Perspectives on Soul Qualities & Attributes

Here we explore the concept of soul qualities, their importance and limitations and why perhaps there is a need to expand on the qualities that our soul currently exhibits.

Background regarding Qualities of the Soul.

Within the awareness, light work and spiritual growth areas, we are often referred to soul qualities. We may be told about some of our soul qualities, perhaps which ones you are here to manifest at this time and so on. Often this information provided me with more understanding of myself which also perhaps helped me encompass more of WHO I AM at that time.

On the other hand I have to ask the question. Why does your soul have qualities in the first place. Many awareness, spiritual paths and spiritual growth presentations often say (directly or otherwise) that your soul is perfect, whole, complete, in balance. The paradox is – if your soul has qualities? Must it not then, function better within certain niches, environments, roles and situation rather than others? If so, it is NOT therefore able to fit perfectly into every niche? Perhaps if our soul were able to exhibit by free choice, any or all attributes (or qualities) equally in the moment, rather than rely on the ones it was presented with at its creation then it would (in these terms) be approaching this presented concept of perfection.

Are Soul Attributes always Positive?

We tend to assume, and a lot of what is written maintains and encourages this limited understanding that soul ‘qualities’ are positive. For example many books that touch on the soul have lists (even mine does) that only present positive qualities; Gentleness, Wisdom, Integrity, Acceptance, Patience, Serenity, Compassion, Peace, Sensitivity, Transformation, Responsibility, Letting Go, Receptivity, Truth, Courage, Balance, Joyfulness, Self Reflection, Spontaneity, Unconditional Love, Playfulness, Honour. But hang on a minute, if source or god holds everything then why have we been supplied with only positive qualities?

If souls were only supplied with positive qualities then they would have no concepts of and present no experience of negative qualities and hence all within (and without) source would be a presentation of positive qualities. As this is obviously not so then why is there no discussion or presentation of negative soul qualities? Are we so insecure as souls that we cannot even acknowledge or even allow for the possibility of the existence of soul negativity? So, lets list some possible negative soul attributes; Naiveté, Unquestioning, Idolization, Servility, Overconfidence, Gullibility, Controlling, Closed, Dogmatic, Bigoted, Superiority, Intolerant, Fearfulness, Dishonesty, Suspicion, Carelessness, Revengeful, Dogmatic, Deceitful, Critical, Disruptiveness, Chaotic, Disassociation, Hurtful, Anxious, Dullness, Avoidance, Stagnation, Tedious. . .

Are you getting the picture here? As most people are a mixture of the positive and negative then why are we just talking about positive soul qualities. Why is there such a huge block to even discussing the negative attributes of the soul? It seems that there is a general belief that a soul only has positive qualities and that any negative presentations are an aberration and nothing to do with the soul.

Perhaps if you bury your head deep enough you will suddenly and miraculously become hugely positive? This time is about change and change can only happen to the level that people are willing to look at themselves, the deeper the look the greater the change, but also the bigger the shock. If you cannot change what you are not even willing to look at then why is so much of healing, energy and lightwork avoiding the areas that are simply so rich in potential growth and change?

Now, having explored myself to sometimes very grim depths I understand that even all assumed positive soul qualities are also not so positive. So, for example my qualities of dogged determination, the ability to exhort a huge focus and perfectionism are very helpful (actually extremely so) in the exploration of myself. On the other hand, whatever I focus on takes precedence (becomes larger) in my life and other things become insignificant (like day to day living for example) which is the down side of this ‘quality’. Being perfectionist also tends to make me see others as stupid or slow or careless or uncreative which is not helpful at times either.

With regards negative soul qualities. I have found that my soul includes qualities of anxiety, worry over future possibilities, difficulty in connecting deeply with people (and this is ‘people’ on all levels and within all existences), some disassociation, isolation, critical of others and some superiority. It is a blessing to be aware of these and to know that these are from soul levels as I now know I have to effect changes at that level directly as anything less than this will be a waste of time and result in nothing more than a surface presentation rather than a core change.

Getting a Balance?

For me the presentation of information about soul qualities is often trying to be positively positive (naive) rather than being realistic (reality based or more truth full). I can see that for some people a ‘nice’ positive picture will be very empowering and help them to move more into themselves. However for others this presentation is keeping them trapped and or confused simply because it is perhaps not as close to the truth as they could now handle. We feel that many people starting on a spiritual path wanting greater awareness of themselves should work to cultivate self security, confidence, focus, determination and self acceptance, as these attributes will very much help you when you start to look deeply at what your soul really holds?

Having dealt with all my misalignments picked up as part of my soul’s exploration of different environments I am now at the point of standing deeply in my full soul form with (by and large) all my aspects working together to unify on all levels. This time has me exhibiting contradictions as on the one hand I am feeling quite complete, whole and content while on the other I am becoming aware that standing fully in my soul qualities is NOT unifying. I am comfortably exhibiting all of my soul qualities including anxiety and worry over future outcomes and being slight stand offish to others as well as other more enamouring qualities. So, I am very strongly exhibiting all of my soul qualities or attributes, you could say soul personality. I am aware, that they are intimate and inseparable parts of WHO I AM as a soul. I am also being made aware that at this point in the game to achieve full balance and to stand in UNITY that ALL of my soul qualities are a burden. They are keeping me out of balance.

Re-designing your soul? Is it possible?

It is at this point now that I speak of re-designing the soul. I am moving away from all the soul qualities that I have relied on to get me this far while at the same time encouraging myself to encompass the opposite (to achieve a balance). So, I am choosing to letting go of my intense focus so, that I may allow something else to arise. I am choosing to not worry or be anxious about future outcomes. I am choosing to re-create my soul with a greater degree of balance and wholeness, greater possibilities and options to effect a new and much different soul presentation – in fact a different soul. These changes are being made on all levels and all existences that I currently inhabit and reside within – no aspect of me will remain untouched by this new movement.