Spiritual Hierarchy Blocks Research of Issue Origins

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"The Sabotages & Blocks that arise when FULLY Orientating Toward & Seriously Investigating the Deeper, Subtle & Past Origins of Difficult, Negative & Traumatic Life & Personal Issues . . . "

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During the time that we (as a group) had the ‘encounter’ as described on the previous page we were working with many different spirit teams that represented different soul level cultures (out side of this ‘earth’ space).

You could say that these soul cultures had come together and initiated a collective ‘spiritual’ mission to find ways of facilitating change within their home cultures.

As at this time we had virtually exhausted trying to find the real or underlying causes of our issues by exploring the 100’s and 1000’s of past earth lives then this was a fantastic opportunity to explore our ‘past’ beyond this earth space.

Exploring Soul Cultures; our lives on other Worlds, other Planets

So, in this phase we found ourselves working with a total of 2,000 small groups, each group averaged about 15 ‘people’ whom represented a different world, planet and or culture within this multiverse. In all these teams comprised 30,000 individuals.

We worked with these beings / people for about 2 years which was a great opportunity not only to broaden our understandings of many different peoples particular of different origins NOT limited by this earth space but also to explore our affiliations and connections with these worlds and cultures never mind that this allowed us to engage with any debilitating issues that we had that ORIGINATED from these cultures.

So, I personally had a grand time working with such a diverse set of groups and people particularly as there was much ‘equality’ in how we related and worked together. It was a breath of fresh air working so openly, without any limiting agenda (or so it seemed) . . .

However, after about two years rather than just the 4 week build up of ‘light’ being attacks trying to stop our movement we found ourselves experiencing continuous consistent blocking. It takes a little time to catch on that the brakes are being applied covertly by some beings from some of the soul cultures that some of our spirit team colleagues had originated from. So, we have a chat with those doing this and they tell us that we have in a sense completed what this collection of soul cultures wanted to achieve and so it is time to wind down.

So, basically this big multicultural ‘cooperating’ presentation has defined boundaries, that once again explorations and investigations are only allowed within contained limits and although once again we have learnt a great deal with these people AND we have identified issues this far back BUT addressing these issues STILL does NOT have much impact. So, just before this ‘blocking’ phase we had been considering and discussing and had been trying to investigate BEYOND these soul cultures again to find the origins of our STILL NOT resolved issues . . . which is probably what triggered the breaking interventions!

Spiritual Stance Blocks Explorations into Debilitating Life Issues

From our perspective the time to wind down is when we have identified the origins of all of our issues and have dealt with these such that we are completely released from them with no carry over and as this is definitely not the case then we are still pushing on looking for their origins. We assume, that as finding the origins of our issues seems RATHER important as a prerequisite to resolving them then these others will appreciate this. BUT NO.

So, we end up over a two week period having to interview and say good bye to many of these groups whom I’d expect felt compelled to align with their worlds ‘authorities’ and the original limiting and bounded ‘agenda’.

We were disappointed to find that although some of these beings do decide to stay and work with us (in alignment with what WE state we want to do) it turned out that many had been told to do this and to sabotage our progress. In the end we tell them that it is their choice for them to do what they wish to do and we don’t want to stop them from doing what is right for them but we do insist that we have the right to do what is right for us. Freewill and all that. The result of this is that we end up with a pitiful 10 beings out of the original 30,000 whom are ‘free’ enough in themselves to join us.

All of this was ‘political’ as we were also seriously attacked by representatives from some of these groups soul culture worlds whom were very intent on blocking any movement and investigations beyond certain boundaries.

As these ‘levels’ in so called ‘spiritual’ terms represent the ‘highest’ then the contradictions offered here are quite astounding?

So, we move on from this disappointing fiasco but within a week we once again start to experience the same type of blocking which of course we start to investigate . . . . .

Spiritual Hierarchy stands AGAINST Research into Negative Issue Origins

We were horrified to find that the Spiritual Hierarchy itself was the cause of new blocking. It was a surreal and bizarre experience to have (amongst others) Archangel Michael and Gabriel turning up and displaying disapproval, disappointment and anger when they had once been very close and trusted friends.

All this blocking was because I was taking a dedicated line to understand and resolve a whole set of debilitating personal issues that I REALLY SERIOUSLY wanted resolved. These included;

  • Being in permanent background fear / anxiety, (from mid teens I spent half my adult life in various fear, anxiety, paralysis and terror symptoms with no explanation or reason with respect to my life circumstances.
  • I had No feeling response in interactive situations (in other words DEAD feelings).
  • No or little heart feelings – my heart DID NOT WORK – it was very much blocked. This was one of the main things I wanted to RESOLVE, there were times when I was demanding to have my full heart back.
  • I was not aware of sleeping – I did not in my terms really sleep.
  • I was very withdrawn, introverted and unsociable.
  • Virtually always (in the background) on ‘edge’ with unsettled, urgent, inner franticness.
  • I had internal allergic reactions to ‘authority or officials’ which I could not understand.
  • Automatic (without awareness) avoidance of unbalanced or crazy! people (people on drugs, drunk or actively distressing others).
  • My sexuality was almost completely switched off, even through my late teens AND I wasn’t bothered about this. (All decidedly abnormal if you ask me?).

Spiritual Master St Germaine has the Decency to be Embarrassed

We made many petitions to those in charge of the spiritual hierarchy which was led by St. Germaine during this period. None of these beings EVER answered our questions, they never explained why they were taking this position. The only being whom showed ANYTHING was St. Germaine himself whom at least had the decency to actually be EMBARRASSED by this whole affair.

In one confrontation during this time I actually listed my issues and asked WHY they were still haunting me . . . in response they actually told me I’d finished dealing with these . . . they even attempted to present a red carpet and have a fan fair . . . like . . . ‘WELL DONE’ . . . well, I have to admit that I used to be naïve but this version of the ‘Kings New Clothes’ to put it bluntly was a little too TRANSPARENT never mind insulting . . .

Would YOU be happy with the above set of shit issues ESPECIALLY as you’ve been becoming aware of how many lifetimes you’ve been in these AND how many different things you’ve ALREADY tried in MANY past lives . . . to have these appearing again AND AGAIN . . .

Particularly when you’ve studied, trained in and or seriously used (just in this lifetime) many approaches as a means to better understand your issues never mind in attempts to resolve them. These included;

yoga, an enlightenment path, homeopathy, re-birthing, polarity therapy, reflexology, psycho-synthesis, kinesiology, crystal therapy, mind machines, meditation, chanting, essences, nlp, primal therapy, hypnotherapy, shiatsu, acupressure, acupuncture, I-ching, dowsing, counselling, spiritual healing, reiki, bio-energy, sacred space work

. . . to name but some . . . . .

I really do want to impress on anyone reading this that this is NOT something I’ve been doing ‘casually’, when the blocking incidents I describe here happened I’ve already spent about 18 years SERIOUSLY trying to understand never mind attempting to resolve these debilitating issues.

The Bottom & Decidedly Sad ‘Spiritual’ line . . .

The Spiritual Hierarchy DON’T want anyone ‘looking’ deeper, they don’t want anyone investigating or researching subtle energies, the origins of issues . . . and apparently my freewill right which IS actually part of the ‘constitution’ of this ‘earth’ space turns out to be window dressing too. It’s only applicable ‘apparently’ if you make the right choices which turn out to be the choices that THEY WANT YOU TO MAKE . . . else they’ll make every effort to stamp on you . . .

There are some ‘pertinent’ questions that come to mind here;

WHY don’t they want anyone investigating the origins of issues?

WHY don’t they want anyone seriously looking at our energy bodies?

WHY do they want ALL of us convinced that we ALREADY have effective tools and to never deeply question when these tools don’t do the job?

Which will be answered on the following pages . . .