About Lightwork

Here we describe lightwork, the limited information we have concerning it origins, and what the differences are between lightwork and SoulWork.

What is lightwork for lightworkers?

Lightwork is about moving into the light which is considered the divine. In an overall sense it is believed to take you back home in part of an ascension process – to re-unite you with what you really are. This is loosely described as Christ Consciousness, love, compassion, the God Source.

It focuses on activating light bodies and raising awareness (of the light). It uses energy healing to facilitate this and to transmute or cleanse the shadows, pain, suffering, karma and all that is considered negative.

The aim of lightwork is to bring you fulfilment, joy, inner peace, wholeness, balance, health and the process is considered the next stage in human evolution a movement into higher dimensions a release from pain, suffering, karma, rebirth and death.

You are considered an ego here, and to evolve by this path you must learn to trust in this process and completely surrender to your guides and masters, who are considered well versed in this process and will guide you through it.

Followers of this process call themselves lightworkers, whose job it is to hold the light and basically get others to become connected to the light and become part of the same process. They can be described as missionaries of the light spreading this process here.

The process is described as love, being love. It is often said that “You are love and there is nothing but love.”

Lightwork compared . . .

For us Lightwork seems to be a multidimensional version of Christianity in many ways. Lets look at this now:-

Surrendering to God or to the word of God or the representatives of God seems to be one. Priests are the representatives of God in Christianity and various ascended masters and other beings for lightwork. There is a parallel in the hierarchy too. We would ask. Where in this are you responsible for you? Where in this are you facilitated to stand in your own authority so that you can look God in the eye as an equal?

Your not supposed to question the authority held by those that represent God. You are supposed to do what you are told unquestioningly. We would ask. How does this empower you to stand for yourself?

Your sins are wiped away by God during confession, you don’t need to do anything else – it is done for you. In lightwork the emphasis of the energies is to take people into love, feeling nice, rather than getting people to look at and take responsibility for themselves. If you don’t have to deeply look at what you do, at what you hold within you, then how can you own it. If you don’t own something of yourself then you cannot change it. If something else takes this opportunity away from you then what value have you gained for yourself?

[ Here is an example – a lightworker workshop where in 6 hours you get 13 years worth of nice evolution where your part is, it seems to just turn up. Where is the self-exploration? When do you have to make decisions? When do you directly face anything and resolve it yourself? Only when you do this do you own it (own yourself)? Assuming that others are doing this for you is not only a dangerous and misleading assumption, from our perspective this also completely the opposite of self-empowerment. ]

You can pray to God to ask for what you want or in lightwork you can call upon your angel or ascended master to beam you love or to resolve your problems, release you from difficult circumstances and so on. We would say here – feed someone a fish and you feed them for a day – teach someone to fish and you feed them for a lifetime.

If you are good then you will go to heaven within the religious framework. While lightworkers get to go home and or reunite with God or source which seems to us to be just another version of heaven.

We can cautiously agree that if everyone is more loving, cooperates with others, is honest, of integrity, respects others, is compassionate and caring then yes everyone would get on much better and lives would be much improved. However for people to achieve this means that they need to look at what is stopping them from being like this. Assuming you want to partake of this set of beliefs then this requires self-reflection at the very least plus a willingness to make the desired changes. Neither of the approaches described above promotes this. The most you can hope for is a nice overcoat presentation leaving the shadows and deepest scars unknown, untouched and unresolved.

The planetary transformation process as we see it?

Well, here we are going to give you some areas to think about.

Firstly lets us say that our recent investigations of soul level cultures brought us to the realization that what pass for beliefs on this human level are in fact translated or presented here because they are part of the beliefs held by cultures and societies at soul level.

Concepts, beliefs and approaches including god, the divine, spiritual paths, religions, Christianity, philosophies and so on are here not because they have arisen as part of human culture, but because this reality is designed to mirror soul level as best it can and so it does. As above so below. The macrocosm reflects the microcosm.

In simple terms it mirrors soul level realities so that the soul (or ALL THAT YOU ARE) can be helped to change by the conscious experience and proactive movements made by the Projected Soul Form in this reality here. This requires that the Projected Soul Form let go of all beliefs and all types of limits to become at one with ALL THAT IT IS to make such changes within the soul at soul level. You then, no matter what you think or feel or believe are not insignificant in any way at all. On the contrary, you have the potential to sit in the driving seat of your soul, take it through itself and then way beyond into completely uncharted terrain. YOU are your souls hope to help it evolve. If you are here as a human now then it is because your soul is stuck, lost, traumatized and or misguided in some way and you have the potential and the opportunity to move it on.

So, as part of this soul facilitation process, you are placed into lives and situations here that are as similar as possible with regards what your soul has experienced at soul level. You are helped to do this because this reality is designed to help you more easily see yourself and can through this amplification and repetition be aware of the patterns you are caught up in and the limiting beliefs you hold to (AS A SOUL) and so on.

In this life now, during this phase or earth’s cycle we are all being presented with everything that we hold to that is a limitation within ALL THAT WE ARE. This is done to allow us to re-live our soul limits as intensely as possible to help us understand what it is our souls desperately need to change and move on from. This is what we are all doing here. So, no matter what you are doing or how good you think it is or how spiritual you feel you are, NO MATTER WHAT IT IS, it is actually part of YOUR limitation, and is not part of the solution for YOU at this TIME.

We have found that for 49 out of 50 people, their life as a human this time reflects the main components of their life as a soul at the highest soul levels. In particular and significantly your childhood here strongly parallels your soul childhood. This is because this phase now is presenting you with as much information as it can about your soul to facilitate a wake up call and an exploration of ALL THAT YOU ARE so that you can move yourself and your soul beyond debilitating limitations.

Soul environments are much more flowing and in the moment than here and they have a much reduced capacity to mirror and present the soul with itself making it difficult for a soul to see what it is like. This does not help a soul to see what it needs to change or to increase lets say its wholeness.

Identifying and moving beyond the limits of your soul self is very hard to do, as you are moved into areas that ALL THAT YOU ARE has absolutely no experience of. This movement is counter intuitive, counter feeling and therefore often very uncomfortable. If you feel that you are becoming yourself, are stepping into yourself or that you are actually authentically being yourself then you are still within what you know and are still living your limits. This is so no matter which path you are part of or what masters you work for or how connected you feel to god or the divine or even how good you feel.

Here on earth, we are told that humans are not very evolved, that there are many more spiritual levels, higher energies and beings. Well we have found soul levels to be very like here in terms of interactions, limitations, feelings, beliefs. Many soul level environments themselves may be indescribable in human terms but relationships are relationships and limitations are limitations which ever level they are from. One myth we would like to shatter is the use of the term “higher” to mean more evolved when all it really means is a different environment and energy presentation. So, for example your higher self is no more advanced than you. We found out recently that higher selves are Projected Soul Forms that have a cut down specification compared to you (as a Projected Soul Form) and they hold less information of your complete soul than you do. (This is done so that the higher self can be dedicated to supporting without having the distracting limitations that you have).

Contrary to what is presented here. In terms of what your soul is like on higher levels, you are neither more nor less evolved than your soul. You are neither more nor less spiritual than your soul and you are neither better nor worse than your soul. You have as a minimum the same potential capacity as your Higher Self (and often more). The only thing stopping you from equaling it and surpassing it is YOU, your beliefs, your lack of confidence, your insistence that you stay small and tethered to what is outside and NOT of yourself. Your insistence on giving others authority, power and command over YOURSELF. Your insistence on not taking responsibility for YOU, for ALL OF YOU. As long as you assume you are small, as long as you assume you have no power, as long as you assume you have no say then what exactly is YOUR reality going to create FOR YOU?

So, on higher levels your soul may be feeling small in terms of the concept is has of god, it may be waiting for some almighty being to come and save it, or more evolved beings to come so that it may follow them. Loops within loops within loops. Is it not time to get out of them?

The origins of Earth and lightwork.

We very recently came into contact with Sananda at soul level. To be honest when we started exploring this line I was somewhat “sceptical” – oh god not ascended masters again? It therefore came as a little eye opener to find a very open Being, focused and enquiring. Nothing like the ascended master lightworkers access at Projected Soul Form levels.

This being / energy was concerned about why things at soul level were not changing? Why was there so much suffering, pain, misunderstanding, confusion and a lack of interest in evolution and growth (NOTE – This is at soul level – it has nothing to do with here, nor does it have anything to do with ascended masters).

There was / is a group of soul level beings that are concerned with trying to change this of which the Soul level Sananda is one. Part of the outcome of that concern was the commissioning of Earth.

We see Earth as designed to put people / beings / souls more in touch with themselves, to help them see who they are, to amplify imbalances, to present limits that help focus attention on the self. Karma is a means to keep throwing the Projected Soul Form back on itself – to amplify what is held in the Projected Soul Form here that represents the soul. The game then is to not try and escape Karma but to use it to the best advantage. Like for example, seeing what it is presenting you with and then do something about it.

Earth was engineered to provide a long cycle of phases to help Projected Soul Forms gain the experience and understanding required to eventually help the soul itself change (as there seems to be problems in doing this at soul level).

The Projected Soul Form (the bit that is YOU here from your soul) would hold the parameters of the soul but reflect, mirror and amplify these to help the Projected Soul Form (YOU here) understand itself and in so doing then automatically have a deeper understanding of the soul than the soul does. A Projected Soul Form is used as it is dispensable, it can die, it is much easier (despite what you think) to transmute trauma, suffering and pain here. So, that what happens to it here will not greatly impact or traumatize the soul further.

Here you do not have a direct connection with your soul. Part of the parameters of this reality is that you are sealed off, isolated. Most of the time, your soul here does not have access to you and you don’t have access to it. You are a Projected Soul Form. This is a cut down version of the complete soul representing about 100,000th of what the soul is. The best analogy is that you are like a conscious probe working in deep cover within an artificial environment on behalf of the soul to facilitate it in the ultimate mission to help the soul itself evolve. In this artificial reality, you live out the same dramas as your soul, you suffer the same traumas, you play out the same solutions, you take on the same beliefs and the same attitudes you are born in similar environments, you have parents with similar attitudes as your soul parents, you re-experience what your soul has experienced through out its history. You are trained to act your soul, to understand (either consciously or not) what your soul does, what solutions it chooses to difficult circumstances and why. What survival strategies to traumatic and difficult situations it falls back on. You then become a repository of high quality, amplified information of what your soul is like, what it avoids, what beliefs it holds to and why. In a phase such as we are having now you have the opportunity to reconnect with “ALL THAT YOUR SOUL IS”. You expand beyond the limits of this artificial reality and begin to link to, integrate with and become ALL THAT YOU ARE as a preliminary to changing ALL THAT YOU ARE.

So, during one phase of the cycle (strangely enough, this life now) it is possible for the Projected Soul Form to progressively re-connect with ALL THAT IT IS (All that makes up YOU everywhere). As it re-connects and merges with the higher soul forms and aspects it can then choose to use this human form and situations in this life now to change the patterns of the soul by changing them here. Thus helping the soul to move on from its limitations, restrictions, beliefs and traumas. The Projected Soul Form must in fact be in charge of this process.

For us, the ultimate possibility of the planetary process happening now is about evolving your complete soul. It requires that you find ALL OF YOURSELF. To do this effectively requires that you make ABSOLUTELY NO ASSUMPTIONS ABOUT WHO YOU ARE. It requires that you drop ALL BELIEFS so that you can go beyond them, and to let go of ALL TRUTHS so that you can get to a TRUTH THAT IS DEEPER.

As in all good movies there are goodies and badies. So, currently there are a number of problems.

  • The first is that this whole environment is designed to amplify and mirror the soul level experience and so whatever is keeping people (read beings / souls) distracted at soul level is happening here too. Since it was not identified at soul level a solution could not be worked into the design and incorporated here. So the same factor is at work here too.
  • A second is that this is potentially one of the most powerful places in all of creation to initiate change. It is possible here to take the reins of ALL THAT YOU ARE and free this from every single restriction, limit, pattern, trauma and so on. You have the possibility to see what it (your soul) cannot and to push it forward into unheard of places. This is a worrying fact for various powerful soul cultures and it is in their interests to confuse this process to prevent it from happening. We can confirm that we can change our soul and make huge movements on other levels through the support, understanding and empowerment we generate through our human form here and it is very difficult if not impossible beyond a certain level for this to be stopped on any level.

We can say that at this time there is a strong possibility that no matter how well respected or for how long they have existed all spiritual paths, religions, approaches are nothing more than a re-experience of the LIMITS you must understand before you can move YOUR SOUL beyond them.

We understand that many will feel that we are being negative, or demeaning, or belittling or even arrogant by what we say here. On the other hand if we don’t present what we know then we are not offering others (you) the opportunity to consider this information and with it the opportunity to look at things differently. It may be that our perceptions are wrong, however if they are not then should not those who could step more deeply into themselves as a result of what we know have the opportunity to do so.

Last words on Lightwork

Lightwork we feel may be at best a difficult and limited compromise, an attempt to salvage something from difficult circumstances. It is promoting what are considered good values, cooperation, love, compassion and so on, which are all admirable. Unfortunately the means by which this is being achieved is the equivalent of putting new bandages over filthy and festering sores. Yes you can give a good presentation but anyone looking deeply enough will not be fooled and over time what is hidden will fester and develop into something even more difficult to address. For us, your negativity, your areas of insecurity, your illusions, your fears and so on are the openings and portals to get to a deeper you. They are not areas to avoid, suppress or transmute – they are too important for the possibilities that they offer you and YOU are too important to miss this opportunity.

Many who have deeply engrained and difficult issues have found lightwork approaches to be totally ineffective as a means to resolve these. We can confirm this too. For us, we consider our deepest traumas and limitations gifts as they kept us alert and made us aware of what was just dealing with the surface but was not going deep enough to resolve the causes. In other words those here with the deepest and most difficult issues are at an advantage, those with less are quite simply not going to see the point of going deeper.

We would say beware of all magic wand approaches. They are nothing more than the energy equivalent of modern drugs, except their debilitating side effects will probably not appear until it is too late. If something is done to you and you are not part of a process, if you are not deeply touching yourself and realizing / feeling what is being touched then what value is that change to you? We understand that it can take years to make deep and lasting changes particularly when these changes are being made on behalf of your complete soul within ALL THAT YOU ARE. Changes of this magnitude are not trivial, your soul is vast, it is highly complex, it is holographic it contains all parts in all parts.

We have recently come across soul cultures that are masters at the caring / good presentation who are behind the scenes basically f**king everyone. Starting wars, creating disputes between worlds, manipulating situations – even killing and kidnapping souls to make sure that their own interests and way of life is maintained. They are seasoned diplomats and are well respected at these high levels. (Souls are immortal. When not subject to fatal circumstances they will go on for ever – they can however be killed).

For us it now seems evident that many souls / beings are living and taking things at face value. The missing factor on all levels we feel is innocence, naiveté and gullibility. Where people / beings / souls live by an assumption that others are doing their best and have others best interests at heart. This causes them to be taken in by those not living to these values but who are merely giving a good presentation that they are.

I have to say that although I have been aware of deep and effective manipulation within our societies here. I proceeded without taking much notice. It came as a shock to find the same happening at soul level. Seems pretty obvious that this should be the case now, but you know sometimes it takes a while to catch on. So, conspiracies abound at all levels – even at the highest soul levels. Hence it is reflected here – except and particularly at this time it is more pervasive here simply because there is too much at stake.