Limits of “Being in the Moment”?

Why the means you use to achieve ‘Being in the moment’ will effect the quality and extent of the outcome.

In our experience, your soul is like a very long multi-coloured set of Christmas tree lights. Each light represents a soul form or part of yourself living in a different environment, dimension, society and so on. Now, by and large you have energy connections between your different parts. For some people these interactions are more obvious while for others less so. Often, these connections bring with them irritations that restrict your expression and limit your choice both here and elsewhere.

Being ‘in the moment’ limits awareness

These irritations are representative of traumas, issues, challenges, restrictions and limitations that bleed through from the original existences into others where they manifest to varying degrees including here.

These irritations are very important (again from our perspective) as they provide you not only with subtle (or not so subtle) information about other parts of WHO YOU ARE but they also provide entry points to gain access to these other parts so that you may for example begin a more thorough exploration and take steps to resolve these irritations at their origin.

What defines the quality of the current moment?

These irritations cause difficulties to ‘living in the moment’ as they are very effective (at least in this reality) at pulling you out of the moment. They can be viewed as parts of yourself wanting something resolved. However many approaches to being in the moment are intent on using focusing and other means to suppress the irritations to achieve this goal.

You can take a larger perspective approach and resolve the irritations, so that you no longer have them or you can take the ‘little self is useless approach’ and try and discard, ignore or suppress them so that you can create a ‘living in the moment’ sanctuary untouched by these disturbances. With a strong intent, will and desire (or someone else’s guiding you) you will certainly get your reality to manifest this movement and eventually make it true (I know I have). However, this is done through force and control rather than cooperation and understanding between your own parts.

We are not saying that it is either right or wrong – as nothing is. We are only saying that there are possibly routes that will lead to much greater achievements within ALL THAT YOU ARE rather than just the little bit here and that these possibilities are well worth considering. Perhaps PROPERLY dealing with everything that might be taking you out of the moment will end up you having a greater quality current moment without having to do anything such as trying to force yourself to BE in the current moment?

Been there and done that . . . made no difference!

For example during my own explorations within ALL THAT I AM I came across a dozen or so parts of myself that had achieved this ‘living in the moment’ state. We (these parts and I) discussed between ourselves this state and for example why it’s effect beyond that existence was so limited with regards ALL THAT WE ARE when so much is made of it. All these parts agreed that it was worth the effort to achieve this focus but that most were disappointed that it’s influence was not broader. As they had all taken an approach that diminished, discard or suppressed the little self and it’s irritations then why should success in ‘being in the moment’ within a particular existence have any impact beyond that existence when no effort has been made to include or even explore what is beyond?

It should be understood that you have huge and vast resources of experience, knowledge, information, wisdom, knowings and so on held within and spread throughout ALL THAT YOU ARE. At the very least, it could be said that had I had the capability of multidimensional access that I now enjoy after living just the first existence focusing on achieving ‘being in the moment’ then I may have saved myself the bother of taking exactly the same approach at least 14 other times. That is to say that an exploration of what some call perceptual phenomena can provide you with insights to help you make decisions that will facilitate you to take a more effective approach.

It would certainly have made me aware that achieving something in one life did NOT result in that achievement being passed to the next. How many lifetimes may you have been trying and achieving YET AGAIN a being in the moment or ‘other’ spiritual state . . . . YET AGAIN . . . .

The striving for the ‘the natural’ enigma

As an aside does it not strike people as odd how much continuous effort some have to put in just to stay balanced, never mind that we are brainwashed to think that certain ‘balanced’ states are natural . . . while the contradiction of having to strive for something that is inherently considered ‘natural’ to ourselves seems to escape many peoples awareness or even attention. Breathing is natural and so does not need to be strived for . . . it’s therefore pretty obvious that anything that requires ‘something’ to be DONE to be achieved is NOT NATURAL. If this sinks in then there just might be a slight possibility that you may be able to consider the possibility that perhaps we are being led up the garden path?

So, we remind you that perhaps there are other possibilities beyond what are taken as accepted ‘fact’ within certain spiritual circles and that combining multidimensional awareness, an intent and willingness for internal cooperation, understanding and unity and access to the whole sweep of knowledge and experience THAT IS YOU gives you much more insight than you can ever imagine possible. Of course approaches that disparage the so called little self and who view perceptual phenomenon as little more than “stories” would have a heart attack at this suggestion.

How about engaging the little self

We would recommend that you consider the possibility that you can master the little self and that listening to what it is trying to tell you ABOUT YOU will perhaps be much more useful as a means of achieving spiritually grow compared to approaches that will try to annihilate, control or suppress it.

Why should you even try and achieve a state of ‘Being in the Moment’?

With the experience we have now we feel that there is a possibility that trying to ‘Be in the Moment’ could actually be the opposite of why you are choosing to be here.

Perhaps for example maybe ‘being out of the moment’ is part of being here?

Part of the process as we gradually access and merge with all parts of ourselves on all levels is that we can feel directly what the environment is like that the currently merging part of ourselves inhabits. When this part is from a much higher energy level then we can often feel for example the flowingness, wholeness and ‘being in the moment’ ness that is inherent with that environment. In other words, in some (if not all) higher environments you are automatically in the flow / moment / feeling whole and connected whether YOU WANT TO BE OR NOT and WHETHER YOU HAVE THESE QUALITIES AS PART OF YOUR SOUL OR NOT. In other words these states are a direct function of the parameters of that environment and you don’t have to do anything to be in these states you just are in them. In fact you would have to work extremely hard to achieve even a temporary ‘Out of the moment’ state.

Something for you to think about!!!

We discuss this elsewhere from one angle so lets give you another angle here. Quantum particles are considered to be in two states, a particle state and a wave state. The particle you could say represents the physical or material and the wave you could say represents the emotional or spiritual.

Scientists have a problem; They can zero in on a quantum as a particle and know exactly where it is, but then they cannot evaluate the direction it was coming from or where it is headed. On the other hand when they step back and get a picture through time then they can tell you its direction and how fast it is travelling but not its exact position.

In the same way, if you live in the moment then you are focused on that point and in so doing you are not encumbered by what has happened in your past or what might happen in the future. But does this mean that you have left your past behind? Or may it mean that you are just focusing that data out? If you are living in the moment you are in effect trying to reduce the impact of information from the past or the possibilities of the future. In other words you are reducing your information base. So, you are not dealing with your past you are just taking a route that allows you to ignore it and possibly bypass its effects. For us being ‘out of the moment’ means that you have the opportunity to evaluate more information to explore along the lines of the past and future. If you do this as we have you then have the opportunity to become aware of what is influencing you from the past that has been effecting all your futures. Dealing with it in your past directly and correctly frees you from this. Focusing in the moment is like parting the red sea as long as you keep doing it then everything will be ok, but for us it is still a means of avoidance and contraction rather than a means of growth. It is for many easier to focus on a moment rather than look at the moments that are driving them to take this extreme.

What advantages are their to being OUT OF THE MOMENT?

This earth environment has time, and it has space. Things are therefore separated in both a time sense and a space sense. We also have lots of other parameters that help keep us to be MORE self aware because we are NOT stuck in a little trapped moment.

In other words this environment is designed to keep us out of the moment, out of the flow rather than in it. If this is the case then why should we try and achieve states that are a) an inherent part of our existence on others levels such that they are impossible not to achieve and b) extremely difficult here?

We could say that trying to ‘Be in the Moment’ is actually going against the flow of this reality. So, why would you pick to live in a reality which is completely out of the flow? How would this benefit you? Well if you are ‘out of the moments’ or ‘out of the flow’ then this actually allows you the opportunity to see a bigger range of moments and what you are like in these moments. In other words being ‘Out of the flow’ gives you the opportunity (should you take it) of seeing more of yourself and what you are really like (in other words your limitations).

If you are STUCK in the NOW moment without a CHOICE of living any other way then you have little or NO possibility to evaluate what of your PAST that is as yet STILL unresolved may be impacting the quality of your current present NOW . . . it therefore seems very odd that many put a huge amount of effort into trying to ignore or orientate away from the negativity, the irritations, the worries and other debilitations of their past when this is what we could NOT do on so called higher levels AND which was preventing them/you/us from identifying what was happening in their past, what decision they made AND WHAT WAS DONE that might be responsible for their increasing difficulties in the current present, never mind that this was one of MAIN reasons why they/you/I designed and built this environment so as to NEGATE this debilitating and enforced ‘In the moment state’.

This out of the flow state was something that beings on higher levels not only WOULD have given their right arm to experience BUT actually DID and they are YOU and you are here NOW. You are now in the environment that gives you the ability to step out of the flow you cannot really see WHO YOU ARE or what is responsible for impacting you and therefore you don’t even have a starting point to understand yourself and your limitations never mind actually being able to do something about them. Unfortunately it seems like 99.9993529% of you are doing exactly the same again and completely negating the value of being here which can be summed up as . . . identify and SORT YOUR SHIT OUT rather than try and run away from or ignore it!!!!