Example of expansive healing

Example of expansive healing to address fear and anger issues

I only came to understand how important digging is because I had a pattern of not expressing a range of emotions – fear, anger to name just two.

When I first started to explore these areas I began releasing lots of these emotions, initially from this life as a human. I did this but kept going. I then started to connect to my past lives as a human and surprise, surprise began releasing the stored emotions held in these forms too – this took about a year.

I then moved into lives beyond this earth space and again went through yet more releasing with each form that had this pattern (most of them) this took a further 2 years.

The shock was that when I hit so called soul levels – this pattern was also there too. However a different approach had to be taken here.

At soul level you have soul forms. I use this term to describe a form that enjoys a complete existence somewhere at soul level. You also have soul aspects. These are specialised energy forms within the soul form that arise when you give a lot of focus to achieving something. So I have many soul aspects whose job it was to take care of the trauma and emotion burying process.

Soul aspects are intelligent. They are also very specialised, they hold behavioural patterns within your soul. These usually bridge many soul forms enjoying experience in many different soul level existences. You cannot discard them or ignore them or force them. You have to talk to them and give them compelling reasons to support a new movement. In other words it is not easy. So, I have been working with and supporting change within soul aspects particularly that that have a role in the burial process.

This adjusting has been going on now for the last two and a half years.