Corruption & Stagnation of the ‘Light’

Most lightworkers consider themselves to be in a privileged seat with regards what is happening at this time. Primarily they see themselves at the front end leading this process.

From our own experience this process is first and foremost about offering possibilities of deep change (or it should be else what is the point?) and that the primary function of making these changes is to expand your soul at soul level by resolving all issues causing limitation.

Initiating Change

As you cannot change what you do not fully understand, then an early, important and continuous part of this process is for you to connect with other parts of yourself so that you either consciously or otherwise come to understand who you are within ALL THAT YOU ARE. Hence many are aware that they are connecting with beings that they already know and have strong links with, they are also aware that they are remembering what they have already done many times before and strangely enough doing it again?

The importance of Lightwork

Lightworkers are very important because they are opening portals and connecting earth to many different places on many different levels. Lightworkers have particular soul qualities and skills that make it easier for them to access the beyond and facilitate in this way. This opening of channels makes it possible for others without these skills to also re-connect with other parts of themselves. This is necessary as this process is about bringing ALL THAT YOU ARE on all levels (particularly soul levels) into a greater degree of wholeness and balance. This is nothing to do with moving into the light, or enlightenment or god consciousness but about your here using this vehicle in conjunction with this process to give your soul a wider range of skills, qualities and approaches compared to what it has so far enjoyed. It is then about growth in a very deep and fundamental sense. Growth means change, and change in this sense means moving away from what you have always done to do things in a different way.

Lightworkers then are for the most part lost in the activation or technicalities of the process. Many think that the game is about becoming light masters, raising light awareness and re-connecting with other projected Projected Soul Form parts.

However this is nothing more than a starting point to re-connect with ALL THAT YOU ARE to identify and resolve all traumas, debilitations, misalignments and limitations. This for us is what this process is about.

Soul Limits

The greatest limits of your soul are paradoxically what you think of as your most endearing soul qualities and skills. These of course you take so much for granted that they are transparent and very difficult for you to even see within yourself – they are so much a part of you that you cannot separate yourself from them. Other limits of your soul are conditioned patterns from your soul family and culture as well as traumas picked up from any existence.

We would say that you have the possibility at this time to let go of what you have always done as a soul and grow new qualities and develop new skills. You are in fact your souls hope in its desire to make changes that it simply cannot itself within it’s soul form environment.

Lightworker Opportunities

Opening portals and establishing energy connections on many levels are essential to give all here (including lightworkers) the opportunity to engage with and transform ALL THAT THEY ARE absolutely everywhere. Lightwork has the dual function of facilitating the process itself and also presenting lightworkers with the opportunity to live some of their own limits.

Think about this – if this time is about growth and change and you are simply remembering what you have done many times before then does this not mean that you are standing still – simply doing the same thing yet again – what then is new – what are you doing differently?

Nothing . . .

Of course as a lightworker you might think that you are exempt from this as you are here to help? But then . . .

How can you truly help people to go where you have not gone yourself?

It is not so much about levels of awareness or consciousness as much as it is about learning to live in new ways, express new qualities, develop new skills THAT YOU HAVE NEVER EXPRESSED OR EXPERIENCED BEFORE. You can only live authentic NEW possibilities by resolving all that is within yourself that would prevent you from doing this.

Lightworker Misconceptions

Lets look at these areas in more detail. Although you are all convinced that this process is about increased awareness / consciousness you would be very surprised to feel / experience soul consciousness within pure soul levels. We have been doing this with ourselves and our clients for the last 4 years and there is as much of a range of expression of the positive and negative on this levels (despite and contrary to what we have all been told) as there is on this level.

As above so below does seem to hold.

Awareness is just another skill / quality for the most part and is not what this process is about. It is about looking at yourself, exploring what is limiting YOU, and resolving these to move beyond these limits.

From our experience what are presented as so called spiritual paths or ways on this level are also presented on soul levels too. They are not on this level to help you evolve as a human they are included on this level to help you understand what your soul was involved in at soul level WHICH DID NOT WORK else we would NOT be here.

So whatever you are attracted to and or involved in; whether it is a religion, Christ consciousness, enlightenment, god consciousness, lightwork and so on and so on is often a representation of what you were attracted to and became involved in at pure soul levels too.

To help your soul change you must first live as your soul and experience all facets of ALL THAT YOU ARE everywhere. We have to say that you cannot change what you do not deeply understand and you can only understand your soul by living IT. From our perspective, all this bickering about interpretations of the bible for example and all the different sects that have arisen from this are no more than a representation of the stances taken by many soul cultures to different philosophies and so on accepted and believed at soul levels.

It is also interesting when you look at lightwork closely and see exactly the same differences or variations in the background stories, the stances, the explanations and so on. There is nothing inherently different in the presentation of lightwork when it is rationally compared to the presentation of other assumed spiritual paths, religions and so on.

Why is there NO COHERENCE in background ‘light’ stories?

After you have read this page take time to do a web search for lightwork sites and look at the explanations given by different lightwork fractions. The number of completely different but entirely detailed, comprehensive and sincerely presented earth history’s, relations with Projected Soul Form civilizations, planetary process explanations and so on are staggering.

This diversity is a representation of the different approaches and agendas that you (and we) all hold to on the higher levels including pure soul level.

In other words at pure soul level there is the same division between different cultures, races, societies and so on as there is here, as many arguments, stand offs and so on.

This time offers an opportunity to move your soul beyond these limiting stances, agendas, approaches, philosophies, beliefs, skills and qualities. And lightwork for lightworkers is just another more complicated and difficult to understand representation of these limitations that you are supposed to step beyond.

Ascension and Divine Hierarchy Contradictions?

Yes, you will have been introduced to beings that you feel a great kinship with (as we have). This re-connecting process is called by some ascension. You are told that ascension is what you are here for, to go back home and to be more aware of yourself as a light being (this is a good start certainly).

So, yes, after some time you can connect consciously with these beings and your home planet / star, and become aware of what was / is ONE OF YOUR HOMES. However from our experience many lightworkers are getting stuck in this data gathering phase ‘understanding themselves’ phase and feeling so much at home with a certain type of being – Pleiadians, Alpha Centurians, angels or Arcturians for example that they WANT TO STAY THERE.

Of course feeling comfortable with these beings does not encourage understanding of the need to move on and explore and understand yourself and your patterns and issues in as many cultures and levels as you possibly can. If you let go and move on then you may eventually get in touch with pure soul forms and experience who these forms are at soul level and perhaps even re-experience your soul creation process as I have.

You will then find that your root issues, limitations and conditioning are not human based but that this life here NOW is a mirror for what your soul has lived and experienced. That is your childhood here is often presenting you with the same limitations and restrictions that you experienced as a young soul and that resolving your issues within your human self is merely a foundation and basic training ground for doing the same within the deepest levels of your soul up to and including the level of its creation.

When are you going to START?

Achieving Ascension

We achieved this so called ascension process about 6 years ago. However as we are sensitive to and very focused on resolving our imbalances we were still aware that we hadn’t really resolved ANY. We obviously had lots more to resolve whose origins we had still not identified within all the existences and experiences that we had so far explored – so we kept going. AND we did not fall for the kings new clothes trick . . . .


We then moved into and became aware of the lower levels within the pure soul form arena. We explored many soul cultures at this level. We worked with many thousands of soul form beings from these levels over a two year period. We also, once again realized that we had soul forms living within many of these cultures so again it was a case of exploring ourselves and our limitations at this new level.

At this time I was working with others as a group here and it was no surprise that we all had soul forms living within these soul culture levels. Our working together here was a representation of movements that these cultures were making on these higher levels to work together to explore their limitations and find better ways to move on.

YOUR greatest limitations are your attachments to the so called spiritual

When we reached the limit of that mission profile they started to wind things down. But once again we could feel that there was more so we kept going.

This proved difficult as this turned out to not be the ‘politically correct’ thing to do and it upset our support teams (guidance) because the majority of which had most definitely reached their own limits. What we could say here is that as the soul forms we were on those levels were part of this mission, then having reached the end of the mission (which was about exploring some limited areas of the limits of these soul cultures) we were supposed to wind things down and go home AGAIN (NOT AGAIN!!).

So, we were being told to pack up and stop our exploration at a point were the politically and culturally defined limits of this mission would not upset the status quo so that these SOUL cultures would not be strongly impacted by change.


For us this was just another block trying to hold us to a more subtle set of limits which we were (in alignment with our self driven agenda) not interested in. We then had a difficult time dismissing those who were intent on stopping us from going our own way (We had lots of interferences and attacks).

It took a huge and determined effort to break from these beings (daily meetings) to continue self propelled to seek more freedom.

In all it took about 3 weeks to do this but then gradually once again we could feel something else holding us back. . .

The Spiritual Hierarchy are the key holders of STAGNATION

This time however it was the so called spiritual hierarchy which was also a great surprise as I had not worked with any of them or invited them to work with me for about 2 years. It would seem that although I / we had never been attached to them it seems that they were attached to us and would not let us go.

Experiencing the presence of Archangel Michael and Gabriel beaming out bad vibes of disapproval and anger when they had once been close and trusted friends was a time of complete astonishment.

We made our intentions quite clear (actually our intentions were never EVER unclear), that we were beings endowed with free choice and that it was our choice to bring ourselves (and our souls) to a deeper level of awareness and to move ourselves beyond all limits not just the limits defined by a so called divine hierarchy and that it was our right to choose who would help us to do this and so it will be.

Unfortunately it was not, as no matter how many representations we made they would not budge. They refused to respect our intentions and very actively tried to prevent us from moving on. It took us another 2 weeks during which we had to literally fight for our freedom.

They showed and had no respect and no integrity

Spiritual Hierarchy, Divine Guidance and Master Being Guidance Limitations

We would like to say that all that we experienced during this part of our journey was essential.

We identified issues such as naivety and innocence which you could translate as over trust as well as servility.

Strangely enough many lightworkers insist that we must have issues to do with lack of trust as this then would negate our experience and make you all feel comfortable – sadly we don’t have these as we have always trusted implicitly in THE DIVINE rather than assumed divine guidance representations, a contradiction in itself we feel of THE DIVINE.

Others say that often beings will guide you into areas that you don’t understand for your own learning – unfortunately once again we have to say that our active focused approach has given us experience far beyond others in these areas too and this is also not the case here.

Poor awareness and understandings on ALL levels

We would say that yes, by and large all of the beings helping are indeed helping, but you should understand that many;

The Spiritual Hierarchy are controlling & Limiting our understandings

They are very carefully controlling peoples understandings so that changes will not radically effect them or others too much. They want the status quo maintained and the best way to do this is to set themselves up as quasi key holders, gate keepers, experts, helpers, so they make people dependent on them for information and guidance.

A complete contradiction we feel with regards empowering people to find out for themselves.

They have no more or greater awareness of understandings than us

They have as much awareness of their pure soul forms as you do – that is very little. They also have little understanding of the actual outcome of this process because they are not in touch with those that originated it either. This is reflected in the diverse presentations passed by the same so called master and divine beings about what we are told this process is about;

  • Enlightenment. What ever that is?
  • Christ consciousness.
  • Ascension. There are many different definitions of what ascension is too.
  • Moving into the 4th or 5th dimension.
  • Reaching God Consciousness.
  • Human Evolution.
  • Preparing for the Second Coming.
  • Preparing for et’s coming to lead us.
  • Empowerment.

What is the REAL end point of this Spiritual Process?

Don’t they know? Could it be that actually they don’t!

Your past understandings dictate your guidance attractions

You will attract people and beings (on all levels) that are like yourself, that have the same ideas, understandings and beliefs (read limits) as you yourself have (on all levels). If you want to make use of this process to move beyond all limits, then obviously you cannot rely on these beings / friends for confirmation, guidance or support.

It is no surprise that few are drawn to work with us as most peoples guides are fighting tooth and nail to keep YOU aligned with what you (and they) are used to. They don’t want anyone openly exploring.

It happens often that people who do actually work with us tell us that their guidance does not agree with what we are saying. Not much of a surprise AGAIN! As we have explained above had we accepted the limitations of our guidance we would be saying the same too.

The ‘no change’ Spiritual feedback loop

If you cannot muster enough confidence or courage to sincerely and intensely drive your own movement into unity, freedom and wholeness without expectations and preconceptions then all you will do is chase your own tail and sadly stay within entirely comfortable, tried and tested limits no matter how good you think your awareness, spiritual understanding or guidance is or even of how much you think you are spiritually growing.

Finally, as we would have to say that as all attachments are attachments no matter who they are with, then how would you survive without your assumed divine masters? This for many of you the biggest lesson will be of letting go and possibly your first true step into the unknown thus moving yourself into a deeper level of self empowerment, self responsibility and self authority.

Who is going to advise you on this matter? NO being that you are currently working with will confirm this position, no readings and no channellings are going to do anything but cause confusing and doubt, particularly as most channelled information are the spiritual hierarchies means of controlling and maintaining ‘official’ information and the spiritual status quo.

As beings can only help and guide you into areas that they themselves are aware of and expert in then it is unfortunate that the spiritual hierarchy and other favourite lightworker beings are extremely limited in both their understandings and their experience of moving beyond the limits that they themselves hold to.

Lightworker Issues

So, as lightworkers, you are being served and guided by ascended masters and other so called divine guidance and supposedly aware beings and you in turn are serving and guiding others and this planet in the best way with regards what you think this process here is. Unfortunately we now understand that what you trust and rely upon also have the same issues as yourself and that they have as much awareness about this as you do (zero). For example, they are addicted to serving others at the expense of serving themselves. As part of this, they live to carry out missions (as you do to). These are just two of the issues that are part of the lightworker baggage. We speak of this with our own authority as we too had these issues and moved on. The beings that lightworkers are working with cannot help lightworkers to make these changes as they like you have no experience of doing anything else and they like you do not understand that a movement beyond this is part of their process of evolution and what is being offered now.

Zero awareness of or understanding of limiting life issues

We are continually astonished at the attitude presented by lightworkers who have come to work with us (usually only briefly). As our primary work is about looking at issues of limitation then we always ask what issues they would like us to work on? This is usually met with sidelong glances and feet shuffling.

Often they want to facilitated in some area of awareness that they think they are lacking – clairaudience and clairvoyance are two that are favourite.

After insisting on looking at issues and they start to offer some, the next question is how much have you worked on these issues?

Although they may work consistently to help others as healers we very rarely come across lightworkers who spend any time looking at never mind resolving their own issues. The assumed attitude is that issues have nothing to do with the process happening here, that it is about raising awareness and consciousness.

Well we beg to differ . . . .

You cannot take others were you cannot go yourself and if you are not prepared to look at and resolve your own issues then what chance do you have in helping a client successfully and fully resolve theirs (none at all).

The last potential lightworker enquirer presented three serious issues in the first two e-mails, including suppressed emotions, emotional trauma, attachment both to guidance and lower level mission agendas. When asked what they wished to focus on as part of the initiation the answer was that they wanted increased clairaudient awareness!!

A typical lightworker no less – what a surprise!! (all of these examples are of lightworkers of long standing, much respected by others).

We recently had a very negative review of our book written (we assume) by a lightworker I quote

“my advice is….do lightbody…something rather more spirit-orientated. However, if you enjoy consciously inviting your personal “demons, entities, fears…. and are prepared to deal with the consequences, this is the text for you?”.

What an excellent summing up of lightwork.

If those involved in lightwork are not interested in dealing with their own demons, entity attachments and fears then just to degree can they facilitate others to explore and resolve theirs?


For us, this process is happening on earth and EARTH is THE primary focal point for what is happening which can potentially initiate massive changes on ALL levels but this can only really happen if you have the courage to drive yourself with an insistence to look at and resolve all that is limiting YOU.

Only then will you be able to move into something completely NEW, something that is completely beyond your experience.

Think about this – it does not matter how much light work you do if you hold the energy within yourself of avoidance of issues, then this is what you project to others;

Stay the same – that is what I am doing?

Beyond Lightwork & limited guidance

We made this movement into self authority, responsibility and empowerment about two and a half years ago, until then we had the privilege of working closely with more than 40,000 beings all dedicated and essential for our path but all at the same time quite limited.

Now we have the privilege of working with beings who have no hidden agendas a truly new experience. This is a small infrequently changing team of freelance beings where we all work together as equals, we do not serve each other but support each other as souls to help each other make movements beyond the limits of our souls. We work to explore all that makes up our soul directly.

We are also exploring ways of making soul changes easier as to be quite honest making changes at this level makes everything else we have gone through to get here seem like a walk in the park – its bloody difficult.

For the last two years we have been actively changing deep soul patterns to imprint changes on our soul so that we can merge, bring together and balance many of our soul aspects and forms through this process. We now stand much more in ourselves, we experience our own authority and are, all the time making a detached movement into deeper levels of self empowerment and self responsibility.

Where to go from here?

So, dare you let go to make a movement beyond everything you know?

Dare you make a movement beyond everything your guidance knows?