What about a Life choice?

Here are some more things that confuse us about spiritual paths.

Although we understand that they present paradoxes / contradictions we would like to be able to separate out the contradictions that arise through increased awareness of dualities for example as compared to contradictions that are well . . . just plain old contradictions. For example;

If spiritual growth occurs as the result of dismissing, suppressing or controlling the little self then what level of growth does the little self enjoy?

If spiritual growth comes through either control or suppression of emotions or self expression then what level of freedom does your self expression and emotions have?

If a liberated state can only be maintained by continuing ‘out of the moment’ practices such as meditation then just how liberated are you?

We feel that there is some dichotomy in the spiritual traditions that explore different states of awareness. Here, there has been a tendency to honour the soul and spirit at the expense of who we are here. That is, the aim or outcome of these spiritual traditions seem to be at the expense of living a human life or of even feeling. However, as we are here packaged in this human form then may there not be a significant reason for this?

When exploring what is offered by many accepted spiritual traditions we are left with the feeling that this is only half of the story and that there is possibly a more integrative approach that is not as dismissive of existence here.

We feel that this is possibly the time to facilitate a more rounded spirituality that includes honouring the parts living here too and perhaps parts living in other places.