What are the Limits of Intuition?

Here we present you with our experience regarding intuition. We give you some approaches to help you get in touch with your own and we discuss the challenges we encountered with regards our intuition in various phases of our unfolding as we move beyond limits and into freedom. What we present here may shock some of those who accept and work with their intuition at face value.

What is intuition?

It is the inner feelings that guide you in your life. These have nothing to do with emotional feelings that tell you what you feel regarding situations or relationships in your human form. Your emotions for example can be telling you that you are very attracted to someone, that you really like them and that you would really enjoy becoming involved and close to them while your intuition can be telling you NO WAY – BACK OFF. Intuitive feelings by and large come from the larger, inner parts of yourself that you in some way have access too.

How can I develop my intuition

Many people are either not in touch with their intuition or are only partially in touch. Intuitive feelings are often subtle and fine, so if your life is very chaotic and busy with no room for you to give yourself some quite, personal and quality time then you will probably find your intuition difficult if not impossible to recognize. so, the first thing you need to do is give yourself some quality relaxing time. The second thing you need to do is learn to focus inwards. That is to become aware of what is happening inside of yourself. Most people don’t do this. They take the body as a sophisticated machine where as in reality it is the portal to your inner world. So, the first thing you must do is decide to get in touch with your inner worlds and find out what is happening there. Feel what you are feeling in different parts of your body, just breathe and BE. What are you feeling in your abdomen area? Your chest? Your upper legs? Is there tension, sadness, confusion? Is there nothing? Often there is nothing if you don’t want to feel? So, then ask yourself why you don’t want to feel?

We recommend that you take 20 minutes each morning and each evening and playfully explore what is happening inside of yourself and why? This takes practice and for some courage? Give yourself six weeks at least to do this. You could get a book on meditation and use a meditation approach that puts you in touch with yourself. Do not use an approach that dismisses your body or anything else.

What is the source of intuition?

From our experience, intuition initially comes from the soul form parts of yourself that you are closest too? So, for example it is likely that the soul form that initiated and projected a part of itself into this human form is where your intuition comes from. Now, as this form sent you here with a particular agenda in mind then most of your intuition will be trying to keep you in alignment with this agenda, helping you to complete it? As we have said elsewhere there are some huge contradictions in viewing higher selves / aspects as all knowing and all wise when they project you here to help them resolve limitations and restrictions. To understand more about this then read the article; Higher self, higher selves or something else?.

On the other hand if you don’t trust yourself, are not confident about your capabilities or means of find solutions then you may not be open to access a higher aspect at all rather you may be relying on spirit guidance instead (which is fair enough, I was like this when I started). You should therefore understand that guidance may be using your intuitive channels to pass on information either because you cannot allow yourself anything else or your spirit guidance wants you to become dependent on itself. We feel that this is a very dangerous position to take, as you then have the possibility of being a servant or slave to your guidance.

Different levels of Intuition

  1. You can be completely out of touch with your inner communication and have no intuition.
  2. You can have intuition that comes from and or supports you to follow something or someone else. That is your intuition will be helping you go somewhere through a focus that is outside of your current self. This focus could come from so called spiritual guidance, higher self or on this level a spiritual master and so on and is for the most part driven by their agendas and affiliations and not your own (even when you make the choice to follow another’s path).
  3. Intuition that comes from you taking full responsibility for your path and your own decisions in forging that path. Here the primary focus is from yourself. Secondary focus will come from those YOU select as people who can support and help you in a movement that you define and initiate. That is they are helping or guiding you because have have recruited them based on what you want (not on what they want or their ‘path’ or their ‘masters’ agenda..
  4. A deeper intuition arises as you merge with, integrate and transmute more and more of the various types of soul fragments as well as lost astral and entity forms (ALL described in this article series; ALL About Soul Fragments & Energy Body Depletion). As you recover these and hence beyond their limitations and their issues of separation (which themselves at times cause intuitive conflict and misrepresentation) then you will achieve a deeper level of communion, integration and wholeness within yourself.

Where will your Intuition take you?

It will (up to a point) take you in alignment with the focus of what you want. If you don’t particularly have a focus or what you do have is not strong then it may well be that your orientation comes from the higher aspect that projected you here or if this is not the case perhaps spirit guidance. We should also say that most people (and we mean most – so have a think about this in relation to yourself) have poor focus and are directly (through following someone else’s path) having their intuition influenced by their dependence on someone else’s focus and will to take them somewhere. People who resolutely follow the guidance of someone or something else simply have not done the basic growing necessary to reach a secure enough space in themselves to make their own decisions and take responsibility for themselves. In these cases your primary concern should be on becoming secure and confident enough to do this. Meaning that this should then become your primary focus.

Is Your ‘Guidance’ empowering yourself or NOT?

We are amazed at the number of people who are lost to their guidance. Why do most people working with beings in spirit have the bizarrely naive idea that this guidance has their absolute best interests at heart when this is, most of the time simply not true? I painted my room pink because St. Germaine told me too. I am going on holiday because Archangel Michael told me I should. Guidance is supposed to be just that. It IS NOT AND WAS NEVER SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT SOMEONE TELLING YOU WHAT YOU SHOULD OR SHOULD NOT DO IN YOUR LIFE? How is someone else telling you what you should do in your life going to help you become secure enough to make your own decisions so that YOU CAN LIVE YOUR OWN!! If guidance has your best interests at heart, then it should be offering you different ways of looking at things, new perspectives, new ideas, different ways of thinking. A best interest at heart guide should be helping you to leave your comfort zones and be supporting you to move into uncomfortable areas. In other words, it should have an agenda to help you grow. The problem is that you attract what you want and most people want comfort and security supplied rather than to actually do the hard graft that results in them being comfortable and secure no matter in what situation they find themselves.

A strong and persistent focus will by and large have your intuition taking you in that direction. A weak, part time focus can have other things happening. When you have a very strong focus with regards soul transformation at soul level (which is not human or Projected Soul Form level) then it is important that you understand that at times you cannot even trust your intuition. More on this now.

What are the limits of our Intuition?

Well, as with other areas of this site we find ourselves giving information that flies in the face of what is normally presented and accepted. From our discussion above, we talk about the limitations held within one soul form part. However, what about the limitations that are held within more than one soul form or that are a deep part of all forms of your soul. Well, for those who are pushing their boundaries and openly exploring a range of soul forms, then you quickly come to understand that limitations are often very broadly spread through your soul and the only way that your soul is going to be free of them is to deal with them in their entirety and not just in one soul form part as this will still leave the others wanting. As this is what we are doing then we have found that this causes confusion with regards your intuition.

Basically as you connect to more and more parts, which have different ideas, agendas, understandings and options for solutions or worse options for running away then your intuition cannot be relied on to take you where you want to go?

We have experienced accessing parts (which then have access to us) that are for example frightened of the transformation process or who do not understand how limited they are, or who see what we are doing as a threat to their status quo (which we are) and so on, and so on. The wishes / fears / limitations of these soul forms then come through via your intuition and they can very easily present you with very convincing intuition that will take you into a backwater – safe for them and debilitating for YOU and hence ALL THAT YOU ARE. We simply cannot overstate how difficult these areas are.

This is why we say that you can only trust your own focus and determination to make a movement, this will force creation to provide you with all that you need to support this movement, which in this case will be information by other means that will contradict your intuition to help you make a choice that honours what you want.

This is where trusting in your process and yourself is very important, and therefore developing the security and self confidence to do this is required – which of course takes time, perseverance and courage.