The truth and THE TRUTH?

The TRUTH is another area that confuses us. People following religions seem to feel that they have the truth while everyone else is a little off, scientists seems to think the same about what they do and different spiritual approaches give the same impression too.

What REALLY is the truth?

For example;

  • If you are a Christian then your truth is that homosexuality is an abomination in the eyes of god. If you are homosexual here then you are an outcast and a spiritual no hoper.
  • If you are a homosexual Native American then you are a two spirited person and treated with great reverence and have a much valued position in their society.
  • If you are a homosexual seeker of god consciousness then your little self is of no consequence, it does not matter.

Another example;

  • If you are in touch with the beyond with any beings except angels then you are courting with demons are lost and need exorcising as far as Christians are concerned.
  • If on the other hand you are a lightworker then the demons turn out to be divine beings and should be trusted implicitly.
  • And to the seeker of god consciousness this is just another area of Maya or illusion and is of no importance.

OK, we have picked some very obvious contradictions here but nevertheless each position above would be very strongly defended by each party as the truth. What is considered the truth to one human is it seems another humans poison. Each of the above examples is considered to be a representation of spirituality within the context of each belief system presented.

Manifesting Separation?

So, how can this be? Well we feel that if you actually do create your own reality (which by direct experience works for us) then you will make your beliefs come true in that manifestation and hence they will confirm themselves as the truth. So the possibility is that you create the truth that you want to have. If this is the case then in reality there may be no in the moment TRUTH only that you can manifest your own.

Now if this is true, then spiritual paths are in one sense an illusion and nothing more than a manifestation of one persons vision of the truth which is then believed and recycled (and hence reinforced – hey so it must be really really true).

We feel that this may even apply to the awareness achieved within God Consciousness. That is, if you want to make this your truth then fair enough. When you have a focus to look for the truth then what can you expect to manifest? Can you do this without having either your own ideas or someone else’s imposed on that movement and exploration? If you cannot do this then you will be taken to a certain outcome which will best represent the truth to you.

What would it be like to have NO truth?

What would spiritual paths be like if they said that they would move you into truthlessness? Could you handle this? They do say that you have to step into the unknown, but what about stepping into a truth less unknown? What would that leave you to hang onto – possibly nothing but yourself.

Hey, but then you would actually have to have yourself to do that? Could it be that if you actually really really do have ALL OF YOURSELF then you don’t need to rely on knowing something NOT EVEN THE TRUTH?

What if everything presented so far is either wrong or severely limited?

These contradictions are partially what caused us to forge our own exploring approach. We were becoming increasingly aware of not only these major contradictions but the more important subtle ones. So, we asked the difficult question – what if everything presented so far is either wrong or severely limited. What if all that is considered spiritual is just ideas, made personally true through manifestation? How can we go past this?

Well, if you can use your focusing power of intent to manifest confirmations of whatever truth you believe in then can you not use the same creative potential to manifest a reality that can show you all your illusions.

So, this is what we did . . . .

We asked with all our focus, will and intent for us to see all our limited understandings, all our illusions, all our faulty ideas, all our belief systems, all our limited knowings and so on.

We asked to be moved beyond all these limitations and we asked to be given everything that we needed to make this happen and that was preventing us from achieving unity or wholeness or balance within ALL THAT WE ARE.

We also asked to be taken beyond all assumptions, all our preconceptions, all our expectations all of the time so that we could escape from these loops and we asked that this be done without any exceptions and without any compromises.

In other words we were saying – “We don’t know”, let us see what really is, show us our illusions (whether we will be happy about what we find or not) and this is all of our illusions including those that relate to so called spiritual paths – take us beyond what has so far been presented.

So, what happened when we did this? In the past, on this level we have been attracted to certain truths or paths while others don’t resonate at all. We became aware that in previous existences we had the same or similar tendencies. Now as we were also resolving limitations with ALL PARTS OF ALL THAT WE ARE, then we just kept going looking at ALL THAT WE CONTAIN.

Although most of you wont believe this, for each of us, our human lives are telling us about the limitations our souls hold. Unfortunately these limitations include what is presented as spiritual paths here. These are representations of what our soul is attracted to and following where it exists at the highest levels. In other words the same contradictions are present there as here, in some form, the same paths are presented there, the same spiritual truths are argued over and so on. There is nothing inherently limiting in the human experience that you are not experiencing as a limitation in your soul at soul level.