Sticky Plaster or Burying Healing Approaches . . .

Contractive healing explained – burying the baby?

For this, we will use a simile. Lets say that an issue or trauma is like a low pile of rubble strewn among part of a large and beautiful garden. You cannot ignore it, it’s an eye sore, you trip over bits, it distracts you and it makes this garden less enjoyable for you. What can you do?

Well, you could clear it up, drag the large bits away, dig all the embedded bits out, hire a skip and completely get rid of it all. Now obviously this would require time, effort and planning.

Or as a second option you could pay someone to bring in more soil and nicely cover this eye sore. That is you could bury it. Lets look at this option more;

Lets say they skimp, just brings a few barrow loads of soil and so a few weeks later the rain washes this layer away and your rubble is exposed again. So, here your issue symptoms would temporarily disappear only to return.

Or lets say they bring a full 50 ton wagon, covers the whole lot a meter deep, compacts it down to stabilize and make it completely secure. With your issue then all your symptoms go and do not appear again (at least not in this lifetime).

Or they are very enthusiastic, after securing the area a meter deep, he landscapes this plot, plants flowering shrubs and trees, creates a little pond with a running stream. Looks nice. Not only do you symptoms go but you are infused with a nice positive, loving, supportive energy.

All of the above approaches from our point of view are just bypassing the challenge, they are not dealing with it. This is what we mean by contracting energies – they close things down, they hide, they cover up – they do anything but reveal the original cause.

Yes, they get rid of the symptoms, but they do nothing about the original trauma and associated issues. You may even be feeling really good.

Ramifications of Burying Trauma and Issues?

Lets get our crystal ball out and look to see what happens a few lifetimes into the future – some event lets say the equivalent to a landslide triggers the re-emergence of your pile of rubble. It’s back. So what do you do?

Well if your soul character is inclined to avoidance or you now have a soul history of burying then you are probably going to do the same again without even thinking about it or being consciously aware of doing this. Of course, the more times you do this then the more engrained this burying pattern becomes. I speak of this from experience as I did this in many, many existences and this pattern originated at soul level too.

Lets say that either you have changed some limiting belief systems and decided to face whatever it is or you have made a great mistake (well it would be for you) and gone to a healer working with expansive energies.

So, you go look at your newly exposed pile of rubble, you face the issue, feel the trauma, dig it all out, understand it and then let it go.

Great, are you finished?

Well probably not!

Lets explain this on next page . . .