Structure for Intentful Statements

These are very specifically defined requests for action to spirit and ALL THAT IS on your behalf.

I ended up making up lots of different of statements that to cover many different healing and spiritual issue areas. Some for example define your relationship with the beings that are supporting you, others define boundary limits, many ask for help to be focused in specific areas or help to resolve particular issues

They should always be used with focused intent that is with focus, determination and will.

All of the Statements presented on this site and extensively in our book by and large conform to the following structure:

Defining An Invocation:

This invokes the Divine, including what of your SOUL SELF you can connect to, your support teams in spirit – including Guides, Teachers, Guardians and Healers, your multidimensional mates and transformational energies (if you have any). It activates and strengthens your connection to them and brings their presence and energies to you.

A Focusing STATEMENT or Statements:

In the second part you are asking Divine Spirit to work with you in a specific, defined way. In effect you are asking the Divine to creatively sort things out for you. This they will always attempt to do when asked. Sometimes you have just one focusing statement, at other times there will be multiple statements each targeting a different area.

These statements are meant to be said clearly and with intent in your mind (or verbally if you prefer) to get the desired effects. They should not be rushed, the more intent you have as you focus on them, the more powerful will be the results.

I made up hundreds of these formally structured statements covering all the transformational areas essential to encompass. If you have a dedicated commitment to going all the way then we would recommend that you download our book which includes all the statements we have so far worked with.

The more energy you have of a higher transformational (expansive) quality and the more often you use them the more effective and rapid will be the response.

Why are Statements of Intent Important?

Most people who have some awareness and connectedness with the beyond assume that what they are connected to and are being guided by;

  • Have their absolute best interests a heart?
  • Know all that there is to know about what YOU need to know.
  • Know where you want to go? Or worse you think that they know were you should go because you don’t?
  • Have all the means to facilitate you to get where you want go.

This position is basically fantasy. Does your best friend know everything? Do you take all the advice you get from your best friend and act on it without question?

Make no assumptions as your guides ARE LIMITED?

We would suggest that you don’t and so why assume that a disembodied form can do any better? Whether Angel, ascended master, archangel, lord of Sirius or other makes no difference. You should understand that all beings are;

  • Experts in narrow areas (if at all).
  • Have their own agendas and affiliations which may or may not be in alignment with yours.
  • Most importantly, connected to you for the most part because of past associations which means that they can often have the same issues as yourself and know even less about resolving them than you do?

You have to define and direct your own movement

So, where does that leave you? Well it actually leaves you having to be in charge of your own growth, movement and direction. It actually leaves you with the job of directing your guides and guidance.

We found the above to be true from our own experience. That is if you are dependant on your guidance then for the most part it is like the blind trying to lead the blind.

Realigning your spirit guides

Unlike many working with others in other dimensions (spirit) we don’t accept anything we get a face value. So, many statements were developed to realign or actually define the alignment of those who were working with us. Sometimes we sacked whole teams of spirit guides who had reached their limit and were now holding us back OR were trying to take us in a direction we did not agree with.

Although this was hard to do at times it was essential unless I wanted to languish in some backwater for a few years (or lifetimes or eons).