Personal Thinking & Evaluation Sabotages when Asked to Think About Consistent Personally Experienced Personal THINKING & Evaluation Sabotages

On the previous page I described how a client had consistently presented the same thinking and evaluation behaviour sabotages over a period spanning more than a year. That at no time did they indicate they had any awareness of this consistently happening AS IT WAS HAPPENING. They also seemed to not be able to appropriately respond to an increasing sample size as these examples of sabotages continue to happen a few times each week for over a year.

I then directly confront the client over their almost always completely wrong personal evaluations AND then quickly guide this client to exploring subtle realms in attempts to find ‘IF’ there is anything responsible for MANUFACTURING these wrong thinking lines, their evaluations AND ultimate conclusions as well as their palpable ‘confidence’ and ‘certainty’ in the resulting explanations.

Is this example ‘sinking’ in?

All I have done is very carefully observed someone’s behaviour AND shown them through using their own subtle abilities to identify and clear what was responsible for this that their own evaluations were consistently wrong over an entire year. However, not only are their evaluations wrong their ability to confront themselves with respect to the consistent failure of their evaluations is also seriously impressive too.

I want you reading this to be aware of . . .

  1. How easy it is to manage anyone’s ability to think about and to evaluate ‘anything’ . .
  2. While being ‘weirdly’ very confident about their evaluations . . .
  3. While over a year consistently experiencing that their evaluations are ‘wrong’ . . .
  4. While also not being able to integrate and then confront this repeating ‘it’s consistently wrong’ experience too . . .

I wouldn’t like ANYONE reading this to be left feeling that this COULDN’T ever happen or BE HAPPENING NOW TO THEMSELVES.


You would imagine that someone whom;

  1. Had a year of regular personal feedback illustrating that their confident and convincing explanations were being fed to themselves . . . and whom . . .
  2. Had found it VERY difficult to think about never mind confront this happening while it was happening.
  3. Whom then themselves identified and worked to get rid of what had been MAKING up their explanations AND making them confident AND convinced about these.

That they’d integrate these experiences and be able to update their view of reality, their belief systems and assumptions . . . and so be more aware of and ‘alert’ to the possibilities of compromised or managed thinking in the future.

The above is what you’d ‘imagine’ would happen if we were living on one of these mythical ‘physical only’ or ‘not simulated at all’ . . ‘real’ worlds.

What happens after getting rid of the subtle ‘thing’ managing them?

Well, what happens after this clearing is that this client not only doesn’t come up with any more of these types of explanations but they NOW very obviously reduce how much they talk about themselves and what is happening in their lives.

In other words I don’t get anywhere near as much ‘information’ as I used to as their openness in terms of talking about themselves and what is happening in their life drops, literally to about 10%.

Basically, this client now seems to be being made to be disengaged from themselves, they are way less able to become aware of, think about what is happening to themselves never mind to then evaluate; their own behaviour, reactions, thoughts, attitudes and feelings.

So, although we have very obviously got rid of the very extensive and invasive ‘subtle’ implant that was manufacturing their very convincing (to themselves) but essentially diverting explanations because they are no longer happening, there are now very obviously (to me) other ‘things’ keeping them disengaged from and quiet about themselves.

Bare in mind that this client was part of something that was about actively investigating and thinking about themselves and their life as part of this AND they had read my ‘client’ manual which includes guide lines on doing this, advice on thinking about and evaluating themselves including advice and examples of corrupted thinking which included clues that were strong indicators of this.

After a few weeks I DO actually confront them about other ‘likely’ being made to not think about, become aware of themselves possibilities directly. In asking them how can they be sure that their current awareness, thinking and behaviour is being sabotaged in other ways they (unbelievably) are absolutely adamant that there is no way that they could be being messed with.

To try and get them to engage more deeply with these areas I ask them to diagrammatically outline the possibilities of thinking and behaviour sabotages and possible clues and ramifications if this happening. This is something they regularly and easily do for other ‘problems’ they want to get a better conceptual handle on.

However, when I chase this up weeks later they tell me that each time they try and do this their head goes blank? Which is somewhat an obvious indication that perhaps something does not want them to even have the opportunity to engage in awareness of THINKING TERMS with these ‘worrying’ areas even just as possibilities.

They do agree that their previous explanations were being managed and corrupted but they actually cannot think about or accept the possibility that other areas of their thinking or themselves might be compromised or corrupted even though their thinking is obviously blocked when they try to start just thinking about these areas.

They also don’t actually present themselves as being aware of these gross contradictions either.

On the other hand shortly after this, I no longer hear from this client.

For some details of the contents of this client manual particularly covering what we are talking about here then read the next page . . .

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  1. Cow
    February 15, 2015 @ 2:44 am

    This is a truly unsettling reminder of my own experience with you, in regards to what you have delineated in these two pages. Simply reading these pages is enough to cause a recognizable internal back-draft into my awareness, feeling poignantly inclined to stop reading and step away from the keyboard at once. Ironically, I often recognized this exact type of confirmation bias going on a lot of respected, revered “thinkers” and “teacher” types, throughout my life, always finding it atrocious that they would quickly derive an explanation for every subject that comes to mind.

    Rationally speaking, I fully accept the idea that my thinking is constantly managed (and even tout itrepeatedly, but empathy/intuitive/inner sense-wise, I am very predisposed to avoid thorough investigation, or rejection of whatever suspicious thinking pattern I have; in the case I DON’T avoid this, then my body and mind is subjected to all sorts of inexplicable, unpleasant sensations.

    It seems that even now, I dare not venture all the way down the the very foundation of my conscience, even if I know that it is compromised and shaky.


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