Recognising issues?

For us an issue is anything that makes you less than you can be, that locks you into a pattern (whether good or bad), that limits or controls your range of expression, your thinking, your feeling or that reduces the possibilities open to you of how you live your life.

We say “less than you can be” above as we now don’t subscribe to the belief that souls are prefect. Having explored our own and many others, we now understand that it is a rare soul indeed that has any measure of balance. So, we are less interested in taking people into “all that they are” and much more interested in taking people way beyond who they are as a soul. That is, into “all that they can be” which offers unlimited possibilities.

There are obvious or lets say first level symptoms that are the outer signs that you have issues of limitation – lets look at these now:

General Signs

Feeling insecure, low self esteem, lacking in self confidence, cannot speak your truth, your life is not making you happy, you are not successful manifesting what you want, feeling unacknowledged, unloved.

Relationship Signs

Cannot get close to people even when you are close, cannot show or are uncomfortable with affection, cannot or are uncomfortable being sexual, certain things about people repulse you or people themselves repulse you, keeping a distance from people, staying on your own, not trusting good people, not trusting your self, trusting too much or inappropriately

Emotional Signs

Excessive emotional outbursts or reactions, depression, feelings of guilt, shame, anger, frustration towards yourself, cannot show what you feel, no spontaneity, indecisive – you don’t know what you want, not able to feel some feelings (anger, hate, irritation, love, happiness, joy for example), not feeling anything, irrational fears / hates / anger / frustration and so on that seem to have no origin.

Life Situation Signs

Being hurt, or hurting yourself, having regular bad luck, relationships failing or not starting with no good reasons, business not starting or always failing, being overlooked for promotion, people not acknowledging you, being nasty to you, being abusive towards you, being violent, unreasonable, abandoned, particularly if this happens more than once. Repeating negative life patterns. Not living what you feel is right for you, work too hard, taking too much responsibility, lacking in self authority, cannot take responsibility, not feeling safe with certain people.

Approaches to Life Signs

Cannot be bothered, have no enthusiasm, not feeling good about the future. Listless, don’t plan, not easy to get involved. Floating along.

Although we all go through periods where we hit extremes, if any of the above persist, then it would be worth while you honouring yourself to explore and resolve what is causing the symptoms. Yes, we understand that this can be frightening, particularly when part of you knows that something will be revealed that you may not want to look at.

Often, it has easier to do nothing as the discomfort you are experiencing is now comfortable simply because you are used to it. The devil you know is always much easier to stay with than the devil you don’t?

Yes it can take courage, but paradoxically courage only comes through making difficult movements and succeeding.

Sometimes you need to take just one step at a time to build yourself up to make a small leap. A lot of small leaps make a big movement and give you practice to encourage you to make even bigger leaps.