Statements of Focused Intent

I developed what I called focused statements of intent. These are constructed or designed to provide both a specific direction and a huge amplifying focus within a specific area of transformation. A selection of these are provided as examples within our book section on site. So, if you are REALLY interested in these areas then it would be worth downloading this free book and using this as a reference as you read these pages.

I have found that defining your movement, what you want and HOW this is to be achieved AND whom you want to help to be essential for people whom are really interested in self healing, self exploration as part of a movement beyond what they currently perceive as themselves.

At a basic level they define and re-iterate your choice to heal and evolve within ALL THAT YOU ARE. Some help to activate and initiate this process while others provide a huge focus and intensity to resolve specific ingrained issue areas.

How do they differ from other ‘change’ approaches?

Well, they are not affirmations. Affirmations are about changing how you think, and they by and large are about adjusting your human framework of reference. They are not prayers in that they are not directed to something specific with regards your beliefs. Statements of Focused Intent call to ALL THAT IS without making the assumption as to exactly what is ALL THAT IS?

The History of “Statements of Focused Intent”

Strangely enough, it has taken me a while to understand the mechanisms of this approach. What I present in the book “Self Healing Handbook” provides an excellent starting point and bridge with regards lets say more popular belief systems, paths and approaches compared to where I have been with mine. Initially I constructed or designed statements on the fly to deal with and resolve what I was up against at that time. I had a vague understanding that beliefs were a hugely limiting factor and that what we had done and had attracted to ourselves in the past strongly tied us to particular approaches and particular ways of doing things which are difficult to move beyond. “Statements of Focused Intent” then have evolved from this early “taste and see what happens” phase more so as I became aware of possible limiting factors.

Taking on OPEN and unlimited approach to resolving issues . . .

They are much more focused, and much more relevant with regards what we now know to be important in a larger sense to achieve a true, deep and encompassing movement within and beyond our current selves and our limits to step into a deeper truth and a more encompassing freedom.

Important factors with regards the construction of Statements of Focused Intent. We now know that to move beyond what has so far been presented, to resolve the deepest limitations then they must be constructed without reference to ANY beliefs or assumptions. In terms of for example – what can help, what help you actually need, how the outcome will be achieved or what the outcome actually needs to be. This is discussed and explained in detail on the next page.