Spiritual Myths & New Age Contradictions

A determined and focused drive motivated without preconceptions, assumptions or expectations to explore the possibilities of moving beyond limits and beliefs rather than moving towards a defined ‘something’ results in an eye for spiritual contradictions, inconsistencies and really, real illusions. Lets explore some of these now;

“You are love. We are all love. God is love. There is nothing but love.”

If this is true and there was only love then creation could only present this – it would be impossible to present anything else other than this. So, DOES IT? We would have to say again – look around you – IS THIS TRUE?

[ There are soul cultures at soul level who live by this philosophy, they use means to suppress what they consider the negative or ‘not of love’ within these cultures, those here subscribing to the same beliefs are those who have soul forms within these cultures. In our terms these beings are just repeating the same pattern here as you are there. ]

“Everything is unfolding as it should be and we are all just exactly where we should be, doing exactly what we should be doing?”

So, how does this fit in with freewill then? What real choices do you then have? Does this not imply that we are merely puppets jumping to some puppet master?

[ This belief is great for those terrified of making mistakes or others who are too timid to take hold of the wheel to drive themselves and their life and stand in self responsibility. Also this is a debilitating belief, which automatically negates any exploration beyond itself. It is not a useful paradigm, but a very limiting one. ]

“When you are on a true spiritual path and you’re following your guidance and intuition then everything works out for you, no nasty things happen, you are protected, your life unfolds wonderfully.”

This is a magnificent one that is regularly used to hit myself over the head with. This belief is taken on when people serve an authority in exchange for protection and a comfort blanket lifestyle. “I work for the ascended masters and they will look after me”? Really? What about you looking after yourself? What about you actually growing so that you can stand in your own authority? Doing this is of course a much more difficult alternative to developing your own authority and results from a combination of avoidance, insecurity and inability to confront. There is no true spirituality in this and no growth AT ALL, despite people feeling useful and sometimes wonderful.

“You are everything. You are all.”

If this were true then everything must be available to you all the time and therefore you really should be able to access anything that exists or do anything that has been done before. If this was true we would all have been doing this for a very long time and in fact be doing this NOW. Have a look around you or even a look at yourself – IS THIS TRUE?

[ It is true that there are substrates of creation that allow you to feel as if you are ‘Everything’. But you only feel this when you access this layer unless you make a huge effort to hold this in your lets say dynamic life. Now if you have tried a path in a human past life or in a higher level existence – soul level lets say, then you like me may know that this is true because you have some memory (conscious or not) of achieving it. This results in a WOW connection, maybe from feeling at home or other inner resonance factors which of course can easily convince you that this then must be ‘the way’. Unfortunately this for many is just getting them to do what they have done before yet again? Now if you limit yourself to human consciousness or just see yourself as a human then, yes, this may feel like a step in the right direction. BUT! What if you push beyond (your intuition or what your guidance advises for example?) and become aware of other existences on a broad scale? Perhaps you may then appreciate how many long term repeating patterns you live by, including the repetition of what you consider spiritual paths too. ]

“We are all following he path that is exactly right for us.”

This ties in too with not making judgements. In other words – don’t criticize anyone. Does this not also arise from the assumption that your really not capable of understanding what is going on too – so perhaps don’t even try. That god does – so we should just trust. Is this not just a circular trail – in truth leading no where except to dis-empowerment?

“There is nothing new in all of creation.”

This can seem very plausible at least when you have subscribed to a particular set of beliefs about spirituality. If there was nothing new in all of creation then creation would . . . well . . . in fact . . . . not be creation. Creation is by it’s very nature newly unfolding all the time, with a potential for new possibilities all the time. We feel that this statement particularly when it comes from what is considered a source of spiritual authority is really saying – “look guys, our path has it sown up you don’t need or it is a waste of time looking for something new as there isn’t anything so you might as well stick to the old tried and tested (read; tired and arrested?) approaches”. We would describe this as spiritual blackmail.

“That a path IS IT, that it is the ONE.”

Well again that means that any incentive to look beyond what ever this path offers is lost, and with that so are you? I have been involved in many different spiritual paths in previous existences (and some in this one) so as I connect with a path, then surprise, surprise it resonates with me FANTASTIC. But this is not because it is right for me or because it is “THE ONE” or “THE TRUTH”, it is simply because it is familiar, tried and tested route for myself and as such it is nothing more than another more difficult ring pass knot that is keeping me tied to the past, to what I am rather than what I have the potential to be. We are all doing this, every lightworker, energy worker, postal worker, baker and tinker there is no difference between them in terms of making new movements as none are. The more we repeat the same involvement existence after existence the more familiar and comfortable it feels which for most people leads them to be even more strongly convinced that this MUST BE REALLY, REALLY IT. Realizing that you in this life are stepping into what you have done in many other existences past or parallel should not be cause for celebration or jubilations but cause for serious re-evaluation. Doing what you have been doing many times before is not a sign of spiritual progress but of repetition and stagnation. It is in fact a sign that you are well and truly stuck.

“When you deeply connect with your intuition you can rely on it as a solid guide.”

Your intuition bleeds through from what you are open to connecting to within ALL THAT YOU ARE. As a starter, many are blocking off parts that are too difficult or that they cannot accept. Secondly it is easy to be fed information as though it is from your intuition when rather it is coming from beings who would prefer you keep thinking this. Thirdly even if your intuition is very clear, it is only a guide based on ALL THAT YOU KNOW. It is certainly not a guide with respect to ALL THAT IS POSSIBLE. So, if you choose to move beyond ALL THAT YOU KNOW, your intuition will be at a loss because it has no experience of where you are heading and secondly as many of us keep to tried and tested ‘within our boundaries safe’ routes then a truly new direction will be deemed unsafe intuitively presenting you with another very difficult ring pass knot to negotiate. In other words moving beyond yourself into something truly new will conflict with your intuition. If you don’t understand this and prepare for it then your intuition will stop you from exploring new possibilities beyond ALL THAT YOU ARE and it will do this TIME and TIME AGAIN. In other words your intuition is brilliant to keep you aligned with your past but it is not a guide to trust that can take you beyond this.

“As a human you are not evolved and must bow to your higher self and other recognized evolved masters and to do otherwise is to be lost to the ego and stuck in human incarnations.”

From our experience now, many paths presented here are representations of paths from soul level. The same ideas about God consciousness, masters, reality as an illusion and so on are presented at these higher levels as they are here. We now know that your soul forms and higher self (if you actually have one) are no wiser or more advanced or more even aware or intelligent by and large than you are here. The assumption that there is a progression of consciousness, low here and better higher up is from our experience completely wrong. In fact there is actually much more potential wisdom to be found here. Think about this; the same people who find that they have an angel or Sirian or Alpha Centurion part often still think either of themselves in human terms or else they take on the limiting belief that they must be here to educate and helps those that are obviously just mere humans when they aren’t. So, let us make it clear – ALL here are multidimensional, all here are at this very moment are walking on many other worlds on many different levels and doing pretty much what they are doing here.

“The ultimate is to resolve your Karma, ascend and in so doing release yourself from the cycle of death and re-birth on earth.”

We now know that this reality here is designed to help you see what is limiting not just you as a human but that it has the capacity to help you see and change ALL that is within your soul in its entirety. If you do the hard work necessary you can merge with all that makes up your soul and then re-orientate and change it completely. To exit by any other means is a failure. Karma helps present through you with the issues, blocks and limits that are held in your soul form. It is not about evolving as a human but about you here evolving your soul. It is not about healing as a human but to use this reality to learn how to access, heal and change ALL THAT YOU ARE everywhere. To just heal the human or even the Projected Soul Form form will not change the imperative that was seeded when you chose to enter here and as such the issues, traumas, limits that remain within your soul will simply keep presenting themselves through your human and other Projected Soul Form forms and worse your itself soul until you deal with them at their TRUE point of origin. This it seem to us is the only true point of being here.

“You are here to see that life is an illusion?”

There are some paths that are dedicated to confirming this and they feel that the aim of being here is to see this illusion. Some questions come to mind again. Why would you come to such a difficult place if the sole reason was to only see that it is an illusion – what would be the point? There is also an underlying assumption from the point of view of this paradigm that an illusion has no value. When people have connected to the times between lives for example the emphasis is not on this reality being an illusion but other things. So, what do people mean when they say illusion? In the context of earth, Is this not just another way of saying that it is a designed reality? That it has certain rules, physicality for example and lots of constraints, that you interface as spirit through a body. Would we not choose to come here because it had some very definite value? For those of us who have access to other realities then we would also have to say “So what?” as in our experience many of these other realities are no less “artificial” than the one we have here. Is this just not another way or excuse to not live life fully here. Again, if your doing this here or attracted to doing this here then understand that in all possibility your probably doing exactly the same in many other existences too.

“God Consciousness is the ultimate goal as a human?”

Ignore the little self and work to enter the substrate of creation where everything will obviously feel at one, be intimately connected, whole and completely in balance. Bliss. I can see the value in this as I can remember doing it in quite a few past lives. Nice exercise, but pity about the depth. This is said by some to be the ultimate in evolution and what we are here for? But it is not simply an approach that pushes aside the distractions to allow you to tune into the frequency of creation where all arises. Turning yourself into the equivalent of a receiver. Well you can tune yourself to the consciousness of a plant or animal or yourself as a Sirian or Angel or feel what the solar logos is like. Is this not perhaps just a function of consciousness? For us, we consider this path an escape and no more than a type of dedicated and deep remote viewing that can only be achieved by shutting out what will interfere with the achievement of this state of awareness. Another question – “If this is a balanced and ‘whole’ approach and the ultimate in human evolution then why do so many masters and gurus die from cancer and heart problems.”

For us true spirituality is about growth and change. Creation or ALL THAT IS is about movement, unfolding (i.e. change). Spiritual paths should therefore be about a continuous exploring, a continuous movement. A true spiritual path should be facilitating people to openly explore on their own to bring completely new changes in awareness, consciousness and it’s expression in this reality.

When was the last time you heard of a new path that was offering something completely different, that had no end point, that was not about taking you somewhere others had already gone, but was about preparing you to go where others had not?

Most of what seems to be happening as part of the so called new age is that people are either being drawn to the old (lets say out of date) spiritual paths or others that are no more than the old re-cycled to look like something new. It seems that by and large the “new” age is a contradiction as it seems to have little or nothing new to say or present spiritually. We feel that the “new” age should be just that “NEW” and that people should be aware of the possibility that “new” should also include a new spirituality that is more encompassing, more integral and beyond what has been offered so far.

So, we ask the question bluntly; “If the spiritual paths that have been tried and tested for so long were in any way about moving people into an encompassing freedom and happiness then would we not all have made that movement and be living in an integrative, honouring, respectful and joyful world NOW?” Spirituality at the present time (and for a very long time before) has been about teachers issuing certificates to people who successfully complete their courses. Where are the teachers who are teaching people to create new courses, new integrative ways of living and being, that encompasses the whole form, the individual, the soul, all families, all communities, all societies and which honours and supports new movements, new explorations and new presentations and which includes the little selves, higher selves and multidimensional soul selves?