Recovering Your Own Lost in Limbo Spirits & Ghosts

This is the last page of a 4 article series covering:
"What is Soul Retrieval & Soul Rescue, Understanding and Retrieving Ghost & Soul Forms."

If you can think of the possibility of ghost forms getting lost here then it only takes a little more stretching for you to perhaps understand that parts of your energy body from past earth lives or other existences may not have moved on after death and be still wandering around in their ‘death suit’.

Do you yourself have ghost forms lost in limbo?

In the ‘older’ articles presented here I originally wrote;

“This is one of the minor areas that you have to work on to bring ALL THAT YOU ARE out of separation into UNITY.”

I stated this because I could not feel any difference when I recovered and integrated these types of ‘dead’ or ghost forms. I WOULD feel a difference when I engaged with a lost or discarded part of my energy body, but when I specifically dealt with an energy form that I identified as being left behind during death then recovering this did not make me feel any different.

Which if you read the previous page then you’ll understand why. It turns out that the majority of what ‘sensitive’ people see of someone whom has died is what is left of the interfacing suits that bridge our energetic body with the physical vehicle.

Soul Rescue is NOT important in terms of ALL lost ‘Spirit’ Material

So, from my point of view now of all of the ‘lost’ soul parts and soul fragments these soul rescue forms are the LEAST important to focus on recovering. Myself and my clients using a focusing protocol to specifically find, engage with and recover these in most cases recovered very little compared to any of the other soul fragment types.

Only three of my clients recovered significant energies of themselves but even these amounts were always less than 0.01% of their total energy body material. In this respect this is nothing compared to the average energy body material loss due to other soul fragmentation and dispersion causes that averages about 45% per person. These serious losses are why some people need to take physical ‘supplements’ if not regular energetic top ups. These issues are described in detail on earlier pages in this article series.

Lost Spirit ‘passing over’ facilitators . . .

Of my three clients two of them not only mentioned that they had agreements to ‘facilitate’ others whom had died but they had good recall of doing this. So, it turned out that they had at times helped others much like the ‘spirit’ whom helped me deal with the dead soldier I mentioned in the soul rescue example on the first ‘soul rescue’ page. So, it turns out that the energetic material of themselves that they had to recover were parts of themselves associated with ‘dream walker’ and ‘death guardian’ type roles or missions.

Spirit Lost due to Trauma during Death

The third client was traumatised when in a past life a tornado had ripped through her community which had her frantic to find her family and children. So, part of her was still doing this.

Lost ‘Ghost’ forms due to making a Vow to Protect some other

The client above whom had the tornado experience in a recent life had further back in history made a vow to protect her family and particularly to protect an unborn child. In this previous life over 1000 years ago she as the father in that life had to leave and travel just as ‘he’ found out his wife was pregnant. He died on that journey BUT because of the vow made at that time (and probably in times even further back) part of his energy body bound by that vow stayed as a ‘spirit’ to look after and to protect his ‘physical’ family. So, a vow along the lines of

‘I’ll always protect my family no matter what’

. . . was what had her frantic about her family a 1000 years later in the Tornado experience. So, this client is still recovering these ‘Ghost’ forms of herself that she’s left littered throughout a vast span of time, because of the effects of some strong ‘original’ vow made in the distant past which we’ve still not quite got to yet . . .