I developed a subtle energy tool (that you wear / keep close to yourself) to provide energetic support for those wanting to work with the self healing handbook more effectively.

Many using it have seen massive change and effective spiritual growth in just a few months. Unlike many self help approaches, this tool is not about reading stuff or understanding things, it offers you the energies and capabilities to actually support you to resolve issues for yourself.

It basically holds all the energies and blueprints to help resolve issues that I collected and developed that led to SoulWork.

The energies within it cover four main areas, these are;

Multidimensional Awareness and Awareness of YOURSELF:

It facilitates you to develop a greater awareness focused on you exploring YOU. It will help you more effectively access other realities within which parts of you already exist. With time some become directly and progressively aware of different existences that they have had and others that they are having NOW.

Communication with Spirit:

The tool gives you a simple, immediate and direct communication with your Higher Self and Divine Spirit. The communication, when used by those with poor intuition will guide them to work with appropriate areas from the manual and booklet.

Strengthening of Intent:

Without a strong intent you will not move forward much. With this in mind, one of the main and most effective functions of this tool is to greatly magnify your focus of intent or will. In effect what you ask for is then much more likely to manifest. So, movements that may have taken you many lifetimes you will now find can be completed in this one.

Transforming and Evolving:

The majority of its energies are strongly focused to help people clear all that prevents them from embracing ALL THAT THEY ARE in UNITY. For a full technical list of the different areas it can work in then check out the Details List.

You will find more comprehensive details of this tool on the self healing handbook web site HERE.