Deal with the CAUSE, Expansive or Opening Healing

The importance of actively digging for traumas

If you go for this digging option then often you need to become an archaeological issue explorer. This is because burying is often a solution that fits in with the soul’s character – that is it is natural for the soul, and even if it is not, often burying becomes a habitual or preferred solution.

So, it is important to ask – “Is there anything else buried?”. There may be more instances of the same issue from repeated experiences in other existences or there may be completely different traumas lurking there?

You might be asking “does it really matter?”

Well again for short term results no. But for long term wholeness and balance the answer is yes. It is yes because anything buried carries both an energy signature which attracts the manifestation of similar circumstances to the original plus you are now using energy to maintain an effective seal on what is buried.

Now you may be able to go for a long time without either of these factors causing you a problem. Unfortunately often, these areas become problematical when other factors in a later existence subject you to high levels of stress.

When your energy levels drop such that you cannot easily maintain the seals on burials, then they start to break down and your stresses suddenly multiply creating what can be a very difficult situation.

This is why we advocate issue digging. This means that you don’t take your guidance at face value, but you actively ask to have limiting issues presented, you actively ask to have all seals safely scheduled for removal, and you actively ask for the best teams in all of creation to help you do this. The last is very important as the chances are your current teams are expert in nothing more than burial. And asking them to do the opposite is similar to asking the administration of nuclear power stations to stop burying their radioactive waste but to find some way to deactivate it. It elicits the same shocked response.

So, to sum up, when you have dug out all that is there from this lifetime then you need to keep digging until you are absolutely sure that there are no ancient burials lurking at greater depths. For an understanding of how I orientated to ‘dig’ and to explore the subtle energetic origins of issues and their causes then read this sub article series HERE.

You must understand that when we are talking about your energy system we are describing something that potentially spans all forms that make up you everywhere within all existences on all levels.

If this originates at soul level, then it will be present in virtually all your forms beneath this – all Projected Soul Form forms, human forms and so on doing this can take years and it can be painful.