How Etheric Implants bind you to Limiting ‘Spiritual’ Beliefs & Dogmas

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"The Sabotages & Blocks that arise when FULLY Orientating Toward & Seriously Investigating the Deeper, Subtle & Past Origins of Difficult, Negative & Traumatic Life & Personal Issues . . . "

A year or so after the confrontation with St Germain and the Spiritual Hierarchy whom made every effort to stop us trying to resolve our debilitating issues (read previous page) one of the members of the same group found a subtle energy implant device or what you’d understand as a negative etheric implant.

She named what she’d found the ‘truth resistant thought field implant’.

How Negative Implants Bind you to Spiritual Beliefs & Make you Feel & Believe they are Completely TRUE

This diabolical implant specifically acts to prevent people from taking in or engaging with any current REAL‘truth’.

On tracking down and confronting the beings that had installed these implants, they told us things that we found SERIOUSLY difficult to come to terms with.

What we found seriously bizarre was that the beings whom installed these claimed that;

  • This device was installed within EVERYONE working with the Spiritual Hierarchy (which is basically EVERYONE incarnate here) and even WORSE . .
  • That this device was installed on behalf and under contract for the Spiritual Hierarchy ITSELF.

Brainwashing Mind Controlling Implants Installed on the ORDERS of the Spiritual Hierarchy

This turned out to be completely true but as you’re probably finding yourself this we found to be completely mind boggling and totally disturbing?

As I myself held the Spiritual Hierarchy as those whom I ‘assumed’ would be promoting and presenting the REALLY REAL truth then I found myself repeatedly shocked by these types of revelations that not only indicated that this supposition was not only NOT correct of itself BUT that over time I was forced to come to the shattering conclusion that they are actually . . .


Since the time I became aware of this dreadful implant I’ve been finding more implants doing MORE dreadful things that are ALSO specifically put into lightworkers courtesy of the Spiritual Hierarchy.

How the Spiritual Hierarchies Dogmas are Maintained

Unfortunately there turn out to be so many of these that I’m having to write a separate section which will be the next article series presented here exposing exactly how the Spiritual Hierarchy manages and controls lightworkers and light dogmas using an amazing range of sophisticated and networked subtle technology implants.