everything works out for you, no nasty things happen, you are protected, your life unfolds wonderfully. This is what happens when people serve an authority in exchange for protection and a comfort blanket lifestyle. This is an easy alternative to developing your own authority and results from a combination of avoidance, insecurity and inability to confront. There is no spirituality in this and no growth AT ALL, despite people feeling useful and at times wonderful.

You can rely on your intuition?

When you deeply connect with your intuition you can rely on it as a solid guide. Unfortunately this is another fantasy. You intuition bleeds through from what you are open to connecting to within ALL THAT YOU ARE. As a starter, many are blocking off parts that are too difficult or that they cannot accept. Secondly your intuition comes from within you, it is a guide based on ALL THAT YOU KNOW. It is not a guide with respect to ALL THAT IS POSSIBLE. So, if you choose to move beyond ALL THAT YOU KNOW, your intuition will be at a loss because it has no experience of where you are heading and secondly as many of us keep to tried and tested ‘Safe’ routes then often the new direction will be deemed unsafe intuitively presenting you with another difficult ring pass knot. In other words moving beyond yourself into something truly new will conflict with your intuition. If you don’t understand this and prepare for it then your intuition will bomb you out from exploring new possibilities beyond ALL THAT YOU ARE. In other words it is NOT EASY.