Daily Experience of ‘Light Force’ Attacks & the Spiritual Dark Side?

We present this page as we have been a little shocked at the level of interference we have been experiencing from all sorts of levels intent on preventing us from truly standing in ourselves and presenting all that we really know.

We should explain that we are in a continuous process with ourselves and each other. We are moving on all the time, each day brings us something new within ourselves to either resolve, integrate, realize and so on. However for the last 3-4 years there has been a steady and increasing rise in “In the MOMENT” interference which has absolutely nothing to do with what we need to resolve, but is entirely to do with what we have the potential to present.

Aggressive attacks by Light Forces and the so called Spiritual?

At the present time this level of direct interference in our daily lives and ‘attacks’ has risen such that it takes more energy and effort to deal with compared to anything else we do.

None of this is due to so called dark forces. ALL, and we really mean ALL of these attacks come from the higher representation of established and popular so called spiritual paths ALL spiritual hierarchy aligned.

Experience of Daily attacks by many different Light ‘Alightned’ Spiritual & Healing Paths

For example; over the last 4 weeks we have dealt with at least six different attacks of this type. The last week this has been constant and particularly debilitating.

This latest originated from the guardian of the Spiritual Paths offered in Asia. It would seem that when this guardian was employed they forgot to tell it about letting go, detachment and love – we are not seeing any? It is not interested in dialogue (very few are) all it is interested in is to protect it’s interests at all costs and with no reference whatsoever to the values that represent what it is actually protecting.

No Change or New Perspectives are Allowed

We asked it how much had what it is protecting changed or moved in the last 10,000 years. Less than 1% was the eventual reply. When we talked to it, it agreed with all we said about what we were doing but at the end of the day it’s sole aim seems to be to protect it’s paths from a loss of followers. In other words it has no interest in facilitating its followers to greater levels of self freedom, different levels of awareness and so on. It just wants to protect the status quo.

EVERYTHING is done to Maintain the Spiritual, healing and lightwork Status Quo

Unfortunately this is par for the course as far as we are concerned. We now see so called spiritual paths as no better (or worse) than religions or science. They offer little if anything original. There is a general feeling in their presentation that whatever a particular path offers there is nothing better than this. Although we threw out ascended masters many years ago when we found that they represented more or less a closed circle club, we are now finding the same to be true of so called spiritual paths and associated masters and gurus too. Either you are with them as a follower, not interested or if you have the potential to present something completely different and possibly more encompassing then you are considered a threatening competitor and dealt with accordingly.

The Spiritual Hierarchy policy to prevent Research into the Origins of Negative Issues

We could understand if we were talking about politics or science (very competitive) but spiritual paths? A few years ago we had some Beings turning up when I was working with people together as a group. They were amused and aghast – “What . . . . you are going to try and bring this approach here – to this planet . . . . . nobody has managed it before – can we watch?”.

We were a little taken back and confused by these comments then but we are beginning to understand what they meant by this now.

We can say that it took us a while to really come to terms with this source of interference.

The shock of finding out how bad the assumed ‘LIGHT’ and Spiritually good ‘REALLY’ are!!!

We were completely shocked and appalled the first time we positively identified such an attack. Now a few years down the line we are no less shocked. Just what do you have to do here to bring something new? It is difficult enough going through your own deep transformation process let alone have to watch your back all the time for daggers from Beings that you would think either should know better or be supportive. Here are some examples

We are being blocked from settling, and establishing a home for ourselves

We have been trying to get trees for our land for the last 18 months, we placed an order with one supplier 10 months ago and we are still waiting. Another company gave us prices but then when we came to place an order they were increased 8 fold especially for us? At another place we talked to a really friendly guy about what we wanted. We returned two weeks later to make an order and were a little shocked when we were totally ignored by the same person for 40 minutes while others were served in preference – we left. Plants we plant on the land die (when they should not). We understand that there is a relationship between us creating new growth on our land and rooting ourselves here and hence there is a desperate attempt to stop this process. The above is only a small selection of what we have experienced, there was plenty causing problems with us building our house and getting people to work with us to do this too.

We are being Sabotaged in our Communications, and we are being keeping kept isolated

Most of the time for the last year we have an average of 10 problems each time (yes each time) we attempt to send or receive e-mails or access the internet. Everything from computer failing, phone not working, dial in’s fail, isp not available (we have 3 isp’s and at times they all fail) and power failures. We could fill pages here with different combinations.

Everything possible was being done to isolate us, to prevent us from presenting what we were finding never mind trying to stop us from working with clients or of making a living . . . all instigated and organised by so called divine beings no less.

For a whole series of pages on such attacks in VERY worrying detail then read; Subtle ‘Management’ of Negative Life Issue Causes.